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Explore Orgasmic Soul

Explore Orgasmic Soul

Soul music is definitely not afraid to open up and express itself from the sexual side of the spectrum. Call it bedroom music, freaky jams or whatever you want, but there’s just something about this style that sends a vibe through the listener and puts them on that other level. This bold genre has never been scared to take a walk on the wild side, opening up hearts and souls to the brink of delightful controversy. Whether it’s Love Serenade and others from Barry White’s vault of lustful classics to D’Angelo’s tastefully raunchy “How Does it Feel”, these risque tunes go beyond traditional love ballads, penetrating the soul in a naughty manner while provoking kinky thoughts that dare to be acted upon. Even the most conservative listener can’t deny the passion because when you break it down, everybody’s got their favorite.

Double Your Pleasure

Many people didn’t know what to expect from Floetry, the U.K. turned Philly tandem of soulful sisters. They quickly learned after being hit with a sensuous dose of Floetic, the duo’s highly acclaimed debut album. Although the first single, “Say Yes” is the most of notable sexually orientated tracks, this ground-breaking album actually has a nice mix of mood setters throughout. The way Marsha and Natalie wrap spoken word around R&B and soulful jazz warrants an intimate setting in the dark or perhaps even solo session in a warm bubbly tub. Supple ballads like “Getting Late” generate a pleasurable warmth that can easily lead to something much hotter, making this classic soul album the perfect remedy for after dark rendezvous.

Ask, and Your Desires Shall be Fulfilled

Anointed by many as of the queen of Nu Soul, Jill Scott made sure everyone knew who she was with the release of Who is Jill Scott? in 2000. Though best known for her uplifting, socially responsible cuts, Jill also has a sultry side and the powerfully tantalizing voice to go along with it. “The Way” is a mesmerizing cut from her debut album that struck a chord with several female listeners, causing some to think about the relationship with their men while unleashing the freak within others. This track proved that Jill wasn’t the innocent little girl she was perceived to be as the diva went into detail about the passionate night she had in store. Though nearly a decade old now, you better believe this one is still burning up sheets across the nation.

Nice Hot Cup of Mocha Delight

Soul music has had its fair share of male sex symbols over the years but few have captivated the ladies like Maxwell. Perhaps it’s the poofy black locks and sometimes nappy dreads or smooth jazzy voice that sends women into an uproar. Maxwell’s debut album, Urban Hang Suite was well received, laced with a myriad of cuts well worthy of the “Orgasmic Soul” label. The album was full of catchy mood setters but none more so than “Til the Cops Come Knockin'” The explicit lyrics of this intensely hot song let the world know what was on this brother’s mind.

The Freakish Nature of the Beast

So what is it about soul music that sends listeners into a sexual frenzy? Are these artists merely touching on our hidden fantasies and bringing them to light? Of course, that’s why we’re all in. While such thoughts might cause you to blush, almost everyone appreciates those smooth melodies that help us get off on a little “Sumptin Sumptin”.

Finding a Good Male Tattoo Selection – Bypassing Cookie Cutter Art

Finding a Good Male Tattoo Selection - Bypassing Cookie Cutter Art

When you jump on the web to find a good male tattoo selection, don’t be surprised by the amount of generic stuff. You can get past this awful, cookie cutter art if you change one single thing: The way you search for it. Here’s the low down on getting yourself to galleries that have loads of crisp, high quality male tattoo designs.

It doesn’t matter which style you like, or if you are just looking to get various ideas. It’s a huge plus if you’re able to see the best, most original artwork across the web. If you spend most of your days eying generic designs, you just might pick out a cookie cutter male tattoo. To avoid that mess, you should avoid search engines at all costs. Now, I know that this is how 90% of us (and I was included) look for galleries, but it doesn’t work any more. The only male tattoo galleries that come up in the listings are generic laced sites that could care less about the quality of the artwork they are posting.

It’s a real shame, but you don’t have to settle for that kind of artwork. You can go straight past that step and jump to the next one, which would be forums. Large forums, actually. When I tell you that large forums are the best way to get a hold of huge galleries of astounding male tattoo collections, I’m not lying. You have so much access to inside information here, because the massive archive sections are packed full of topics on tattoos. It’s always a fairly big subject.

You don’t even have to get involved with the forum. You just need the input that is already there. If you can skim just a portion of those topics, you’ll be in business. Just by reading a tiny bit, you can see where other guys have found big galleries and where they’ve found huge collections of original male tattoo designs. It’s always talked about, because it can be hard to locate these places, which is why this info is shared.

