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Is There Any Way to Detect AdWare Before it Gets on Your PC?

Is There Any Way to Detect AdWare Before it Gets on Your PC?

Have you ever opened a website and immediately seen half a dozen small windows pop up in front of you about anything from male enhancement to online dating?

These popups are powered by AdWare, small bits and pieces of software that websites will download to your computer through the web browser’s built in data caching – cookies and old files. While most of the time AdWare doesn’t cause any long term damage to your computer, it can severely slow down its performance and get in your way over and over again – blocking your view of the content on the screen.

So, it is no small wonder that many people wonder if there is an effective way to detect and abolish AdWare before it even gets onto their PC. Luckily, there are options out there that can help you.

To start with, users should follow a few simple rules that will mitigate how often AdWare can even become a problem. Certain websites pose larger problems than others and should be avoided at all costs. This includes websites with picture, video, or music downloads of any kind, forums that are not part of a larger, official website, anything related to spam topics like gambling, dating, or pharmaceuticals, and most online dating websites. You’re going to find that the vast majority of AdWare will come from these types of sites – if you avoid them, you cut out the chance of it getting through.

However, for the small percentage of remaining AdWare that can get into your computer, there are options to detect it. Most modern browsers come with some form of AdWare protection, allowing you to see which websites you are about to visit might be high risk. By turning on these features, you can ensure that you get a warning before you enter a site that might cause problems to your computer.

The best way to detect and block AdWare from getting into your computer though is to have a good anti-AdWare software installed that will work whenever the computer is on to detect potential AdWare, and block or delete it before it reaches your computer.

This software will remain on at all times, usually in the taskbar at the bottom right hand of your computer. Whenever you open a website, download a file, or open an email, it will scan the contents of those files and tell you if there is anything to be concerned with. In small cases, it will block unwanted downloads of AdWare files and in more severe cases it will warn you about an infection and quarantine or delete the file much in the same way that anti-Virus software operates.

By combining common sense, a careful eye for high risk websites and a good piece of anti-AdWare software, you can keep your computer safe from any number of unwanted popups, infectious files and annoying AdWare that will slow you down and get in the way.

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You Probably Need to Change Your Password

You Probably Need to Change Your Password

In an article that has Change Your Password as part of the title, it’s fairly clear what I’ll be discussing: that’s right, Change Your Password! It’s a pain, we dislike it, and with all the various forms that you fill out online, sometimes you just can’t remember new passwords every single time! But those are all very very good reasons that each person reading these words should have at least some kind of “tickler” that reminds you to change your password a few times every year.

1. It’s a pain to change your password. If you don’t change your password frequently, the “bad guys” will find it. And can I tell you something straight up, when they get some very personal information from you, they won’t think it’s a pain. At all. So change your password before the bad guys get a chance to hack into your system. (And don’t think they are not trying even as you read this. They are).

2. We dislike changing our passwords Of course we do. That goes right along with it being a pain.We dislike having someone we don’t know remind us that it’s time to “change your password.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say. Sometimes for your own security you need to-repeat after me-change your password.

3. Different forms, different passwords. You can argue all day about the need to keep different passwords to access different online accounts. These accounts range from library to banking accounts to amazon to paypal to ebay. Informational to Financial to pretty much everything in between, people want some information from you. Some may require a short password plus your email account. Others, such as a bank, should require more stronger account and password information. Fortunately, not all passwords or accounts are created equally.

However, there are some really good inexpensive (and free) programs on the market that will help you organize your growing list of passwords so that black hat types can’t find you before it’s time yet again to change your password.

In my next post, I will discuss tools you can use to help you organize your passwords so that when you do change your password, it will all be recorded.

How to Cut Costs Using Print Accounting Software

How to Cut Costs Using Print Accounting Software

If you are a business owner, you are probably always looking for ways to increase business while cutting costs. Print management is one of the easiest ways to do this because it does not directly impact the productivity of your employees or business as a whole. If you print many documents each day, which you undoubtedly do, you might want to consider purchasing print accounting software.

