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The Albums of Bob Dylan, Part Eight

The Albums of Bob Dylan, Part Eight

Much of the fanfare surrounding Dylan began to dwindle, though it didn’t overly concern him, his next three albums Slow Train Coming (1979), Saved (1980) and Shot of Love (1981) were of Christian Gospel music as he flaunted his new status as a Born Again Christian, follow that if you can! And if they were willing to persist they were in for a rollercoaster of a ride for the duration of the eighties. Infidels (1983) marked something of a recovery, Empire Burlesque (1985) was simply puzzling, Knocked Out Loaded (1986) is a sloppy affair while Down In the Groove (1988) with it’s orchestral number of contributors was dire.

Salvation for the eighties came in the form of the Daniel Lanois produced Oh Mercy (1989). The sustained return to form that everyone desired however, was not to be, 1990’s Under the Sky was disappointing. Many thought that was it for Dylan, there had been too many false dawns and then Bob went off the radar, no new material was released for the guts of the nineties. However Dylan wasn’t finished yet, in 1997 he hooked up again with producer Daniel Lanois and released the critically acclaimed Time Out of Mind. Lanois seemed to bring out the best in Dylan, but also for Bob the shackles were off, just like when he was drifting around Greenwich Village, he was once again somewhat irrelevant, he was again on the margins.

The album sparked something of a renaissance, quality albums being released at staggered intervals, Love and Theft (2001) and Modern Times (2006), the latter entered the US Billboard charts at Number 1, Bob was enjoying his dotage. And now in April 2009, at age 67, he releases his 33rd studio album, Together Through Life, his voice rattled, gnarled, ripped and torn – just the way he’s always wanted it, he’s now the genuine article, the link to the past, Woody Guthrie, a relic from the past, the guy who dined with Jack Dempsey and shared his supper with Tiny Tim.

The 3 Ps to Breaking Into the Music Industry

The 3 P's to Breaking Into the Music Industry

Don’t listen to another one of those so called music industry insiders until you read this article.I’m so sick and tired of these wannabes leaching off of talented people with real dreams of making it in the music industry. Have you heard some of the lies they tell you like, if you only had a manager, or I know some people that can get you career of the ground, or my favorite, you could be great if you only had a little bit more training. Well today is your lucky day because I’m going to give you the 3 P’s to breaking into the Music Industry.

So do you have dreams of becoming the next big in the music industry? Before you answer that question,let me tell you something, the only thing you really need, other than a little bit of talent(emphasis on little),is heart. That’s it because after I give you the 3 P’s to Breaking into the Music Industry, you will have everything you need to “Party like a Rockstar”. I want you to think of this as your foolproof plan to success, better yet, your building blocks of your career.

O.K. Guys here’s what you been reading this long for. Without further a do, Here’s your 3 P’s to Breaking into the Music Industry.  They are:

  1. Produce
  2. Promote
  3. Protect

Produce– I don’t care if you are a singer, rapper,drummer you should learn how to produce music. And I’m not talking about just playing your instrument, I mean producing CD sounding music. Don’t get scared, most of you already have some kind of music making software anyway. This is crucial to your success because it gives you control over the total sound of your music. There’s nothing worst than working on music you don’t like.

Promote- What’s the use of having all of that cool music without people knowing about it. This is where everything gets fun. This is where you go from a no body to a overnight celebrity, and this also where and when the money starts to come in.

Protect- With all of this new found glory and fame, you have to protect yourself. I never saw snakes on the plane but I can tell you that there’s snakes in the game. So I can’t stress this enough. Other than the obvious copyrighting, you need the right contract for the right job. Don’t ever enter any agreement without a contract. Don’t be a fool, you need to protect all of that hard work you put in.

Well there you have it, the 3 P’s to Breaking into the Music Industry. Now go forth and make some noise!!!

The Challenges of Painting Outdoors

The Challenges of Painting Outdoors

Many artists love to take their painting outdoors. They seek out unusual scenes, colors and natural lighting unavailable to them in an indoor or studio environment. While the traditional or classic medium to use when painting outdoors is oil paint, many modern artists are also painting with acrylics.

The traditional choice in oil paint is due to the fact that it does not dry instantly and makes it fairly easy to correct or amend a work after returning to the studio. Painting with acrylics does present some challenges because this variety of paint does dry relatively quickly and doesn’t provide any kind of correction later on.

