RV Travel Essentials – Extension Cords & Adapters

RV Travel Essentials - Extension Cords & Adapters

Millions of travelers hit the road every year in RV’s and motor homes. Vacations in an RV traversing the country are popular, affordable and educational. Viewing new places as you drive along the highways stopping in various towns, big and small helps travelers really understand the culture of the United States. Recreational vehicles also become home to many workers who travel from one construction site to another, following the available work. Before you set out on an RV road trip or make your life on the road, make sure you have the proper equipment. An important motor home staple item is an extension cord and set of adapters, for power when you need it.

Don’t roll up after a long day on the road, and be just an inch too short to hook up your RV or motor home. Now you might think you can use just any extension cord, or even several strung together with on the end to solve the problem. That’s a mistake with potentially serious consequences. Using an extension cord not made for RV power is a fire hazard and can damage your RV’s power equipment. This risk is not worth taking, especially when there are specialized extension cords that are designed for the specific power requirements of today’s recreational vehicles and motor homes

For a more in depth look at why a long extension cord needs to be heavy duty you need to understand some fundamentals about electricity. Though wire is highly conductive, it still presents some resistance to electricity flowing through it. And the longer an extension cord, the more resistance produced. That resistance creates heat which in turn can create fire – a hazard for you and your RV.

The solution is to buy the correct equipment. Depending on the application, an RV extension cord can be from 15 to 50 feet long. With the correct extension cord you will always be able to reach power sources and always feel safe.

Extension cords help provide electricity to your RV as well as power to any generators you may use. For long stays on the road you will want to run your microwave for quick meals, a radio for music and sports, fans for cooling down and even television. Also, if you’re traveling in the winter months or in colder locales, an RV extension cord can help power a generator for extra heat.

For people permanently living in recreational vehicles and motor homes, quality extension cords and RV adapters are a basic necessity. Electricity ensures that you can make food, stay warm and light the area around your camp. An RV extension cord rated for all types of weather and made with durability and longevity in mind is a smart option.

When you travel in an RV or motor home, you might stop at a residential area, a campground, or even an in-town parking area. Often there will be a power source to hook up to. Look for a pole or electrical box with an outlet. This is likely the power source for your RV. If you’re staying in a campground, the grounds keepers or camp hosts should have more information on the cost of the electrical hookup, and the type of extension cord and adapter needed.

Depending on where you travel and when you travel, there are certain conditions you should expect. Anticipate different hookup types at different RV campgrounds. You should have an RV specific adapter so you know you can hook in to the campground-provided power source. Specifically, the types of outlets you might encounter are 15A, 30A or 50A outlets. Expect weather to fluctuate between rain and heat. An all-weather RV extension cord should be water resistant, heat resistant and durable.

For maximum convenience consider the extra features offered by premium RV extension cords. Planned or not, many travelers find themselves pulling into a campground or rest stop after dark. Campgrounds are not always well-lit, so a motor home adapter and extension cord with a lighted end is essential for late-night power set up. Extension cords with ends that light up when current is flowing help you know that your equipment is working properly. No need to walk from your RV to your hookup over and over, the lighted end signals a working connection.

Another convenience found on premium RV extension cords is foldaway nylon handles on both male and female connectors. You will find it easier to connect and disconnect your RV extension cord or adapter with far less effort and stress.

As a final recommendation, consider personalizing your extension cord. Often campers lend equipment to other campers needing help hooking up and getting settled in. Having your name, personal slogan or other identifying legend printed down the entire length of the cord will ensure that it makes its way back to you.

A vacation or lifestyle in an RV or motor home can be rewarding and fun. Make sure you have the correct equipment so you can enjoy the sights. Milspec Direct provides RV extension cords and RV adapters that are all-weather rated, have lighted ends and patented Pro Grip(TM) handles.