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Declaring Bankruptcy – Not the American Dream

Declaring Bankruptcy - Not the American Dream

Anyone who has ever gone through the emotional pain and stress associated with bankruptcy will tell you that bankruptcy was not something they ‘planned’ or considered to be a part of their future plans.

I remember, as a new mother, taking my six month old son to bankruptcy court with me. My thoughts in the days prior to formalizing our bankruptcy were a combination of self-pity, anger, shame and just plain sad. I felt like the months after a baby’s birth should be spent getting to know the baby. Gazing into his eyes and feeling his little smiles warm my heart. I kept looking in his eyes and thinking ‘This is NOT how I wanted to start my new family!’ or ‘This is NOT the way I wanted his life to begin.’ I couldn’t believe this was happening to ME. Bankruptcy not only gave me a bad credit score but my self esteem also took a pretty large ding.

As a teenager – I remember my diaries being filled with certainty that I was going somewhere. I was going to be financially independent, have my own place, and even be my own boss.

Nowhere in those dreams did I envision what really happened: I went to college, graduated and planned to start my own psychology practice. Instead I got married and helped him start a business. Before we knew it were getting past due notices from suppliers. I made the mistake that many people make. I assumed HE was keeping the books. And in retrospect, I guess he must have assumed that it was ME who was doing that. One thing is clear though: No one was paying attention to the ratio of money coming in vs. money going out.

Many couples make this mistake and you don’t even have to have a company or business of your own to make it. Some people just sort of live in a denial state or block out the fact that they are getting deeper and deeper in the debt hole. They feel frozen and know they need to take action but they stay frozen to the spot.

If you are at that point where you’ve been frozen or you have been pushing the facts aside, it’s like you aren’t sleeping at night (because these things ALWAYS seem to show up when we try to sleep). The best thing for you is not sleep aides or grasping at whatever you see first. Use the Internet as a tool for exploring your options. Don’t focus on ‘panic’ driven information or. Seek factual information and remain objective. If you are thinking of bankruptcy and really don’t want to go there, run a search on the Internet for ‘bankruptcy alternatives’ or ‘bankruptcy solutions.’ Read blogs and forums where people discuss what works. You can find blogs, websites, and forums on everything from avoiding foreclosure for months to negotiating a loan modification by yourself.

You CAN take control.

Participate in constructive discussions (not gripe fests!) with others going through similar situations. Teach yourself to find solutions. Watch out for companies that claim to specialize in whatever misfortune they can make money from. You may eventually hire a professional representative or firm to assist you. When you do, it’s wise to be informed and educated. When you are prepared, you are better able to handle whatever comes your way.

The self confidence you gain from knowing you can handle your life’s concerns is one the biggest gifts you will ever give yourself.

Student Loan Advice – What You Need to Know

Student Loan Advice - What You Need to Know

You should not have to find out the hard way how to get student loans or what types of finance options there are.  Unfortunately many high school graduates do head off to college without thinking about the financial options.  Some students depend on their parents to find the resources, but others do not have that luxury.  Any student heading to college must know the below information.  Parents’ cannot always be there as we head into adulthood.  Lives get complicated and things change quickly.  Therefore, it pays to be prepared.  We have student loan advice to help you prepare for college.

Federal Students loans should be your first option.  FAFSA is the federal student loan program.  Each year you need to fill out the FAFSA form to determine how much a federal loan will pay for.  This is based on what your parents’ income contribution will be as well as the college you attend and degree program you are in.  These student loans provide the lowest interest rate, but they do not always cover your entire college expenses.  Federal student loans are more for the tuition and books.  You may also be able to get funds for on campus student housing.

If the student loan does not cover the entire college costs there are private student loans.  Private student loans can be through the state, a private lender, or any bank.  These student loans offer a higher interest rate. They can also have less than favorable repayment schedules.

Some private institutions require you to make repayments the minute you graduate or to pay interest during your academic studies.  You need to research the private lenders to determine who has the best repayment options and how their deferment plan may work.

The most important tip that can be offered is to do the research on your own.  Student financial aid offices are supposed to be there to help you.  They should tell you the information you need to know, help you get a loan, etc.  Unfortunately research into financial aid offices has shown that some college offices only provide certain student loans.  The lenders may offer the financial aid office incentives in order to get more students signed up.  Several students in the past have found out too late that the loan they took out was not the “best” option as the financial aid offices touted.  Not all offices do this, but you must be aware of it.  This is why researching on your own as well as asking for help is the best thing you can do.