Painting outdoors with acrylics however does allow for many different effects that oil paint or watercolor cannot. For example, acrylics deliver the same vibrancy that oil paints do, but they can also be thinned and used to create some of the same tones and looks that watercolor delivers.

Painting with acrylics is also a far more affordable approach to art as the materials and supplies are less expensive than any other medium. For example, watercolor is best applied to specialty papers, and oil to canvases that have been properly prepared, but acrylic works with everything from paper to stone, and demands no special finish or top coat to remain intact.

When painting outdoors, the artist must also consider the need for additional supplies and any cleaning up. Painting with acrylics means that clean up is easily done with water, and no harsh thinners or varnishes are needed to ensure that brushes are cleaned properly.

This all means that an artist painting with acrylics will be able to spend less on supplies, obtain superior and flexible results, carry fewer materials when painting outdoors and also clean up their brushes and work space with soap and water. Obviously, this all translates to an excellent choice in mediums for a student just learning how to paint, but also for an experienced artist who is looking for reliability and affordability as well.

There are many suppliers who make excellent kits or pre-packaged collections of paint available. These are for those who enjoy painting with acrylics, oils or watercolors and who would like to enjoy some savings on the most frequently used colors. Additionally, some of these kits are for the true beginner and come with palettes, brushes and introductory books and guides that teach someone how to work with the paint in any setting.

Star Foot Tattoos – Find the Sites That Post Good Artwork

Star Foot Tattoos - Find the Sites That Post Good Artwork

Something very weird is starting to happen when you hop online to look for star foot tattoos. You’ll bump into untold amounts of generic laced galleries, where your only option is to sift through cookie cutter images. A tiny change can lead you in the opposite direction, to sites that post crisp, well drawn star foot tattoos.

When scanning the web for tattoo art, we all want to see originality and quality, right? It’s only human nature. We don’t want to spend days weeding through 1000’s of completely generic designs. That’s precisely what is happening, though. Why is is happening? Because way too many of us are still reliant upon search engines to see what types of tattoo galleries are out there. You need to know that search engines don’t work any more, because the lists contain nothing but these generic laced places. Those aren’t the star foot tattoos you want.

Where have the better, more original artwork galleries gone? Well, they are all still out there. It’s just that you won’t find them using “that” way of searching. The good news is that you have a different option, which is a much better way to uncover an unlimited amount of high quality artwork for the star foot tattoos you are thinking about. This different option would be the use of forums. Large forums, actually. When it comes down to seeing fresh, well drawn tattoo designs, this is the perfect place to get a hold of those sometimes hidden galleries, where high quality artwork is abundant.

The better news is that you don’t need the whole forum to find this knowledge. You just need the (underused) archive section. Any big forum will do. The one reason they work so well is because most will be laced with 100’s of past and present topics about tattoo artwork. It’s always a fairly big subject. To get to the galleries that have quality star foot tattoos, you simply scan some of those topics. So much input and knowledge has been given here. The topics are packed with posts where people have told others about the awesome galleries they’ve found recently and the sites that are filled with original art. That’s why they work so well.

It’s time to step away from the one thing that is keeping you from so many galleries full of fantastic star foot tattoos.

Mommy Isnt Condoning Birth Control – However Lets Talk

Mommy Isn't Condoning Birth Control - However Lets Talk

Sweetheart you say your not having sex

and in all honesty I want to believe that and if you’re truly not I think that is definitely for the best

However lets discuss the fact that you may get a little curious

I hope and pray to God you come to me, your mother, your best friend before you experiment

I mean don’t listen to him or your so called girlfriends you come to me and we will talk and I will give you all the right information

Honey even though sex before marriage is something I really don’t condone

I realize when your out there in this big crazey world I have no control

I am hoping that you will learn from other peoples mistakes

I won’t tell you anything wrong, because believe me you don’t want to go through my many heart aches

It’ is your decision which road you decide to take in your own life

I just want you to feel close enough to me to turn to me for this kind of advice mommy loves you and knows what is best

Between us there shouldn’t be any secrets

I’m not trying to give you birth control but when your away from home I know you out there on your own

When having sex you must be responsible and you will never tell a living soul

My mom didn’t share with me any information about sex, boys, or birth control and I didn’t know because I was never told, I’m out here on my own

No no no honey l am telling you if your having or thinking about having sex then lets talk about the different methods of birth control

Inside the Acid House Scene – Part Two

Inside the Acid House Scene - Part Two

After-hour clubbing was illegal in London and the police began cracking down on the clubs, so punters needed places to go. They began to hold events in more innocuous venues such as warehouses and disused spaces. Thus, the rave scene was born. Demand was huge and so the raves in turn became huge. They began to be run by production companies or unlicensed clubs such as Revolution in Progress and Sunrise. These massive events began to garner acres of negative newsprint criticising the hedonism, decadence and drug-taking of these events.

