World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogues are an odd class in World of Warcraft. You either love to play them or hate to play them. They are the bane of PvP and dueling because they can do so many things that make them hard to handle. I am sure that if you enjoy the battlegrounds you have been “rogued” in the past. It can be very frustrating.

The Rogue is a melee class that depends on agility to avoid blows rather than take them head on. Smart rogues keep a sharp eye on agro meters because they understand that in the end game if you draw the attention of a boss you will most likely be killed before you can vanish or before your healer’s spell goes off.

The biggest key to leveling a Rogue is building a solid understanding of the class.

1.) You are NOT a tank!

You must realize from the very beginning that you are not designed to take a mob head on. That kind of tactic is fine at lower levels where your massive DPS output can kill the opponent before they can do enough damage to kill you, but when you start getting up into the higher levels you simply cannot do this because mobs simply hit too hard.

2.) Keep an Eye on Agro Meters

Killing a boss is not a “who can do the most damage” contest. Well OK it is in a way, but if you want to live to tell the story of how you did so much damage you need to keep your eye on those agro meters to ensure that you are NOT on the top of the list.

3.) The best defense is to not be there when the blow arrives.

As a rogue you should be concentrating on building your agility. Agility translates into higher dodge ability. Higher dodge ability means less chance of being hit.

4.) Maximize your equipment

To ensure that your damage output is always near the top of the list you need to make sure that you have the best equipment that you can afford. This point does not pertain just to rogues but to all classes.

As a rogue you need to concentrate on equipment that gives you Agility, Attack Power, Critical Strike, and Haste. Other attributes contribute but agility is the most important of the base scores for a rogue. Be selective about your equipment.

5.) Lockdown

No we are not talking about a prison. When you are soloing you should use your abilities to lockdown the opponent. In a situation where you need to fight 2 opponents use your sap ability to remove one from the fight right away. This puts you in a one on one situation. Then use your gouge and other abilities to lock down the current opponent so you can dispatch them with little trouble. You can then engage the second and use the same tactics.

When you are leveling as a Rogue, remember you are not a tank, in groups keep an eye on the agro meter, keep your agility as high as you can, maximize your equipment and learn to lockdown your opponents. If you master these simple steps then your leveling should be much easier.