It brings you and your browser to a completely different world of male tattoo designs, where high quality artwork reigns.

Digital Photo Frames – Keep Your Memories Alive With Old Pictures Digitized

Digital Photo Frames - Keep Your Memories Alive With Old Pictures Digitized

Do you have a collection of old pictures or slides tucked away in boxes and stacked in the back corner of your closet? Then your cherished memories are vulnerable not just to fading and scratches, but are at risk of becoming completely forgotten! Today, with digital picture technology, electronic albums and digital photo frames commonly available at affordable prices, there is no reason why anybody should take that risk.

Although digital photography has been with us for over 20 years now, many people still have old pictures or slides sitting in old shoe boxes in hard-to-reach places that make the memorable moments hard to enjoy. They may have rolls of developed film or slides in kitchen drawers waiting for the better days.

Most people already know the benefit of having a digital photo frame display their images. Electronic picture frames can show off a large number of pictures at once as opposed to a wooden photo frame that will only show one, or a bulky photo album, that takes so much space on the shelf.

But how can you transfer your old pictures or slides to digital photo frames without spending a lot of time and money?

Although it’s fairly easy to get old photos from traditional into digital format, it takes a lot of time and some skill to do that properly. Also, a computer, a photo scanner or slide scanner and a photo editing software are necessary.

Fortunately, there are many services today available that will scan your pictures and slides and transfer them to DVD or other digital media. With your images in a digital format the are much easier to view and share. And most importantly, they will be protected from physical damage – just be sure to make a backup copy and keep it in a safe place.

Using scanning services to digitize your old pictures is usually affordable and can save you a lot of time. And it’s certainly worth the effort and expense to see your old memories prominently displayed in digital photo frames come to life again!

The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part Three

The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part Three

Born to Run (1975) was to change everything, although Springsteen struggled terribly in recording it. Seeing it as his last chance at achieving a commercially viable record, he strove for perfection, becoming frustrated when the sounds in his head were not being replicated in the studio, indeed he was deeply unhappy with the final product. It was released to great hype, the rumours had been building and building, a rare thing, they were justified, the record re-defined the whole thing, rock and roll that is. It was also in a word massive, radios pumped out Born to Run, Thunder Road, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out and Jungleland; the masses adored it, Springsteen made the front cover of Time and Newsweek on the same day.

Yes, they were now trying to swallow him up, transform him into their star, mould him into the messiah that they wanted him to be. Springsteen had other ideas, his following album Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978), was a darker, more politicised affair, Springsteen definitely was not going to sell out commercially. The songs were still about the small-town characters that had populated the earlier records but this time around they were broken and shattered by the pressures of modern living, he even left the songs Fire and Because the Night off the record because they sang too much of hope, which were later to become hits for the Pointer Sisters and Patti Smith. The record is raw, electric, powerful, searing; as was the tour to promote it, Springsteen et. al becoming famed for their live performances, playing every night like it was their last.

The Albums of Bob Dylan – Part Six

The Albums of Bob Dylan - Part Six

On 29 July 1966, Bob suffered serious injuries following a motorcycle accident near his home in Woodstock, New York. He disappeared from public life, retiring behind the white picket fence with his wife and kids, the crowds attempted to seek out their saviour, but Dylan had being trying to escape the baying hordes for years, the accident cemented his resolve, he refused to tour for eight years, once again he was going to do things his way. Of course he continued to create, John Wesley Harding (1967) was a pared down, contemplative effort; informing the masses that he was not going to be their bard, that he was no longer going to be anybody’s dancing bear, they still lapped it up, it appeared that whatever Dylan did was cool – with most everybody; although John Wesley Harding went against everything that was hip at that time, like The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s (1967) or The Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967). And Dylan wasn’t just fooling around, he immersed himself even further in the country blues of Leadbelly and Hank Williams in his 1969 offering Nashville Skyline. He was attempting to get further and further from the masses, consciously not recording anything which might set them upon him once again.

His Self Portrait (1970), definitely wasn’t going to have them knocking down his door, was Dylan purposely now producing shoddy work or had the muse flown? Everybody waited with bated breath, later that year he released New Morning (1970) which made up nobody’s mind, but it must be remembered that Dylan at this stage was not even thirty!

Learning How to Sing Better – The Importance of Warming Up

Learning How to Sing Better - The Importance of Warming Up

It’s a well-known point that athletes warm up prior to any event or performance. As an example, a football player will run, a tennis player will lightly volley, and a dancer will stretch. Warming up readies the body for what’s next and reduces the possibility of injury. For a singer, warming up is just as essential.

