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WoW Survival Hunter – The Importance of the Hunter Survival Talent Build

WoW Survival Hunter - The Importance of the Hunter Survival Talent Build

The hunter class in World of Warcraft has some great abilities and some not so great ones, and this difficulty in knowing what’s best leads many players to adopt someone else’s build instead of tailoring something to their own play styles.

Here we’ll talk a bit about the basics of the Survival tree.

o Improved Tracking is a solid base level talent that will add a decent amount of damage to your ranged attack, five percent damage when it’s maxed.

o Hawk Eye, another solid base level talent because it will increase your ranged weapon range by six yards when it’s maxed. This means that you will out-range any other class in Battlegrounds and will allow you to avoid a lot of AoE in raids and such.

o Surefooted will reduce the duration of any movement impairing effects by up to thirty percent when maxed. This is a great ability to have both in raids as well as BGs.

o Entrapment and Improved Wing Clip are to be considered only if you PvP a lot.

o Survival Instincts is a must-have talent because the four percent of prevented damage can add up, especially in PvP, and the extra four percent to your crit chance for your important shot abilities cannot be passed up.

o Survivalist and Deflection are talents that you must have in order to compete in PvP.

o Scatter shot is a must-have regardless if you PvP or PvE, it will be useful because it interrupts spell casting.

o Survival Tactics, is recommended to both PvP and PvE hunters.

If you don’t want to waste your valuable play time and money, be it real or in-game money, trying out guides and builds that may not work then you should…

Druid Leveling Guide – The Fastest Way to Level Your Druid

Druid Leveling Guide - The Fastest Way to Level Your Druid

If you’re looking for a druid leveling guide, then this article was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the best talent spec for leveling, what some of the best professions are for leveling quickly, and the “fastest” possible way to get from 1 to 80. By the time you have finished reading this article, you’ll know the quickest ways to level your druid in World of Warcraft.

Let’s start by talking about the best talent specs to choose. While it’s possible to level as Balance or Resto, most players agree that Feral is the fastest way to kill mobs and complete quests. You don’t need to stop to regenerate mana, you can heal yourself when needed, and you can also solo harder quests in Bear Form. The passive speed increase of Cat Form can also help you get around quicker until you get your first mount.

Now let’s talk about some of the best professions you can pick up on your journey to level 80. One of the best is Skinning. This is very easy to do after killing a skinnable mob, and it can make you a lot of gold by selling your gathered materials – or combining it with the leatherworking profession.

Some of the other gathering professions like mining and herbalism can also be useful, but it may slow you down if you want to level quickly – because it will take time to find the various nodes.

Finally, let’s talk about the fastest way to level your druid quickly. It’s a good idea to use an in-game leveling guide, which will show you where to go and what to do for each quest – so you don’t have to waste your time working out what you’re meant to be doing. There are some useful free guides, but most players agree that the paid-for ones are much more efficient and up-to-date.

These guides show you the “optimal” leveling path, which means you can level from 1-80 in as little as 7 days – even if it’s your very first character.

Online Games – A Fun Free Way to Escape From Everyday Stress

Online Games - A Fun Free Way to Escape From Everyday Stress

 Video games are widely known as an excellent source of entertainment, and are, according to some, better than watching TV because of their interactivity. What a lot of people can’t understand is that they can be good for those who play them.

 When you are playing online free games at least you’re not watching the boring television channels. You are having some real fun, enjoying some tough victories and maybe sulking over a silly defeat. It is your complete privacy. Free online games are now a passion for every adult and child. It acts as a stress reliever, a welcoming break from a hard day on the job or monotonous studies. Adults can take a break at work and children can be at home and not watching television or dancing to blaring high volume music. Parent’s can be very happy about that. So online gaming is a plus for every one involved.

 Thanks to the high speed internet connection today online gaming has become fun and exciting. Today no longer having to wait for long load up times and slow action. And, if you are now wondering about the effect of such games on your pocket, I have some good news for you. These games are mostly free. With high speed internet you come across several websites that can provide you with an exhaustive list of free games.

 Games are wonderful sources of entertainment that come in all kinds of forms. They provide a unique, interactive, and complex activity, at low cost and zero risk. Their design, script writing, and programming are becoming college majors. Games are even better than TV in some ways. With all these free online games out there it will truly make you realize that gaming is indeed real fun. All you need to do is just click on your favorite game and start playing!

