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What Makes You Tick? – A Primer For Self-Improvement

What Makes You Tick? - A Primer For Self-Improvement

“Be all you can be” has been the Army’s theme line for 20 years, and most likely you have heard it more than once. I often ask myself how many people have stopped to truly analyze the meaning of those five short words. You see, you may be somewhat contented with the way things are in your life, but that is not to say that you are being all you can be.

If you were performing at your highest potential, you wouldn’t be somewhat contented, but completely fulfilled. If that is you, then accept my apologies. This article is not for you.

Still reading? Then you are still looking for what makes you tick, still aspiring for something deeper, better and more meaningful in life.

Even if you are submerged in problems, don’t let that be the cause of your not pursuing all that you can be. Aspirations, dreams and goals should be allowed to live within your heart so you can live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Let’s review a few points so you can discover what makes you tick.

1. Do you know what it is you really want?

If you’ve been on the path of self growth for awhile, you know this is the eternal question that keeps on popping up every time you read personal development material. Seems like most everybody should be able to answer that question rather fast, but you know it is not as easy as it sounds.

While you may have a long list of things you want to do in life, once you probe a bit you’ll discover just a handful of them are truly significant. It is your duty to discover what makes you tick so you can pursue those things that will create fulfillment in your life.

Start by sorting out the things that you are good at; those activities that you enjoy so much that you end up getting involved that you lose track of time as the world around you appears to be non-existent. Explore your abilities, your talents and your experiences. Diligence is key to uncover your real purpose.

2. Do you need to change?

According to your findings, you may discover that some things need to change if you are to pursue your new path. Most likely, this will look close to impossible at first; but if you are listening to your heart, you will find a way to change and do whatever it takes in order to reach your intended destination.

Initially, all changes seem difficult. After all, we are creatures of habit. However, changes are attainable when you are moving from the heart. It just takes commitment, determination and a solid plan of action. The end result will be worth it!

3. Can you see the bright side in your new discovery?

With so much happening around you, with your many obligations and responsibilities, sometimes it’s going to seem as if there was no room to even consider a change. At times, it may all seem so farfetched and out of this world that you may be tempted to return to your prior “state” and settle in your known lifestyle.

It is in these moments when you must strive to remain faithful to your dream. Think often on what makes you tick and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be true to your calling, and you will see the bright side for sure!

4. Are you comfortable with your chosen path?

There’s always the easy way and the right way when it comes to deciding everything in life. You are a unique individual and as such, you have the exclusive right to decide what path to follow. If you are uncomfortable at any time with your decision, you must explore the “why”.

Make sure your being uncomfortable has nothing to do with the act of changing itself. As mentioned above, we are creatures of habit. This is why changes in general can make us feel uncomfortable. If the later is the case, just keep on pressing forward and with faith until the change becomes part of your new way of being.

5. Have you done enough for yourself?

While going through this process, feelings of guilt may make themselves present. This is because most of us have been taught that it is nobler to be of service to others, so we grow up thinking of others first.

However, this brings discontentment and in large doses it can be dangerous for us and those in our immediate circle of influence. Always remember that when we do positive things for ourselves, we will also benefit those around us. When you decide to do something of value for yourself, you’ll see positive changes in your life and you will do things you could have never imagined doing.

6. Are you happy with where you are today?

This may seem like an unfair question so let it be answered! You may be happy with some aspects of your life, like being a good and loving mom or dad to your kids, a good partner and a good worker. However, once you discover what makes you tick; your life takes new heights that will change your life for the better. Your kids and partner will love you forever. And the same goes for everything else in life!

7. How much could you have?

There is no rule that dictates how much or how little you could have. You are the only one to determine that. While greed is not a positive quality, in reality the sky is the limit. The only aspect to be conscious about is keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Never forget the intention of pursuing your dreams: that of feeling fulfilled, which seldom has to do with material possessions.

8. What is your motivation?

This is an answer you have to find out for yourself. There may be many things that can make you happy, but to choose “the one” that will keep you pressing forward when the going gets tough may be hard to determine at first. Dedicate some time to explore your feelings and discover your motives to find the real “reason” behind your goal. This is extremely important as it will keep you from giving up whenever you feel like it.