Unfortunately, many singers–especially those just learning how to sing–sing without warming up properly. It’s easy to just start singing (e.g. along with a song on the radio), but if the singer is committed to improving her craft, then remembering to warm up before singing goes a long way. Warming up doesn’t take long, reduces the chance of injury, and has the following benefits:

  • During a proper warm up, the amount of air passing the vocal folds begins small and gradually increases –thus preventing too much air from being forced through the vocal folds (which can result in irritation).
  • The outer muscles of larynx become relaxed and loose. This helps prevent them from taking the larynx out of a stable position when the singer actual starts “singing”.
  • The singer becomes accustomed to how her voice is feeling that particular day and can then adjust the amount of warm up time required to have everything “working properly”.
  • It mentally prepares her for the upcoming performance or practice session.

So when should a singer warm up? Every time she practices and performs–no exceptions. Failure to warm up will inhibit progress when learning how to sing better and could lead to injury.

Learning how to sing better requires time, work, and proper instruction. Always warming up prepares the singer to get the best of out her craft.

Playing Suited Connectors in No-limit Texas Holdem

Playing Suited Connectors in No-limit Texas Hold'em

In many poker games, suited connecting cards are a more valuable starting hand than a big pocket pair.

Implied odds are responsible for giving suited connectors the ability to be so profitable in No-limit texas hold’em.

Many of the hands that you will make using suited connectors will be well disguised, and your opponents will not often be willing to give you credit for a big hand. When you make your hand, you will be very likely to win a big pot.

When To Play Suited Connectors

You should only get involved in pots with suited connectors when you are in late position.

Most of the time, you should also fold your suited connectors unless there are multiple opponents in the hand with you. You are not looking to make a single pair; even two pair can be easily counterfeited, since they will most likely not be top two pair. What you are really hoping for is a straight or a flush. If you make a straight or flush while holding suited connectors against multiple opponents, your opponents will be less likely to recognize the strength of your hand. This puts you in a great position to be able to extract maximum value from your hand.

Pay Attention To Game Conditions

Since suited connectors require large implied odds to be profitable, just being in good position with a healthy stack is not enough reason to get involved. You should use caution when getting involved against an opponent with a short stack with a hand like 7d-8d. For one thing, your opponent is more likely to move all in on you if he hits any portion of the flop. In addition, the small number of times you do make a big hand, your opponent will not have enough chips left to make it a profitable play over the long term.

As the blinds and antes increase in a No-limit Hold’em tournament, suited connectors in late position can be a great opportunity for a steal attempt.

You still need to avoid short-stacked opponents when stealing, since they are likely to come over the top with marginal holdings.

Since you expect to be successful stealing pre-flop a percentage of the time, and take down the pot on the flop with a continuation bet other times, you won’t need to actually make your hand every time to be profitable. Of course, if you are called and do make a big hand on the flop, your hand will be extremely well disguised, and you can attempt to extract value from your defending opponent.

Observant opponents will see you showdown suited connectors and think back through the hand about how you raised with 6s-7s pre-flop, and then bet with an open-ended straight draw on the flop. This will make it more difficult for them judge your hand strength in the future.

Make sure you are aware of which opponents are paying attention, and adapting their play to yours.

Understanding your table image and the game conditions are necessary components of playing suited connectors. If you are playing in a short-handed game, suited connectors lose a lot of their value when compared to a full game. You are likely to be playing most pots against a single opponent, which gives added value to high card hands and pairs while reducing the value of more speculative hands.

Inside the Acid House Scene, Part Five

Inside the Acid House Scene, Part Five

Life was too heavy to be heavy when out. This is where the whole thing becomes sort of complicated, the authorities feared the movement because from the outside looking in, they perceived the powers that could collect thousands of people into remote fields must surely be doing more than just facilitating them to dance. Anybody with that power would, wouldn’t they? Perhaps, perhaps not, but there was no power behind the curtain, it was music by the people for the people. It was a collective, simple.

But nobody perceived it as such, conspiracy theories abounded, one of which spouted that sixties flower kids had reached positions of power and were sparking their oft sang about revolution of bringing love to the people, albeit with chemical enhancers, which were being distributed by highly classified government agencies. Acid House had fist appeared in the United Kingdom in London, but the epicentre of the movement, it’s HQ was most definitely Manchester. The city was the perfect backdrop to the burgeoning acid house scene.