Burn Xbox Games – Did You Know That You Can Burn and Back Up Your Xbox Games?

Burn Xbox Games - Did You Know That You Can Burn and Back Up Your Xbox Games?

I am quite sure that after one of your favorite 360 games was scratched or destroyed beyond repair that you asked yourself or someone else is it possible to burn Xbox games. The good news is that yes you can burn a copy of your 360 games for back up purposes.

In the past many gamers had to take apart their systems and modify them to be able to make copies of their original games. I don’t know about you but I do not want to take my system apart, I just want to be able to make backups of my games in case they are damaged and thanks to game copying software I can do just that.

By having this type of software in my gaming arsenal, I never have to worry about my games getting damaged beyond repair because I always burn a copy of my original game. And I am sure that you know how expensive video games are, if you back them up you will not have to go and pay for your favorite game twice if it gets damaged because you will have made yourself a backup copy.

Not only will this software copy 360 games, but it will also burn games from other gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, PSP, Game Boy and even PC games. So if you want to back up games for any of those system you can just as well.

After you have installed the game copying software on your computer, you will be making exact copies of your original game in minutes. The process is the same as burning a DVD or CD the only difference is the software that is used. Now that you know that it is possible to burn Xbox games, you can start backing them up and protect your video game investments.

World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogues are an odd class in World of Warcraft. You either love to play them or hate to play them. They are the bane of PvP and dueling because they can do so many things that make them hard to handle. I am sure that if you enjoy the battlegrounds you have been “rogued” in the past. It can be very frustrating.

The Rogue is a melee class that depends on agility to avoid blows rather than take them head on. Smart rogues keep a sharp eye on agro meters because they understand that in the end game if you draw the attention of a boss you will most likely be killed before you can vanish or before your healer’s spell goes off.

The biggest key to leveling a Rogue is building a solid understanding of the class.

1.) You are NOT a tank!

You must realize from the very beginning that you are not designed to take a mob head on. That kind of tactic is fine at lower levels where your massive DPS output can kill the opponent before they can do enough damage to kill you, but when you start getting up into the higher levels you simply cannot do this because mobs simply hit too hard.

2.) Keep an Eye on Agro Meters

Killing a boss is not a “who can do the most damage” contest. Well OK it is in a way, but if you want to live to tell the story of how you did so much damage you need to keep your eye on those agro meters to ensure that you are NOT on the top of the list.

3.) The best defense is to not be there when the blow arrives.

As a rogue you should be concentrating on building your agility. Agility translates into higher dodge ability. Higher dodge ability means less chance of being hit.

4.) Maximize your equipment

To ensure that your damage output is always near the top of the list you need to make sure that you have the best equipment that you can afford. This point does not pertain just to rogues but to all classes.

As a rogue you need to concentrate on equipment that gives you Agility, Attack Power, Critical Strike, and Haste. Other attributes contribute but agility is the most important of the base scores for a rogue. Be selective about your equipment.

5.) Lockdown

No we are not talking about a prison. When you are soloing you should use your abilities to lockdown the opponent. In a situation where you need to fight 2 opponents use your sap ability to remove one from the fight right away. This puts you in a one on one situation. Then use your gouge and other abilities to lock down the current opponent so you can dispatch them with little trouble. You can then engage the second and use the same tactics.

When you are leveling as a Rogue, remember you are not a tank, in groups keep an eye on the agro meter, keep your agility as high as you can, maximize your equipment and learn to lockdown your opponents. If you master these simple steps then your leveling should be much easier.

The Secret to Level Up WoW Characters is in the Guide

The Secret to Level Up WoW Characters is in the Guide

So the secret is out. If you want to level up WoW characters with efficiency, saving you time and money, you have to follow a guide. Guides have lead humans along so that we do not have to recreate the wheel EVERY time.   


If you do not believe me, think about this. As we have evolved as humans, in order to spend time innovating and not recreating the wheel every time, we’ve learned to follow documentation. Auto makers document everything down to the nuts and bolts that are required to make each new model car they come up with. Your work or office probably has documentation about the policies there. Cave men documented the kind of animals that they had around. Think about all the online map services that let you print out the fastest route to your destination… Without the ability to see and follow guides, we would not make much progress in the world. Why not apply this same outlook to your gaming experience?    