So, have you discovered what makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but realize it takes work, determination, commitment, action and time to achieve anything worthwhile. Do not think on the problems you may find on the way. That would be the equivalent to giving up before you even start your journey. You will cross those bridges when you get to them, one by one. Always remember that self growth and improvement is a life time process. Moreover, it is not just about the physical or philosophical change you have to undergo, but it’s about having the courage to follow your calling.

How a DIY Solar Panel Guide Changed My Life

How a DIY Solar Panel Guide Changed My Life

My electric bill was killing me

The bad economy, oil prices going up and down, inflation… with all that is going on my power company raised their rates by almost 10%. I just couldn’t keep up; I was doing all I could do use as little power at home as possible. Something was going to have to change but I did not know what. IF that wasn’t bad enough this whole issue of climate change has me concerned, but what could I do?

Climate change and the individual

I have a three year old and when I think about her future I can’t help but think of climate change and the environment. I was always taught that as an individual I could make a difference, but this thing is so big what could I do? I was having that discussion with a friend whom I had not seen in quite a while and that is when he told me about a website that teaches regular people how to build solar panels and windmills; I was intrigued.

DIY solar panel guide – best 50 bucks I ever spent

I went to the website and, read through it, and decided to buy their guide. It cost 50 bucks and I am glad I bought it. As soon as it was downloaded I could plainly see that these plans were designed for people who didn’t know much about building stuff; you know, the non-engineer types. everything I need was plainly aid for me, even pre-written material lists.

Easy and cheap to build

I took the material list to the hardware store and got everything on the list in one place for $189.00. Took it home and laid everything out. Then I read through the instructions one time and went to work. I was really surprised when 6 hours later I had a great looking solar panel. I was so pleased with my self and my DIY solar panel guide! The next day I hooked it up to my house (following the instructions and all the safety steps of course). Two electric bills later I was even more surprised to see that I had saved about 40% on my bill with just that one panel.

Anyone concerned about the environment should be get to know this DIY solar panel guide

Individuals can make a difference; if 1 out of ten people who owns a home built just one solar panel or windmill using this easy to read and follow DIY solar panel guide… I mean think of all the energy that would be save, all the oil that we would not use. Yes I am saving money, but I know I am also doing my part to save something more important for my little girl.

New High Tech PC Based Low Cost Security Monitoring Software System For Home and Business

New High Tech PC Based Low Cost Security Monitoring Software System For Home and Business

High technology security systems are now within reach of everyone, for homes or businesses, this breakthrough in software utilizes you existing PC or cell phones. Imagine monitoring your home or business from anywhere in the world via the internet or your cell phone.

With conventional alarm monitoring systems, you usually have to sign a long term contract, an expensive installation depending on your home or business, equipment costs of thousands and a monthly monitoring fee. Now all this and more is available for a mere fraction of traditional old technology systems.

Since most people already own or have access to a PC or laptop, why spend more on monitoring equipment when you already own the computer which when software is installed converts your system into a high tech monitoring system supporting as many cameras as needed, all displayed on your computer screen, anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

Just like with current traditional alarm companies, you can conveniently monitor your own home or business at no cost. You have all the options of traditional systems, all at no additional cost. With the aging population, and most families now dual income, how would you like the peace of mind of monitoring your elderly parents home, or set up your own nanny cam or childcare monitor. You can monitor anything anywhere all with one software program loaded on your computer.

A unique new feature is you have the option of using your existing USB camera many already own, or you can add any type of digital camera you want, black and white, full color, high resolution, night vision, motion detector, any brand camera will work, so you can add to your system as needed for complete monitoring at a small fraction of cost of traditional alarm monitoring systems.

New feature in police cars in recent years is a video camera, or dash cam as they are called. Only problem is, these are not able to be seen by central station if a situation arises. Yes, it can be used after the fact, but how many times could lives be saved if station saw what was happening in real time? Soon all police cars will be equipped with this new wireless system since most police cars already use a laptop computer, so this new technology can be installed in every police car at little to know additional costs as it can use existing dash cams. Conversions would take all of five minutes by loading new monitoring software.

This same technology could also easily installed in your own vehicles if you have young drivers in your family. How much safer would your children be behind the wheel if they new you were able to monitor how many passengers were in car, how fast they were driving, even where they were driving with GPS option, all installed with new and growing WIFI wireless networks. Low cost security monitoring is finally affordable for everyone.

Swirling Around in the Financial Ocean Without a Paddle – How to Prevent Foreclosures!

Swirling Around in the Financial Ocean Without a Paddle - How to Prevent Foreclosures!