No matter how big or small your company is, you will definitely want to have a way to track how much material is printed and from what printers. Print accounting software will allow you to do just that and so much more. When you utilize such an application, you will be able to monitor exactly what your employees are printing and narrow the print requests down to specific computers and work stations. This will make it much easier for you to find out just how they are using the printers and will give you the opportunity to eliminate unwanted print jobs before they are ever executed.

Print accounting software allows you to track print jobs that are in queue as well as those that have been previously both printed and/or deleted. That way you will be able to go back over your list of print jobs and view those that were printed along with those that were deleted before the action could ever take place.

Jobs that are in waiting are streamlined and moved to a free printer if one is available, or are held until one is free, at which time the job is executed. An automated E-Mail message is sent to the job owner that provides status notification. These software packages can often also be used with a variety of operating systems including: Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac. This software is also often non-brand specific meaning it can be used with a wide range of printer brands and manufacturers. This makes this option a versatile one and means you won’t have to purchase printers to meet certain software specifications.

Print accounting software is easy to configure and use and will afford you true print monitoring capabilities. Now you will be able to eliminate the cost of unwanted print jobs and the use of unnecessary paper and ink. It’s a uniform solution that will help you become more productive while saving you money in the process. It’s also a decision you’ll be happy you made.

Using Print Control Software to Manage Workflow

Using Print Control Software to Manage Workflow

Print control has become an important part of almost any business. Now more than ever business owners are finding it necessary to cut costs by managing the printing that takes place. This does not mean that less material is printed, but rather printing is controlled so that unwanted documents aren’t turned out and materials wasted in the process.

Print control software is now being developed with the business owner in mind. Instead of employing an IT person to monitor the print jobs, the software that is available is not intuitive enough that it can be used by those without an IT background. This has significantly increased the level of productivity because it has opened up a host of options for the business owner. Now the IT person you have employed can spend time taking care of other computer-related tasks and you can monitor the output of all your print jobs.

Print control software is also easy to use, very cost effective and powerful enough to help you solve problems that occur all on your own.

Now you will have no problem controlling the printing of documents, spreadsheets and reports as well as invoices and bills. You can even control how much color is used for your various documents and will be given full monitoring capability for every printer on your specified network.

You will even have the option of backing up your print jobs or deleting them when they have been completed.

Print control software will offer you many robust features you may have never even known you needed and once employed, won’t be able to do without. When utilized, it will allow you to manage the amount of information that is printed from every computer on the specified network as well as obtain information from each computer where each print job was requested. This will not only provide you with a systematic way of monitoring your overall printing, but will also help you significantly cut costs by allowing you to eliminate unwanted print jobs before they are ever executed.

Print control software truly enables you to optimize your printing environment in a way that is now both possible and necessary. You will know what each of your employees are printing and how each printer is used. It will also save you time and money in the long run and allow you to concentrate on other important business-related activities. 

Changing Word Documents To .txt Documents the Easy Way

Changing Word Documents To .txt Documents the Easy Way

There are many reasons why someone might think about changing word documents to .txt documents. Perhaps you need to send the document to someone who does not have word. Maybe, you just need to change it to a .txt document so you can post it on a website. Some people might just prefer not to have any formatting in the document.

There are many times that I want to do something on my computer, such as change a word document to plain text document and I can’t figure out how to do it. This can be so frustrating, because I know that it has to be very simple to do, but for some reason I can’t figure it out! Well I did some research and figured out how to do it.

It is fairly simple to change word documents to a .txt documents. The first thing you need to do is create your document in word. You will want to get all your editing done as well. Once your document is all ready to go you will go ahead and save your document as a word document. This will be helpful if you need to edit the document again.

Your next step is to save the document as a .txt document. This is very easy to do. Simply go to the menu and select save as. Once you are on that screen you will see a drop down box. Click on the arrow so that you can see all of your options. You want to choose plain text. This will save your document as a .txt document.

Sometimes things are just so simple and we make them even more complicated in our minds, because we can’t figure them out. Hopefully this article has helped you figure out how to do what you needed to do!

