Understanding and Reducing the Risk of Child Safety Seat Defects

Understanding and Reducing the Risk of Child Safety Seat Defects

Keeping a child safe is a huge priority for a parent. Parents tend to take a number of precautions to keep their children free from harm and the ease of mind doesn’t hurt either. However, there are times when the safety items and equipment that parents purchase for their children do not work as expected. This defective equipment can result in serious injuries for the child.

One child safety item in particular that has caused numerous injuries and large amounts of grief is the child safety seat. We are all at risk of injury while in a vehicle. Wrecks and collisions happen by the thousands every year. Parents try to reduce that risk of injury by putting their children in child safety seats. The great thing is that these seats have saved the lives of many children, but the opposite can occur when the seat does not work like it is supposed to.

The causes of defective child safety seat injuries include:

– Ineffective seat belts

– Defective padding

– Poorly designed harness

While it is difficult to spot defects in child safety seats before injuries occur, there are a few steps that you can take to try to be sure that your child is safe while in the child safety seat you use in your vehicle. The first thing that you should do is to read the instructions carefully and in-depth when you purchase a new seat. Most child safety seats are not installed properly as a result of confusing or inadequate instructions, so this can make things difficult. However, if you don’t take the time to read carefully you are only increasing your chances of installing your seat improperly.

Second, once you’ve installed the seat, you should always perform a routine check of its important features before driving the vehicle. Check that the seat belt is holding tight by giving a tug of each end to be sure that it will not come apart in the case of an accident. Be sure that your child is strapped into the seat properly as well. Perform a similar check to the straps holding your child as you did for the seat belt holding in the seat. This simple check can really make a difference and potentially save your child’s life.

It is important to take every step possible to keep your child safe in your vehicle, but you could unexpectedly be a victim of a defective child safety seat. If this happens to you, you are entitled to take action against the responsible parties. To get more information on child safety seat injuries or to see how resulting cases are handled, visit the website of this Racine defective child safety seat lawyer.