A big reason foreclosures can happen is lack of information. People every day do not possess the right knowledge or where to get it and they end up in a confusing mess of debt and get sucked under. Every problem has a solution, it just depends if you know the right place to look for it.

I am sure that most people in life do not want to go into crippling debt that can prevent them from getting credit or loans for an extended period of time and potentially cause issues even when it can be received once again. Denial of the urgency of the situation and just sitting around waiting for the solution to come to you are ways

In the end, you need to take action. You need to notice that the situation is getting critical and that you need to take action before it’s too late. Short Sales are one of your easiest and speediest options, which will keep your credit intact and not pile you up behind an insane amount of debt that would potentially cause bankruptcy.

Anything that can go wrong with Foreclosure and that can lead to it tends to when you are ill or misinformed. Lack of information can also lead you to being misled into doing something you wouldn’t normally do when you were given 100% of the facts.

Who Do You Go To For The Facts?

You go to the proper financial institutions that have on site professionals. If you want second opinions, go to one that is different from the current on you frequent. These days with the amount of information available in person, online, or by mail you would be best off taking advantage of the free information before you. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into something you are not sure of, if it makes you feel uneasy then do not do it. Find out all the facts and features about something you are going to do before it is too late to back track.

Also before signing anything, make sure you go over it and understand every single bit of the agreement. With Short Sales, you can find a business that will take care of it for you and if you check around and make sure its one with a good reputation, well then you will not need to worry so much because they will in fact help you through every step of the process and do everything possible to get the process done fast, but carefully, and properly. The proper Short Sale business can drive that monkey right off your back, and bring you back to the happy ways of old when you did not have to worry about things like foreclosure.

Buying Real Estate With No Money Down and No Credit

Buying Real Estate With No Money Down and No Credit

Yes, buying real estate with no money down and no credit is a possibility. And making money from real estate doesn’t have to be a pain in your a–. If you want to enter the business but don’t have a single cent to spend there are a whole lot of ways you can still make money. All you need to enter the business is true conviction; everything else comes apart. Here are a few examples to fill your head.

If you are planning to get a house and don’t have enough money for the payment why not consider swapping? All the things you own can be used as a substitute for money to be used as a trade. Imagine if you are buying from a seller that is retiring, he may prefer having the motor home you don’t use or any car, boats, or campers. Appliances can also be exchanged as a replacement for money. Furniture and other similar can be part of your investment to acquire a house for flipping. Whenever you consider the idea of swapping things for other when you are going to invest in real estate, the options are numerous.

However, in case you don’t have any unused motor home, or maybe you just don’t want to get rid of your car or boat, you can still use other things to swap for. If you are an accountant, contractor, mechanic, plumber, doctor, lawyer, or any other similar professional, you are more than capable to exchange your skills instead of cash. Doing services in exchange for money is widely accepted since you are paying with your skilled work. There is nothing wrong about doing this and you are able to exchange your services for real estate. This is a great idea if you have any professional skill or service you can offer.

If you have absolutely no credit and you don’t even dare to place a foot inside a mortgage lender or broker, then you can bring a partner into the business. Although this can become a great way to enter the market, things can get a little complicated when someone else is brought in. You can also simplify this by making a deal with your partner; as in they being the financers and you take part in assuring the deal. This way you manage all the contracts and the daily dealings while he is in charge of just taking care of the money. Additionally, they will feel comfortable of playing just a smaller role while you take the full responsibility of closing business and managing the investments. The best part of this option is you never have to exchange one of your belongings or any of your services since your partner is responsible for the money.

As you see, there are a whole lot of ways you can enter the business of real estate without having to put money down or a wonderful credit. You are capable of entering the business in many ways; all you need to succeed is your commitment towards the business.

Assistance in Saving Your Marriage

Assistance in Saving Your Marriage

Marriage troubles can now and then be nerve racking and tricky to trounce for everyone. It is very excruciating to know that you are losing the one that you profoundly love. Nonetheless, you might have a prospect to do something and rescue your married relationships. Initially, what you are supposed to do is to be aware of the problems in marriage and its basis. Once you come to recognize it, you will be capable of overcoming them. If you are considering of looking for others assistance in saving your marriage, you ought to first try to do it with some sincere hard work along with your significant other.