Credit Cards For Small Business Value

Credit Cards For Small Business Value

The real interesting thing about people who are in business is that they always feel that they need a credit card to prove that their business has real value. The reasoning behind that is it is very hard in this day and age to get credit for needed products to maintain your business unless you have a good line of credit. The business card provides your business the credit score you need in order to get a line of credit from all your providers. There are many cases where in small business the owners use their credit to enable them to buy all the supplies that they need in order to operate.

That is one of the main reasons companies like American Express became so popular in the early sixties since they cater to small business owners. You need to be made aware that American Express is not the only company that caters to business owners. Now there are a variety of card companies that offer a credit card just for the owner.

You are now capable of getting credit with all the major companies like Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discovery as a small business owner. You are also able to get credit from your suppliers by just using a line of credit they offer you directly but with the logo from the major credit card companies. The reason is that many suppliers now use these companies to extend credit and this in turn can help your business grow further.

Forex Trading – The 5 Traits ALL Winning Traders Possess

Forex Trading - The 5 Traits ALL Winning Traders Possess

If you want to win at Forex trading then you will need the 5 traits enclosed and if you can acquire them you will be on the road to Forex trading success.

Anyone can learn to trade Forex and most traders don’t lose because they can’t learn a method, they lose because they have the wrong mindset. Below you will find 5 essential traits for Forex trading success.

1. Acceptance of Responsibility

You will never win at trading if you think you can follow others, no else can give you success – your on your own. The bulk of traders however cannot accept this and follow sure fire systems or cheap junk robots and lose. if you don’t like taking responsibility for your actions do something else and don’t trade Forex.

2. Knowing Your Trading Edge

This is linked to your Forex education and simply means – you need to know the basics and have a trading edge that will help you succeed, when 95% of traders lose. It doesn’t mean you have to work hard but you do have to work smart and make sure you avoid the myths and base it on sound logic.

Your trading edge is your key to success and if you don’t know what it is – you don’t have one.

3. Confidence

If you have a trading edge, you have developed yourself; you will have confidence in what you’re doing and know why you are going to win, this will then give you the next key trait which most traders never acquire.

4. Discipline

Discipline is the ability to keep executing your system, through losing periods and sticking with your trading signals. This can be hard, when you take numerous losses and the market wrong foots you.

Most traders get angry and frustrated and either deviate away from their system rules or throw in the towel.

Losing periods can last for weeks and all traders get them, even the best but you must keep going until you hit profits again.

5. Courage

The really best traders also have the courage to bet big on the best trends and hold them; they have the courage to go for trades others don’t and hold them rather than banking early like most losers.

Forex trading is more about mindset than method, you need the right mindset to succeed and the 5 traits above are ones all the great traders possess.

How You Can Get a High Limit Credit Card

How You Can Get a High Limit Credit Card

Most people can receive credit cards – but not everyone can receive a high limit one. Perhaps the cards that you receive are for $5,000 or less, and although these cards might come in handy and are very beneficial to help you build a good credit score, they do not provide as much buying power as higher limit cards. You can work towards receiving a high limit card – but it will take some time to achieve.

Getting Your High Dollar Card

When credit card issuers (which are usually banks) issue you a credit card, your creditworthiness and previous credit performance are big determinants of how much of a credit line will be extended on your behalf. Most of these card issuers have a formula that they use to determine the line of credit that they will offer you – and very few of them go past the bounds that are set or predetermined based on your credit score, income, and ability to repay them for the charges that you incur on your card.

Working Towards Raising Your Limits

To receive higher limits on your next credit card, you must be proactive in your quest. When you apply for your next credit card, search out cards that feature high lines of credit – usually this is advertised in the credit card offer or on the website of the issuer. Many offer credit limits of $25,000 or more. Seeking out higher limit cards is a great way to get one – you have always heard that you will not get something if you do not ask for it – and this holds true with higher lines of credit in most instances.

Once you have submitted your application and been approved for your credit card, you can always contact the issuer if the credit limit is not high enough to meet your needs. Many credit card issuers will significantly raise the credit limit on your cards for you with just a simple phone call and a request from you to do so. This holds true for the credit cards that you might have in your wallet as well. If you have good credit, there is a great chance that you can get your card limits raised substantially.

Multiple Cards Serve Same Purpose

Further, you can always get several cards that each have a $10,000 limit. Many people find that this practice works well enough for making major purchases. Having a number of cards in good standing is also a great way to add points to your credit score that can lead to higher limit cards being offered to you.

You can find the most reputable credit card issuers that offer higher limit cards by doing some comparison shopping online via the Internet. Because online lenders have more capital than local banks, they often offer cardholders higher limits of credit. Further, online lenders face more competition than a local bank would, which makes their rates of approval much, much higher.

