Youth – Measured Not by Skin But by Emotion

Youth - Measured Not by Skin But by Emotion

Youth is always denoted and identified by age and physically by the type of skin. Seriously, we distinguish the age of a person by merely looking at his or her skin; this human perception has brought different medical and technological innovations on how to attain a young looking skin even at the age of 50. Some medical laboratories call the process as skin rejuvenation, some call it as skin reborn, but however they call it, it would only mean one thing; and that is to spend a lot of money in exchange of a promise of youthful skin, but does anybody think that whatever treatment we do to our skin, time will still come that it needs to corrugate, rumple, and wrinkle. The action is not a practical practice considering the present situation of the world in terms of monetary aspects.

There are other mediums that will not just make you look young but also make you trendy. Dress young, this is the bottom line, all you need is to reinvent you and rediscover fashion.

Women are the victims of this wrong thinking. They were blinded by what the world has impart on them, that the skin is a reflection of youth and beauty. They have not taken their wardrobe to the highest level of consideration.

Fashion more than surgical operations and medical processes is more effective and definitely the most practical way to be youthful and beautiful. Indeed fashion means a lot, every woman can obtain what they want if they would impact on themselves and believe that they are youthful. The right wardrobe is just a store away; from wholesale ladies apparel [] to retail ladies accessories, these options are cheaper and at the same time can give you an overflowing confidence.

Who said that a 50-year old women cannot wear what a 20-year old lady can wear, as what we always imply, youth is not measured by age neither by her wrinkles, youth is measured by emotions. As long as you feel that you are young even the mark of times shows on your face, then you are young, that’s the most important. Who cares what other people will say about you, it’s not their life anyway. Which do you prefer burn money in surgery to attain younger looking skin, or be trendy with fashion as your medium and believe that you are young at heart?