Excellent communication between the couple is very vital to be familiar with each other. If they explicitly talk with each other about the tribulations and differentiations, it could help to see-through the misapprehensions and contradictions.

Your family and friends may be able to help you out understanding the issues and can present you some propositions about how to get to the bottom of them. You may become conscious of your faults after talking to them and be able to try and correct them. You can witness the conjugal relationships of others and formulate some enhancement in yourself. Your family and friends may perhaps give an opinion to you about the emotional and behavioral transformations which may confirm beneficial one. However, rather than utilizing any opinion into rehearse, you ought to substantiate about whether the advice is suitable or not as any erroneous advice can devastate the relationships.

If you are nevertheless still unpleased, you can always opt and try marriage counseling. You can go to therapists office and request him or her assistance in saving your marriage. Both partners ought to be present at the counseling which can be an efficient device to enhance their relationship. The couples must honestly converse about their marriage troubles to get an apposite clarification. Marriage psychotherapy could lend a hand to the couples to develop their communication abilities, also to help unearth some other troubles or issues, find out the distinctions and be familiar with the troubles.

It proffers an excellent chance to the couples to reveal their viewpoints and helps to clear the misinterpretations. Numerous people are observed to be more victorious in resolving their marriage tribulations after partaking in couple sanctuaries or marriage colloquiums.

If somebody approaches you and asks you to help him or her save their marriage, you will be capable of giving him/her good propositions about determining the problems and rescuing their married life.

In Love

In Love

Do you, like a lot of people still believe in “love at first sight”? If you don’t, that’s okay, because there are a lot of people who don’t believe in love at first sight. They believe that love grows over time, so how do you know if the person you have been dating is the one? How do we know when the countless dates we have had with each other are turning into something more? And how do you know that it is love at first sight and not just “lust at first sight”?

Not everyone believes in love at first sight, but it does happen. It is hard to negate the feeling of being thunder struck when you look at someone; in a good way of course. Immediate thoughts of your future with the person and what your kids will look like are common with love, not lust. Lust at first sight is a purely physical reaction. Thoughts of the future are not present. It is the here and now, wanting to be with that person if only for a short time. There are no feelings of loss when the person is gone because there were no feelings of love to begin with.

Some psychiatrists believe that love at first sight is dependent on what you are feeling at the time your eyes meet the other persons. Psychiatrists also say that men fall in love at first sight more than women do. They also believe that a person will not fall in love at first sight unless they are ready to fall in love, subconsciously or not. In the end, how do you know when it is more than just a date?

When people fall in love, they are often nervous and anxious since they have not experienced love before. Especially if they are feelings never before experienced. Don’t push the feelings aside and don’t try to deny them because strong feelings such as love are not easy to hide away from. You never know, your date might be experiencing the same thoughts and feelings you are.

Most people are trying to find love, looking for that one person that completes them, the one they can live happily ever after with. So when the feeling hits and it happens to you, embrace it, and try not to run from it. To love the right person is a great feeling.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette – The Dos and Donts

Wedding Invitation Etiquette - The Dos and Don'ts

Your special day is fast approaching and you are getting everything ready for your wedding. One of the most important decisions to make is the wedding invitations as it’s the first impression that your guest will have about your special day. Your guest are probably wondering –  What will their design be? Will they be formal or more informal? So, after you decide what your invitations will look like, there are a few things to consider about wedding invitation etiquette. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure you are following proper etiquette related to your wedding invitations.

Give your guests time to respond. It is not unusual for wedding invitations to be mailed six to eight weeks in advance. This may seem like a long time, but it allows your guests to make proper arrangements to attend. If your wedding is on a Friday, letting your guests know well in advance will give them the notice they need to request a day or half a day off from work. If your wedding takes place over a holiday weekend, such as Memorial Day or Labor Day, sending the invitations out even earlier is a good idea. Since many people usually have some type of plans, whether it’s a barbecue or picnic, over holidays, giving them advance notice will allow them to attend your special day before they commit to other engagements.

Always include a stamp on the reply card. Your guests should not have to pay the postage on your wedding reply cards. It is a small expense to absorb and your guests will appreciate the gesture. Also include the return address on the back of the envelope where you want the reply cards sent. This will ensure all cards are returned back to you without the risk of them getting lost in the mail.