The accounts though based in some fact were often sensationalised which had the effect of causing panic amongst the public who began wondering what exactly was going on with their sons and daughters at these gigs. The government moved against the acid house scene, banning it from radio, television and retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom. Youth culture fought back, continuing to hold acid house events in secret locations, trying to stay one step ahead of the police, who in turn had developed special units to combat the contagious scene.

People all across the United Kingdom were tuning in, acid house appeared as if it was here to stay. There were reasons for the wildfire like spread, yes it was fun, yes it was hedonistic, but it was more than that, it was about being part of a movement. Detractors held that comparing the movement to the First Summer of Love was ridiculous as it was apolitical maintaining that it’s only interest being in decadence.

The Magician of Still Life Baroque Painting – Jan De Heem

The Magician of Still Life Baroque Painting - Jan De Heem

Jan Davidszoon de Heem, Jan Davidsz, or de Heem, better known as Jan de Heem, was born on April 17, 1606, in a Dutch family of undistinguished painters at Utrecht. He specialized in still life Baroque painting in both, Dutch and Flemish genres. Jan’s father Jan de Heem and brother David Davidszoon de Heem were only average artists. Though, David de Heem the Elder could not establish himself as a great artist, his early training laid the essential foundation for Jan de Heem’s remarkable career. The painter’s second coach was pioneering Dutch painter Balthasar van der Ast, who taught him painting shell life, fruits, and vegetables. During 1625-29, Jan resided in the city of Leiden, Netherlands, and learnt painting under artist David Bailly during the last year of his stay there. During this phase, in 1626, the artist married Aeltjn van Weede.

During 1635 to 1637, Jan became a member of the painter’s guild of Antwerp and was by now being counted among the bourgeoisie of the city. In the beginning, his style carried certain similarities with that of Dutch painter Aelbert Cuyp, for instance, his painting in the Gotha Art Gallery in Germany. As he advanced in his career however, Jan created a niche for himself through his uncanny ability to capture the artistic subtlety of vegetated state (fruits and vegetable) and life (beautiful insects and animals of land and sea), alike. His works did not merely revolve around vain artistry rather they often conveyed moral lessons embedded in them, beautifully. His celebrated works graced various museums and castles worldwide, including the museum of Amsterdam (1640), Langford Castle (1645), the Belvedere of Vienna (1648), the museum of Berlin (1650), art museum Alte Pinakothek (1653), the State Hermitage Museum at St. Petersburg (1655), and the art gallery of Brussels (1668).

Through all these exhibitions through Europe, Jan married for the second time, to Anna Ruckers, in 1643. His two marriages bore him nine children in all, of which three, David Janszoon de Heem, Cornelis de Heem, and Jan de Heem, went on to become painters. His sons’ works had such similarity with his own works that they were very difficult to discriminate. After his long stay in Antwerp until 1667, Jan went back to Utrecht, for a brief spell of three years. At the time of invasion by French King Louis XIV, he left for Antwerp in 1971 to remain there for the rest of his life. The exact date of his death is still disputed although, he is said to have breathed his last around April 26, 1684.

Finding a High Quality Tattoo For Women the Really Easy Way

Finding a High Quality Tattoo For Women the Really Easy Way

When you’re out and about, looking for a tattoo for women, are you looking through quality artwork? It’s a question that many people have to really think about, because most end up eying nothing but generic, cookie cutter stuff. You can stop this dead in its track, because there’s a quick way to find original, well drawn artwork galleries when you are searching for a tattoo for women.

Nobody wants to sit in their chair and spend hours on end weeding through terrible, generic artwork. This exact thing happens to so many people, though. Do you have any ideas as to “why” this occurs? It’s because most of them are only using one main tool when looking for a tattoo for women. They are using search engines. Nowadays, it’s probably the worst of all the ways to look for galleries. I don’t know when it started, but recently, the lists they provide are stacked with generic laced sites and that’s it. It’s bundles of cookie cutter junk at every turn.

