Getting Free Gold on Warcraft – The 3 Steps For Mastering the WOW Economy

Getting Free Gold on Warcraft - The 3 Steps For Mastering the WOW Economy

The Warcraft economy is based on the auction house. Getting to the point that you will have the knowledge you need, and the understanding of how the market work – is not hard! But it will take time and some experimenting. After you get to that point you could practically make all the gold you want to, at the time that is convenient to you.

You can start making gold with profession, questing, farming and so on, but you will always need the auction house to make a bundle of gold to upholster your bank safe.   You can make items to sell with your profession, but where you sell the items at?   You can quest or farm for hours but what you do with all the items you collect? Sell them to a vendor? You can make three to ten times the vendor price with the auction house.  

Auction House is the key!   But, how do you do it?  

First step:

  1. Build your wealth with questing. Combine it with the gathering profession to bust your gold making ability.
  2. Don’t start farming at low levels for gold, your gold making ability will explode as you level up.
  3. When you have 20 to 50 gold step one is over.

Second step:

  1. Hit the auction house, bid on all the low price items, and buyout everything that is price 15% or less. You will be surprised how many deals you can get.
  2. You will want to do it for items that do not have sell fees, or with very low sell fees. At least until you know what sell and what do not.
  3. Resell the items for 50-80% (bid-buyout) of market price, this will make you a quick profit so you can bid on more items and on higher price ones.
  4. Continue to do that until you have mastered this step, have more than 1000 gold in the bank. Get your bid and buyout to the market price, at this point you can buy at 50-75%.

Third step:

  1. Start buying and reserved stocks of items (particularly mats) in your inventory.
  2. Buy all the items in the auction house, leaving only very high price in it. This will make the price skyrocket as you make the demand for it.
  3. Fix new price for the item and continue to support that price.
  4. After you sell your inventory, leave the market. If you support the market for a few days many players will try to benefit the high price and go farm for it.
  5. This will make the supply higher than the demand, the price will drop.
  6. Start to purchase the item again, when the market will calm down you can sell it for market price or start the third step again.

Warning – first and second steps are easy, there is a lot of risk in the third step. You can lose it all. If you master the first and second steps you can always start again. If you master the third one you can make as much gold as you want.