Including a map or direction card with the wedding invitation is a nice gesture, especially for those guests who are not familiar with the location and those who are coming from out of town. Many venues offer direction cards complimentary and you can simply place them inside the invitation. If your venue does not offer direction cards, you can easily create it yourself on the computer and print it out. It should include the name, address and phone number of the venue, along with general directions. This simple gesture will help your guests tremendously and ensure they arrive at your wedding on time and stress free.

Following these guidelines will not only allow you to provide your guests with proper etiquette, but you will also feel a little less stressed that everything is done smoothly. Enjoy your big day!

How to Easily Make a Girl Orgasm – Proven Sexual Tactics That Will Make Her Orgasm Almost Instantly

How to Easily Make a Girl Orgasm - Proven Sexual Tactics That Will Make Her Orgasm Almost Instantly

The best way to make a girl have a G-Spot orgasm, is to know the position! If you can get her just right, then you will have her begging all night! Once you know the positions, not only is the G-Spot easier to find, its also easier to please her, and make her orgasm faster! Discover the amazing positions that will have her begging you all night not to stop!

The Doggy style, is the easiest, most effective and primal way to make a woman orgasm like anything!

How to do it? There are many ways. You come from behind her; just like how dogs do! She should be on all fours, and you can be on your knees; and enter as you please.

You can also try regular doggy style position, where you position yourself just directly behind her. Also, try this with both partners standing, however the effect you want here is that she is directionally positioned so that she is up, better revealing her G-spot!

Want the best way to do this, that will definitely guarantee an orgasm? Try this: push her down, so her backside is in the air and front is down (like bowing), then position your legs outside of hers and balance your weight forwards onto her, and go at it!

This is the best position no matter what kind of sex you are having, intercourse, cunnilingus, fingering- you name it! The manner in which you enter her vagina from this angle allows for the highest peak in G-spot stimulation.

Not only this, but during intercourse, ensure you can get closer to her body, decrease the distance. When you do this, the result is your body hitting against her clitoris as well. So now you are stimulating both her G-Spot and Clitoris- a 2 for one that you cannot miss out on!

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

If you are new to the world of bass fishing, this article is for you. In it I will discuss some of the more popular and effective bass fishing lures on the market. If any of them aren’t a part of your bass fishing repertoire, they should be added sooner rather than later. These are some of the best bass fishing lures available to bass anglers.

If you were to list the “top ten” bass fishing lures, the lures listed below would most certainly be on that list. Which one is the best of all of these options? It’s impossible to say, because at the end of the day the best lure for bass is probably different for every angler.

Try all of these options and find the one that feels and works the best for you. The point is that there is no “magic” formula when it comes to fishing. Spend as much time as you can on the water and before you know it you’ll have your own “favorite bass fishing lure”.

  1. The Plastic Worm – The plastic worm is certainly one of the best known lures used for bass of all time, and for good reason. There are many ways of fishing a plastic worm from the ‘Carolina Rig’ to the ‘Wacky Rig’. The plastic worm market has been revolutionized by the Berkley Company with there development of Gulp and Alive products. These fishing baits look and perform just like plastic and have been impregnated with fish attracting scents. Many anglers say that these products even out fish live bait.
  2. The Crank Bait – Crank Baits are any bait that is cast out and reeled in and imitates a bait fish. Crank Baits come in every size and color imaginable. They biggest key with crank baits (in my opinion) is that they appear as lifelike as possible. You want your crank bait to look like the forage that the bass normally eat. One of the best bass fishing lures that imitate a bait fish is the Kicktail Minnow. Some others would include the Shad Rap, the Bagley Killer B, and the Bomber Model A.
  3. The Top Water Lure – Top water lures are very effective for bass. They key to using a top water fishing lure is to make sure that they water is completely flat. The more the water that you’re fishing is like glass, the better for top water fishing. One of the most popular and effective top water bass lures of all time is the Jitterbug. Some others would include the Heddon Zara Spook and the Rebel Bumble Bug.
  4. The Spinner Bait – Spinner baits are a great fishing lure for these fish. These lures work well for all types of bass. The important thing is to match the size of the spinner bait to the bass that you’re fishing for. In other words if you’re fishing for smallmouth bass use a smaller spinner bait, largemouth bass use a larger spinner bait. The point of the matter is that spinner baits are one of the best bass fishing lures available.

As I said earlier, the lures above are some of the best fishing lures that can be used for bass. If any of them aren’t in your tackle box you probably want to add them. All of these lures will help you catch more bass on your next fishing trip.