Statblaster and How to Rid Yourself of It

Statblaster and How to Rid Yourself of It

Statblaster is a well advertised adware that hooks you by promising you real time updates of MLB and streaming statistics for various aspects of the league such as fantasy teams. It is installed without your consent by ISTBar, IEDriver, SaveNow, Keen Value, RapidBlaster and many others or it can install itself.

It is offered by Wild Media and its most common versions connect to the adware’s website and download, and then execute files referenced on that page. Statblaster running causes a number of additional files and programs to be installed on your host system. It attracts you in that it requires no payment and it offers an option of un-installation if you are not happy with the software.

To remove statblaster, you can use the normal method of removing programs which is clicking on the Add or Remove option on your PC’s control panel. Click on the program and click on install and with this, all you have left to do is to delete the statblaster file in the system’s program files. Another method is to remove the adware manually which basically entails deleting related files from the registry editor.

At the end of the day, installing an anti-spyware adware program is the best option because this way, you can even block statblaster from being installed in the first place. If you have it in your computer already, some good anti-spyware adware will find it and remove it automatically. Install an anti-spyware remover and not only will you never be bothered by statblaster again, you will also be protected against other adware and spyware. Please visit

Tips For Managing Your Print Quota

Tips For Managing Your Print Quota

If your business sustains a high number of print jobs, you may want to consider implementing software that will allow you to manage your print quota. Print management software is a simple solution to your printing needs. Now you can effectively keep track of all print jobs in your organization in a way that is streamlined and efficient.

When using print management software, you will be able to see the true number of print jobs sent between each computer and printer in your specified network. You will also be able to track and handle each job before, during and after it occurs. Even those that were deleted before execution may be traced and the information accessed.

Now you can have the ability to track each page that is printed from every computer on your network and know what they contain. When problems arise, as they undoubtedly do, you will also have the ability to troubleshoot these issues in a more efficient way because the problem will be pinpointed back to a specific computer or printer.

Print management software packages contain a variety of useful features that will allow you, the user to specify how you want the entire system to be set up. You can even set print quota for each user on your network or specify the print quota for different groups. The software will also allow you to view users and user groups from local machines or domains.

Print management software will allow you to set limits by specifying what your employees can and can’t print. If you are concerned that printers are being used for personal purposes, you can simply monitor the print jobs to find out.

Print monitoring can save you time and money in ways you may have never considered. Setting print quotas and keeping track of them can also save you money on supplies because not as much paper or ink will be used.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use solution to your printing needs, consider using print management software. No matter how large or small your business actually is, a print management application will have what it takes to suit all your printing needs. Should your business grow, no problem. You will be able to easily add printers and work stations with no problem. Try it and you’ll see what a difference it really makes for your business and level of productivity.

Tips to Help You Select Your Print Management Solution

Tips to Help You Select Your Print Management Solution

If you own a company, you are undoubtedly aware of the many seemingly little costs that add up to one large bill everyday. Printing is among the highest cost and can easily eat up what could be profits. This is, for the most part, due to poor print management and the number of unnecessary documents that are printed on a regular basis. If you find this is occurring, you may want to consider implementing print management software to eliminate this problem and save you a significant amount of money. Below are five tips that will help you choose the right print management package and enable you to begin cutting costs right away.

The first tip is to consider your actual printing cost. Figure out what you are spending per period to print the necessary documents. You can even break it down per week, month and per year. This is also a great way to see just how much you can truly save by implementing such a solution.

Consider what you are providing. If your organization distributes materials, this will be of special importance. If you provide large amounts of material, cutting down on costs and only using necessary supplies will really make a difference.

Keep in mind that your print management solution should allow for flexibility in your organization by adapting to the highs and lows of the overall business cycle. No matter which solution you choose, you will want to make sure you are meeting the needs of both your organization and your customers. That is why you should give careful consideration to the solution you choose. When making your selection, consider the cost as well as the benefits such an application can provide to you and your company. The good news is saving money will in no way diminish the quality of the product you are offering those you serve.