You want to enjoy the end game content don’t you? Without being able to spend 8-10 hours a day grinding away, that may never happen. People have jobs, families, etc, and do not have the kind of time needed to casually grind their way to max level just by going with the flow.    


Now I have checked out some of the guides offered for World of Warcraft, and honestly most of them are garbage. They are nothing more than a few pages giving out content, but not necessarily useful information. There are however some guides that have exactly what you need.    


These guides offer step-by-step instructions, with pictures and information about the areas, in game pointers and reminders, all to help you level up the fastest. With these kind of guides, you get the information you need. Someone has already taken the time to map out the exact quests you should be doing at every level, for both Horde and Alliance. All you have to do is follow them during your grind and you will see results instantly.    


I don’t know what I would have done before starting to follow guides, I probably would have quit playing because I was getting frustrated by not being able to get max level. Now I level up WoW characters for fun, helping my friends out so that we can all share in the end game content together.  It’s never been easier.

Priest Leveling Guide – The Fastest Way to Level a Priest in WoW

Priest Leveling Guide - The Fastest Way to Level a Priest in WoW

If you want to know the fastest way to level a priest in World of Warcraft, then this article was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the best leveling specs, whether you should level as holy, and whether you should level as discipline. By the time you have finished reading this article, you’ll know much more about leveling a priest quickly.

Let’s start by talking about the Shadow talent tree. This is by far the best spec for leveling if you’re playing on your own most of the time. While it can be tricky to stay alive at lower levels, a shadow priest soon learns to put out a high amount of damage and can kill mobs with ease.

What are the best talents to pick up? You can’t really go wrong if you put all your points into the shadow tree. But at lower levels make sure to pick up Spirit Tap and Mind Flay as soon as possible. Later on, the Shadow Form talent makes leveling a breeze.

Now let’s talk about leveling as Holy spec. While your damage output will be significantly lower, it can still be viable to level as Holy – simply because you’ll be constantly invited to heal instances! This can be a fun way to level, even if it’s a little slower. You also have the added benefit of improving your gear easily from high level instance drops and bosses. There are still some good Holy DPS skills like Smite and Holy Fire which can help you to solo quests.

To summarize, this article has shown you how the Shadow talent spec can help you to level your priest quickly in WoW.

Getting Free Gold on Warcraft – The 3 Steps For Mastering the WOW Economy

Getting Free Gold on Warcraft - The 3 Steps For Mastering the WOW Economy

The Warcraft economy is based on the auction house. Getting to the point that you will have the knowledge you need, and the understanding of how the market work – is not hard! But it will take time and some experimenting. After you get to that point you could practically make all the gold you want to, at the time that is convenient to you.

You can start making gold with profession, questing, farming and so on, but you will always need the auction house to make a bundle of gold to upholster your bank safe.   You can make items to sell with your profession, but where you sell the items at?   You can quest or farm for hours but what you do with all the items you collect? Sell them to a vendor? You can make three to ten times the vendor price with the auction house.  

Auction House is the key!   But, how do you do it?  

First step:

  1. Build your wealth with questing. Combine it with the gathering profession to bust your gold making ability.
  2. Don’t start farming at low levels for gold, your gold making ability will explode as you level up.
  3. When you have 20 to 50 gold step one is over.

Second step:

  1. Hit the auction house, bid on all the low price items, and buyout everything that is price 15% or less. You will be surprised how many deals you can get.
  2. You will want to do it for items that do not have sell fees, or with very low sell fees. At least until you know what sell and what do not.
  3. Resell the items for 50-80% (bid-buyout) of market price, this will make you a quick profit so you can bid on more items and on higher price ones.
  4. Continue to do that until you have mastered this step, have more than 1000 gold in the bank. Get your bid and buyout to the market price, at this point you can buy at 50-75%.

Third step:

  1. Start buying and reserved stocks of items (particularly mats) in your inventory.
  2. Buy all the items in the auction house, leaving only very high price in it. This will make the price skyrocket as you make the demand for it.
  3. Fix new price for the item and continue to support that price.
  4. After you sell your inventory, leave the market. If you support the market for a few days many players will try to benefit the high price and go farm for it.
  5. This will make the supply higher than the demand, the price will drop.
  6. Start to purchase the item again, when the market will calm down you can sell it for market price or start the third step again.

Warning – first and second steps are easy, there is a lot of risk in the third step. You can lose it all. If you master the first and second steps you can always start again. If you master the third one you can make as much gold as you want.