Acid house was all about independent organisation, risk-taking and innovation, it was situationist and embraced DIY; all facets that were pure Mancunian. In addition, the city was compact and possessed a type of village scene; new styles, fashions and trends caught on fast and the people were always open to new ideas and trying different stuff out. The city always did things in its own ways, not caring a jot what other places were doing and so acid house found it’s home within the city’s environs, in fact it found a feeding ground.

What Susan Boyle Can Teach a Radio Producer

What Susan Boyle Can Teach a Radio Producer

A good radio producer needs to know how to conduct emotion like an orchestra.

Have you seen the Susan Boyle viral video that’s making the rounds? The unlikely star brings the house down on “Britain’s Got Talent”. The video has topped the 100 million-viewer mark and may become YouTube’s most viewed ever.

Boyle, 47, of West Lothian, Scotland, sang as she auditioned before awestruck judges and audience members. Since then, the entire world has been watching, and re-watching, the woman with the big voice. What makes this video so endearing? Emotion is key here. Let’s go back to the beginning and unravel this extraordinary video for perspective.

Stay with me here. Imagine you are a producer. What would it be like if you were given just an etch-a sketch with the assignment to create a lot of attention with whatever you can put on that simple screen. That’s precisely the challenge radio and TV producers are faced with every day. You’re given a screen or a set of speakers and you’ve got to make something special happen. So what do you do? What direction do you take? Draw a few lines or speak a few words and hope it works? That won’t cut it.

To get real attention you’ve got to touch hearts. Emotion touches hearts. So let’s use the Susan Boyle Video as an example. This is a masterpiece of attention getting. It looks so natural and feels so good to watch. Plus, it is nicely embedded in real life for believability. But don’t be naive. This didn’t just happen. A talented producer was behind this.

The Hero’s Journey, a template of storytelling, is used extensively in this video.  In typical Hero’s Journey fashion, Susan Boyle is a regular person just doing her thing. She accepts a challenge against pretty big odds. The challenge is visible in multiple ways : her look, the actual singing competition, the doubting audience, a panel of unforgiving judges. All elements that contribute to the dark night of the soul, or belly of the whale experience, that marks every Hero’s Journey.

Susan even has helpers, friends, if you will. The sidestage guys who are like a couple of pals cheering her on. Their presence adds power to the strong feelings that emerge in this mini story. These two guys represent ‘us’. We are also represented by audience members who are visibly taken by the transformation right before their eyes. They express our unspoken sentiments. Note: I am not suggesting the video was contrived. It was simply well crafted and presented in a way that contains these elements of the Hero’s Journey and that makes a great story.

When Susan sings she is pulling the proverbial sword from the stone. And we, the metaphorical townspeople, love it. We all cry out in unison, “Bravo, well done!” Perfect ending. Knowing all this as I watched, I still felt it deeply. That’s why the Hero’s Journey works. It is already coded in our psyche. You can tell who the hero is in any story by a little known trick. Find the one who transforms. Our hero here is Susan Boyle and of course, you and me. We find kinship in her courage, faith and heart. 

Being a good radio producer means learning from all great art, including excellent TV.

Inside the Acid House Scene – Part Three

Inside the Acid House Scene - Part Three

But as the old mantra goes, not making a decision, is in itself making a decision. The United Kingdom had been wracked for a decade under the individualist policies of the Thatcher administration. Acid house stressed the collective and offered a means of escape from a country where the wealthy were prospering whereas the masses were suffering deprivation, anomie and isolation from the main. The eighties had witnessed race riots, pitched battles with the police and an increasing brutality in inner city areas.

Unemployment was rife and many had being caught in the collapse in property prices, leaving many in negative equity. Acid house with it’s repetitive beat and shared drug of ecstasy offered people a shared consciousness, basically creating a sympathetic community, something that people could feel a part of, a micro-society that accepted them for who they were or indeed for who they were not. The drug of choice was ecstasy, it gave people energy to dance all night, reduced inhibitions and diminished aggression.

People of all backgrounds, usually so splintered on the streets were uniting together; dancing, laughing, creating a fraternity; one that was seriously lacking in society. In addition, the music of the eighties had being dominated by the emergence of MTV, which promoted big stars such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. It was all about glitz and glamour, while the New Romantic scene dominated the United Kingdom, a scene of fancy garbs, Utah haircuts, finely produced videos, empty lyrics and nothing of any real substance or relation to the masses.