WoW Survival Hunter – The Importance of the Hunter Survival Talent Build

WoW Survival Hunter - The Importance of the Hunter Survival Talent Build

The hunter class in World of Warcraft has some great abilities and some not so great ones, and this difficulty in knowing what’s best leads many players to adopt someone else’s build instead of tailoring something to their own play styles.

Here we’ll talk a bit about the basics of the Survival tree.

o Improved Tracking is a solid base level talent that will add a decent amount of damage to your ranged attack, five percent damage when it’s maxed.

o Hawk Eye, another solid base level talent because it will increase your ranged weapon range by six yards when it’s maxed. This means that you will out-range any other class in Battlegrounds and will allow you to avoid a lot of AoE in raids and such.

o Surefooted will reduce the duration of any movement impairing effects by up to thirty percent when maxed. This is a great ability to have both in raids as well as BGs.

o Entrapment and Improved Wing Clip are to be considered only if you PvP a lot.

o Survival Instincts is a must-have talent because the four percent of prevented damage can add up, especially in PvP, and the extra four percent to your crit chance for your important shot abilities cannot be passed up.

o Survivalist and Deflection are talents that you must have in order to compete in PvP.

o Scatter shot is a must-have regardless if you PvP or PvE, it will be useful because it interrupts spell casting.

o Survival Tactics, is recommended to both PvP and PvE hunters.

If you don’t want to waste your valuable play time and money, be it real or in-game money, trying out guides and builds that may not work then you should…