I hate to see this happen to people, because there are so many wonderful, truly original galleries out there. You just need a way to pull them up. The way you do it is quite simple: Stick with forums. Large forums to be exact. It doesn’t make a difference if you love forums or truly despise them. You don’t need to get involved with them. You just need the valuable information that is readily available in the archive section of any large forum you come across. Finding a fantastic tattoo for women is quick and painless if you dive into the archives.

The reason I say to use “large” forums is because the archive section is so massive. You have an option to scan through 100’s of tattoo related topics, whenever you have free time. Skimming through them is going to give you so much inside info and input, including tons of posts that fill your needs. Females from all over the world have talked about their findings of amazing galleries and big websites that post original, high quality artwork. It’s your instant source for getting directly to the sites that have the best artwork when you are trying to find a particular style of tattoo for women. The quality and originality is worth the effort.

Finding an original tattoo for women doesn’t have to be such a struggle any more, because generic artwork can be bypassed.

Texas Holdem Strategy – Pocket Ace King Suited

Texas Holdem Strategy - Pocket Ace King Suited

Assume that you are in a Poker Tournament, and you are sitting at a 10-player table, where seats number 6 and number 7 are the Small Blind and Big Blind respectively.  You are at seat number 8, and you have been dealt an Ace of Diamonds and a King od Diamonds (that is, Ace-King Suited), and it is your turn to bet, with 7 others to follow.  Should you fold your hand, call the 800 chip Big Blind, or raise your bet to some unspecified level?

First of all, you should recognize that Ace-King Suited is a strong hand, but not the very best.  On the depth chart, it is the 3rd ranking hand of the possible 169 hands that you could have been dealt, and statistically provides you with a 68.6 % chance of winning the hand.  So, although this is a very strong hand, we do not suggest that you go All-In at this point, but of course, you should not fold either.  Hence, it would be prudent to respond somewhere in between an All-In and a fold. An Ace-King Suited pocket hand gives you the capability of an Ace-high flush or an Ace-high straight.  Additionally, there is a chance for a top pair, with either your Ace or King, with a very high kicker card, in either case.

So, although the aforementioned scenarios may not materialize, it would be prudent to raise your bet, so that you discourage some of the weaker hands from staying in the game.  If you do not obtain a flush or a straight (the odds are against this happening), you will need to pair up your Ace or King to win the hand.  If you do not hit a flush, straight, or pair, you certainly would not have wanted to blow your entire chip stack; hence, a raise to 1,300 chips seems to be an appropriate calculated move.  If no one betting after you raises, then at least you can see the flop before committing any

additional chips.  However, if you do get raised in this situation, you will be faced with the decision of either having to fold (and lose the 1,300 chips) or calling the raise, which in turn, may jeopardize your chip stack and your tournament chances.

How to Make Cartoons – Important Rules to Follow

How to Make Cartoons - Important Rules to Follow

Before actually making any cartoons it is important to know how to make cartoons. There are many different strategies and skills that are implemented in the process of making cartoons but the important thing to remember is that none of them are better than others. It really depends on the type of cartoon you are trying to make. The look and feel of the cartoon only really needs to benefit the creator and the viewer.

The first thing to consider when making a cartoon is the audience. Who are you making the cartoon for? Usually for every audience there is a particular method and style that works best. If deployed properly you will not only attract an audience but you will ensure yourself a future project. Anyone was has watched a cartoon before always likes to see another. Therefore if you consider your audience right away you can design the cartoon to fit the audience off the bat. That doesn’t necessarily limit your creativeness but allows you to streamline it giving it more direction.

The next thing to consider is what type of style you want to employ in this cartoon. Are you going for something more abstract? Do you want to use characters that are really defined and colored? There are lots of different styles to cartoons. Again none of them are better than the others; they each just meet a certain niche of the industry.

Think about some cartoons that you have seen before. Try to visualize what the characters looked like and how they were drawn. Now switch the drawing styles and ask yourself if the cartoon would still be appropriate? More than likely the styles are too different to cross well. We have begun to visualize a certain style to represent a certain character or show.

As you can see there isn’t really a better way or visual style than others. The important thing to consider when learning how to make cartoons is to think about your particular interest and the interests of your viewers.