Miracles by R W Schambach

Miracles by R W Schambach

Testimonies of Supernatural Miracles Today

R. W. Schambach recounts dramatic and powerful stories and testimonies of supernatural miracles of salvation, deliverance, healing and astounding provision of financial needs in the book “Miracles. Testimonies from around the world attest to the fact that God is working miracles in the lives of men and women today.

Schambach is distressed by the current trends found within the conventional and contemporary church’s trend to exchange form, ceremony, and ritual for the miraculous and supernatural works available to believers. He puts forward Biblical principles and fundamentals that will open the door to seeing of God’s spirit moving in miraculous power.

Known for his animated worship and Bible centered sermons Schambach writes as he preaches. His homespun practical style has endeared him to his audiences and parishioners throughout his over 60 years of revival ministry. He challenges the reader to “let faith come alive in your heart, and get ready to receive your miracle.

Each story, testimony, and anecdote stands alone. The book can be adapted as a book to supplement personal daily devotions. It provides inspiration and material for reflecting and contemplation for individual or corporately use. I was so captivated by the stories and their relevance that I read the entire book straight through. I found myself disappointed as I reached the last page.

“Miracles” is for pastors, Christian leaders, and for all who want to experience the miraculous for themselves. This is a timely book, filled with poignant stories and exciting testimonies relating the ways in which God is still working in supernatural ways today.

Destiny Image Publishers Inc., 978-0768428308

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review