Wonder Woman in the Kitchen

Wonder Woman in the Kitchen

At one time or another we have all been wonder woman or man in the kitchen. I wonder where I put that recipe? I wonder where my sharp paring knife is?

Organizing in the kitchen is just as important as knowing which drawer your underwear is in. For some reason we can get the rest of the house together but when it comes to our kitchen, it’s a mystery.

What other room in your house has a junk drawer, besides the kitchen? None in mine and I would say none in your’s either. If I have ever been in a kitchen that didn’t have a junk drawer or space, I do not know it. Here’s a few thing that I hope will keep the wondering out of the kitchen.

[1] Empty the junk drawer

Pull it out right now. Take 10 minutes to go through it. Make three piles, keep, return to where it belongs, trash. Be sure to take the time to wipe the drawer out before placing the keep things back in it.

[2] Do the same to the silverware drawer.

Pull it out, sort the spoons, knives, forks, serving utensils, and cooking utensils. Do you really need 4 plastic spoons with broken handles? If you do use the plastic ware, keep it in a separate place, maybe with the picnic supplies. Never keep anything that has rust on it, even if good ol Aunt Myrtle gave it to you for Christmas. Now is the time to get rid of it.

[3] Where are your cookbooks?

Find them and bring them all to the kitchen. You wont be needing them in the bedroom unless you have a cooking stove in there too. Choose one location to keep them in. Maybe in one of the drawers you cleaned out or the top of the refrigerator. Make it handy and close by the cooking area.

If we take thirty minutes a day, two days a week a for upkeep of all the small things that are important to us in our everyday life, there will be a lot less wondering in the kitchen.