Finding Business Credit Cards Online

Finding Business Credit Cards Online

In the economical crisis that we are faced with today it is difficult to suggest one credit card over another. Still there are great deals out there you only need to look for them. The credit companies have started to cut back on giving out the business credit card and even cut back on its present users because of the financial situation that we are faced with in the nation. You as a consumer still need to use your card and make your payments in a timely manner. The economy will bounce back especially with the stimulus packages that our president is offering the American people and the business’s in our country. We will all need to make sure that everything that we do in the line of credit is well handled.

You need to keep your credit score at a high average by making your payments in a timely manner and even paying your credit card in advance whenever it is possible. The best business credit card for 2009 will be exceedingly abundant in offering rewards, cash back bonus, free yearly annual fee’s, and low APR% rates. The business needs new faces and will give good opportunities in order to enlist clients. You should not have any problems in gaining a business credit card if you have a great credit score. You must remember that most credit card companies check not only your business credit score but your personal credit score as well. As long as you do your homework, you should be able to find the right card.

The Secrets Behind Serious Forex Trading Cash Windfall Generation

The Secrets Behind Serious Forex Trading Cash Windfall Generation

In the recent times, foreign exchange trading has become a medium of generating windfall of cash for every serious foreign exchange trader. The process sometimes clearly depends on how much one understands the underlining principles and foreign exchange trading techniques. The experts claim to have all the tricks. Most often, foreign exchange traders find it very difficult to differentiate between indicators, signals and technical analysis proffered as trading solutions by these so-called experts and how potential they are at making them real cash from foreign exchange trading. The pain in the neck often times, had always been the fact that some of these trading solutions by the GURUs do not deliver up to expectations or may not even deliver at all.

Some foreign exchange traders have been able to discover serious ways to generate staggering income with just 1 minute of work a week, even when they have no capital to get started, no experience, and no technical knowledge. But more than that – there are secret methods to creating unstoppable streams of income on command and it’s backed by proven science and math and it’s almost completely hands off.

A number of successful foreign exchange traders, who have unraveled the foreign exchange trading mysteries, live the kind of lifestyle they want and buy anything they want and any time they want it because they have something they fall back on. The reason for this is not far fetched. It remains a valid fact that having the right tools, tricks, secrets, techniques and up till date trading information remains their cutting edge.

You know that feeling you get deep down inside when you have TRULY achieved something? That warmth that radiates in your stomach, the confidence in knowing that your family looks up to you… That is the exact feeling you get when you have a foreign exchange trading system that delivers hundreds and even thousands of dollars daily into you open hands.

Let me share something with you. Fact: The BIG Money Is NOT Made By Working Hard… Now, It’s Made By Not Working At All!

Wait… Wait… I understand that this is very contradicting, but wait and here me out. You will agree with me that nobody on this surface of the earth wants to do hard jobs to live big. Everybody wants to work smartly and that means finding a foreign exchange trading system that can generate $16,620.00 In 3 Days… It’s incredible to make such amount of money with any 30 days paid job. This is the BIG secret that most foreign exchange traders protect dearly with their lives.

There is no need to think that I’m trying to disapprove hard work. I sincerely respect people who work hard. But I most respect people who work smartly… less hard work, more money in the bank account. It is called the dumb way to get rich. Few clicks of the mouse, guaranteed cool cash in a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds.

Foreign exchange trading has completely changed. The money is now with the intelligent, self-adaptive robot, not just the normal, idle robots. Doesn’t that just make sense? The market is changing every day and only robots that are intelligent enough to cope with the changes are the ones which win trades, at the expenses of others…

Foreign exchange trading has helped thousands of people from all over the globe to conquer their financial incapacitation and start creating a better life for themselves… “The Key To Success Is Making Your Dreams Come True… And Foreign exchange Trading Is THE Key” All you need do is discover the very best of the forex trading systems and suck cash out of it.

Do You Want to Pay Off Credit Card Debt As Soon As Possible?

Do You Want to Pay Off Credit Card Debt As Soon As Possible?

Credit card debt is a ruthless economic predator and anyone who uses credit is, unfortunately, its prey, thanks to high interest rates, surprising fees and the ‘free money fallacy’. On the surface, credit cards are seemingly quite useful to have around. Emergencies, ranging from health issues to sudden car trouble, may require an influx of money that you simply don’t have either in your bank account or in your wallet. Too, preplanned purchases such as Christmas gifts or birthday presents can be much easier to acquire with the use of a credit card. However, extensive and irresponsible use of a credit card or cards can result in your debt quickly reaching monumental proportions…so big that you can’t easily pay it down or off.

Payoff Immediately

The best way of eliminating credit card debt is, hands down, never letting it become an issue in the first place. When you purchase on a credit card, try and pay it off in the same payment period, before any interest is accrued. Controlling your debt growth from the get-go is the best way to keep it from spiraling out of control.

