The Secret to Level Up WoW Characters is in the Guide

The Secret to Level Up WoW Characters is in the Guide

So the secret is out. If you want to level up WoW characters with efficiency, saving you time and money, you have to follow a guide. Guides have lead humans along so that we do not have to recreate the wheel EVERY time.   


If you do not believe me, think about this. As we have evolved as humans, in order to spend time innovating and not recreating the wheel every time, we’ve learned to follow documentation. Auto makers document everything down to the nuts and bolts that are required to make each new model car they come up with. Your work or office probably has documentation about the policies there. Cave men documented the kind of animals that they had around. Think about all the online map services that let you print out the fastest route to your destination… Without the ability to see and follow guides, we would not make much progress in the world. Why not apply this same outlook to your gaming experience?    


You want to enjoy the end game content don’t you? Without being able to spend 8-10 hours a day grinding away, that may never happen. People have jobs, families, etc, and do not have the kind of time needed to casually grind their way to max level just by going with the flow.    


Now I have checked out some of the guides offered for World of Warcraft, and honestly most of them are garbage. They are nothing more than a few pages giving out content, but not necessarily useful information. There are however some guides that have exactly what you need.    


These guides offer step-by-step instructions, with pictures and information about the areas, in game pointers and reminders, all to help you level up the fastest. With these kind of guides, you get the information you need. Someone has already taken the time to map out the exact quests you should be doing at every level, for both Horde and Alliance. All you have to do is follow them during your grind and you will see results instantly.    


I don’t know what I would have done before starting to follow guides, I probably would have quit playing because I was getting frustrated by not being able to get max level. Now I level up WoW characters for fun, helping my friends out so that we can all share in the end game content together.  It’s never been easier.