Print management solutions provide many advantages to organizations no matter how large or small. If you are looking for a truly streamlined, standardized and automated process for purchasing, such a solution is right for you. Now you can enjoy the benefits of lower printing costs while saving on materials without any interruption in your day-to-day printing activities. It’s the perfect solution to a problem you may not even realize exists. Just think of how much easier the entire printing process will become with one simple print management solution.

The Advantages of Using CZ Print Management

The Advantages of Using CZ Print Management

Now that computer are used as the main tool for running everyday business operations, it has become necessary to implement printing software that makes it possible to manage and control the various print jobs and quota. CZ Print Management is one such application that controls printing by providing necessary rules and quota management. Small, medium and large companies alike are using this type of software and the results are obvious.

Now by using this application, it is possible for companies to manage print jobs, print logs and quotes and audit the printing. It may be necessary in some cases for the person printing any given document or documents to enter a user name and pin number as pint documents may often be associated with various types of codes or shared numbers.

The print server management feature has added an additional level of security and made it easier to use the printer itself. CZ print management software also supports domain and workgroup network architecture.

Because companies are now using printers to produce all necessary documentation, the number of printers used, ink that is needed to print and number of pages printed per day have added a high level of cost to what has turned out to be an everyday occurrence. The documents must be printed and in many cases, are produced at high volume. This is especially true of companies who print regularly distributed materials. That is where CZ Print Management comes into play.

By utilizing print management software, companies are combining several jobs and allowing them to be controlled by the software while simultaneously cutting down on the cost of actually printing the material.

This allows companies whose profits are generated from the circulated material the opportunity to make even more money and those who are circulating in-house or whose information is distributed for free to save a significant amount of money each year.

By using CZ Print Management, companies will also be able to better control the amount of printing that takes place as well as keep up with it. It helps to create a hassle free environment and promotes overall productivity in a way that is truly uniform and efficient. Its cost saving attributes also make it a great choice. No company is too small to consider using CZ Print Management software. No matter its size, the benefits will remain the same across the board.

Secondary Hardware Sales – IT Solutions on a Budget

Secondary Hardware Sales - IT Solutions on a Budget

During tough economic times many companies cut IT budgets and slash hardware spending. But what if your systems are in need of an upgrade? Can your business continue the level of service to customers and employees? Are you giving your competitors the opportunity they have been seeking to grab clients that have been impacted by hardware issues or failures? How can your company afford new technology when business is slow?

Smart companies are maximizing their return on IT spending by investing in secondary market IT equipment. Used and refurbished IT hardware has become a common expenditure for companies who understand the value that these assets provide. Doing more with less money is the new business standard and the very reason why the secondary hardware market offers such an excellent value for companies looking to expand, replace, or maintain critical IT systems.

Dealing with a reputable technology asset re-marketer offers benefits that you can’t get when buying new. From creative solutions such as rental and lease options to custom designed maintenance plans, these companies provide solutions to technology challenges by offering the best piece of equipment for your particular need. Because they represent multiple manufacturers, there is no pressure to sell equipment that doesn’t make sense for your IT infrastructure. Additionally, a few of these companies offer a lifetime warranty on every product they offer. But the best news; purchasing secondary IT hardware can save you up to 40% over buying new.

What’s the catch?

Doing your homework in selecting the right secondary hardware reseller is the key. Working with an unfamiliar equipment provider can cause anxiety unless you are comfortable with their service offerings. Make sure that they are willing to spend the time to get to know your current IT infrastructure. This will help in understanding your technology asset requirements, both near term and in the future. Also, take the time to understand their equipment warranty. Know what is expected of the provider, as well as of your IT team. Finally, speak with the group about support and repair options for your potential purchase and existing systems. You may find it beneficial to work with a group that provides multi-manufacturer maintenance for critical systems support.

For companies trying to find ways to expand their IT infrastructure during trying economic times, purchasing from an asset re-marketer is the right choice. Between the cost savings, product flexibility and personalized service, IT equipment resellers offer creative solutions that traditional retailers can’t match. In fact, in good times and in bad, finding the right secondary market hardware specialist can help you make the most of your IT budget.