Debt Ballooning

However, there are times when such tight control of your debt/payment methods are simply unfeasible or even downright impossible. An expensive emergency, such as a medical problem or, say, car trouble, can add a chunk of weight to your debt, causing it to balloon past the stage where it can be paid off in the same payment period. When this occurs, you have several options for eliminating the debt.

Consider a Budget

First, take an assessment of how much you owe. Calculate interest. How much will your monthly minimum payments increase if you only pay them, no more, no less? Form a budget. How much can you afford to pay in a given payment period? Use the monthly minimums as a guide to your payment scheme. Paying the minimums twice or even three times a month can eat away at your debt quickly and efficiently.

Debt Consolidation

If your total debt burden is spread out over multiple cards, try consolidating your debt onto the card with lowest interest rate. This should make it easier to pay everything off, and should lower the monthly minimum you’re paying.

Set Payment Plan in Motion

Once you’ve got your debt figured out, as well as what minimum you’ll be paying, set your payment plan into motion. Pay the minimum every month, then pay it again. The first payment-the mandatory payment-will clear up your accrued interest for the month. The second payment (as well as the third, if possible) will take a bite out of your overall debt. Remember that, because it is the key to eliminating your credit card debt. The monthly minimum payment always comes out of the interest accrued during the payment period. So paying only it during the month will get you nowhere as far as eliminating your total debt. Multiple payments are the only way to clear your debt before it grows too large to handle.

With careful examination and planning, you can eliminate credit card debt in record time and with little hassle.

What Would You Do If You Needed $1000 by Tomorrow?

What Would You Do If You Needed $1000 by Tomorrow?

What if you woke up one morning and realized you did not have the money to pay your rent? What would you do if you had just one day to come up with the money to pay an unexpected bill? These types of situations are not all that uncommon. Unexpected things happen. That is just life.

The question is how do you handle these unexpected situations? If you really found yourself in a tough spot, what would you do?

Well, let me tell you what I would do. I would first sit down and have a brainstorming session. I would write down topics or subjects that I could quickly put together a short report on. Why a short report? Because short reports sell like crazy online. People are always looking for solutions to their problems.

The best way to give them a solution to their problem is in the form of an instantly downloadable short report. Ok, back to the brainstorming. What you are trying to do is come up with a topic that solves a problem. It can be anything from showing people how to drop 10ibs in a week to showing someone how to communicate better with their husband or wife.

You have a lot of knowledge in your head. You should be able to easily come up with a topic to write about. Do not underestimate the knowledge you already have. It can be worth billions. Trust me, there is something that you know or have learned through lifes’ journey that someone else can benefit from.

If you still have a hard time coming up with a topic, just go to Google and do a little research. If you are in a serious bind, like you need the money in 24 hours, you will need to put together this short report ASAP. You need to get it out there as quickly as possible so you can start making sales.

Put together a simple sales letter and create your site using a free service such as Weebly. I know this may seem like it is a lot of work. And truthfully, it can be. But if you seriously need this money you need to eliminate all excuses and get to work.

Applying For Online Personal Loans

Applying For Online Personal Loans

Are you in a financial crisis and looking for a loan that is issued in time and that can be taken out without much hassles? If yes, online personal loans are what would suit you best. These money provisions are not only beneficial, but are also easily available. Unlike other loans, they do not involve the annoying and time-consuming paperwork. Instead, they can be acquired by simply filling an online loan application provided by the Online Loan Officers. This application form will require you to provide some basic details, such as the purpose of borrowing funds, amount required, residential address, and the duration for repayment. As the application, once submitted, can be readily accessed, the loan gets approved in time, without causing any unnecessary delays.

Online Personal loans are of two types: Secured and Unsecured. A secured loan is provided against a suitable collateral security, such as the home or any other valuable asset of the borrower. Its main advantages include low interest rates and longer repayment duration. In some cases, the maturation period can be extended to as long as 30 years, depending upon the borrowers credit history, his collateral security, and the amount borrowed. An unsecured loan, on the other hand, does not require any collateral. However, it charges high interest rates and offers a comparatively shorter repaying duration. These loans can be approved for a maximum of 15 years.

The best thing about an online personal loan is that it can be taken out even if you have a poor credit score. In order to apply for it, all you need to do is form a repayment plan and send it to your lender. In such a case, make sure the borrowed amount is not more than what you can afford.

However, before applying for a personal loan online, it is advisable to do a little research. Gather the rate quotes from different lenders, compare and contrast them, and choose the lender offering the lowest interest rate. As the entire process is carried out online, it is also wise to go through all the terms and conditions thoroughly, read between the lines, and exercise little caution while finalizing a deal.