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Ideal Cholesterol Levels – How to Maintain a Healthy Cholesterol Level and Lower the LDL?

Ideal Cholesterol Levels - How to Maintain a Healthy Cholesterol Level and Lower the LDL?

Ideal Cholesterol levels are extremely beneficial for maintaining a disease free body. In order to prevent heart diseases and diabetes, we should keep the percentage of LDL lower than HDL. LDL or bad cholesterol can cause damage to your body while HDL or good cholesterol promotes good health.

How To Maintain A Healthy Cholesterol Level And Lower The LDL?

. There are various ways to maintain cholesterol level and lower LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). Cardio workouts, balanced diet, Yoga and meditation can be the best ways to lead a healthy life.

. Exercising regularly encourages metabolism in our body. It not only helps your body to lose weight but also reduces LDL. By performing cardio workouts such as running, swimming, brisk walking or aerobics, our body can reach ideal cholesterol levels. Drinking sufficient water is the main requisite during the entire process. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily.

. There are foods, which can easily lower the LDL. You should consume fishes. They are considered to be the greatest source of omega3 fatty acids. They can easily lower LDL levels and increase good cholesterol levels. In order to discard heart diseases, it is always advisable to eat high soluble fibers. You should consume lots of green colored vegetable, fruits and cereals to reduce LDL.

. After food and cardio workouts and yoga can be a revitalizing alternative option to reduce LDL. Yoga postures can help your body to gain more good cholesterol. They can be performed from the comforts of your home. You can also do meditation for at least 20 minutes daily to transform your life. A healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain ideal cholesterol levels.

Tips For Straightening Curly Bangs

Tips For Straightening Curly Bangs

Though curly locks look great, at times they become a hassle. Managing curly hair takes time if you want to wear it straight hair. Within this guide, we will discover the secrets for making your curly bangs straight.

Choose the correct shampoo for best results. You must start applying a fortifying shampoo if you really want to straighten your curly hair. Your hair will be stronger using this product. The rough sections are filled in and and smoothed during the process of strengthening – the hair is made healthier and curl is controlled. (Also, it is a good option for people who blow dry or straighten their hair every morning). There are shampoos available that are made specifically for people with curly hair. Try a product that claims to make curly hair more manageable. Avoid the types that increase curling, or you will have a worse problem! You must always use curl-taming shampoo on your hair to get the best results. Begin your regular hair routine with the suitable shampoo and it will be easier to try and straighten your curly bangs.

Move the rest of your hair away from the area. Finish the rest of your hair styling first, if you’re trying to uncurl your bangs.} Isolate the bangs by using hair clips, hairpins, or an elastic band; this lets you style the bangs without anything else getting in the way.

Try a product which will straighten your hair. By using straightening products you can enhance the chance of removing the curl of your hair.

Before styling, balm can be applied to tone down curls in the hair and to prevent them from reappearing. Straighter bangs can be had by using this in conjunction with a flat iron or a straightening iron.

A straightening iron can be used. This is the easiest way to straighten curly bangs.

Pay special attention to the bangs, once your hair is elsewhere dry. The iron should be dragged along the dry bangs in the direction intended. (If they are not let to hang down straight). It’s not a good idea to apply an iron when your hair is still wet. Keep the iron near the scalp, but take care to avoid getting too close, as this can burn hair. If you do it quickly you won’t have to be concerned about burning your bangs. The iron can work most efficiently if you divide your hair into smaller sections. This will allow you to tame your curly bangs in minutes with the right straightener.

Are You a Healthy Caregiver?

Are You a Healthy Caregiver?

Through intense caregiving experiences with my mother-in-law who died of cancer, and now with my father-in-law, I’ve learned that although caregiving brings much joy, it can also take a toll on the caregiver’s health. As caregivers, we are naturally worried about and focused on taking care of our loved one. Sometimes our devotion to that causes us to stop taking care of our own basic needs.

Caregivers typically don’t get enough sleep. They don’t eat well. They don’t get any consistent exercise. They don’t spend as much time as they used to on personal care, and grooming (which can feed into negative self-esteem issues). Also, many caregivers don’t do anything on a regular basis to manage the added stress in their lives.

And there’s more:

Caregivers generally don’t go to their doctors for regular check-ups and screenings, even if they are experiencing health problems. Common sense tells us that to have the energy we need to care for others, we must take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, in the midst of a caregiving situation, that concept is much easier said than done.

Here’s a checkist for some basic self-care for caregivers:

—Make sure your immunizations are up to date

—Get your flu shot once a year (if you have questions or concerns ask your doctor)

—Take a daily multi-vitamin (ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about which formula would be best for you)

—Get a pneumonia vaccine

—Get a tetanus booster every ten years

—Get a yearly physical

—Get the recommended cancer screenings based on your age and family history

—Tell your doctor that you are a caregiver – this is so important. Saying this buzzword at the outset should send a strong message to your doctor, telling him or her to look at you in a different way. Saying that you’re a caregiver will alert your doctor that you are dealing with higher than normal levels of stress, and that you need some extra care and attention. If you don’t sense that is happening…get a new doctor!

—Tell your doctor if you’re feeling depressed or nervous (a lot of caregivers are and might not even realize it), mention any sleeping or eating problems, or feelings of sadness, helplessness or hopelessness that don’t go away. Caregivers are twice as likely to develop depression. New therapies and medicines have made depression easier to treat. Don’t be afraid of a diagnosis. Get help.

Following these guidelines will put you on a path to a healthier caregiving lifestyle.

Power 90 Fitness Program – Truth About Beachbodys Power 90 Infomercial Revealed!

Power 90 Fitness Program - Truth About Beachbody's Power 90 Infomercial Revealed!

Power 90 fitness program has been specially designed by Tony Horton which can help an individual to attain a well toned body. It is also known as P90X exercises that can be performed from the comforts of your home. This fitness program also includes a nutrition guide and a calendar. In order to lose weight and attain a beach body, investing in this plan is not a bad idea.

. The process of losing weight becomes extremely entertaining with this program. Tony Horton’s sense of humor and nice music is the soul of Power 90 Fitness program. These factors would not only help your body to shed those extra fats but would also make you happy by a well-toned body.

. Its unique technique of burning calories further makes this plan class apart. You can perform these workouts with a set of dumbbells only.

Truth About Beachbody’s Power 90 Infomercial Revealed

. It is a fact that many websites and increasing traffic in the online media often creates confusions among the customers and they fail to judge a product from its reviews. In order to avoid all these confusions, one should focus on infomercials as they are based on impartial customer reviews.

. According to most of its users, this program is completely beneficial. Power 90 Fitness program is effective and satisfies all its claims easily. The best thing about the program is its flexibility. You can eat your favorite foods while losing weight.

. The music is also motivating and during the entire process Tony Horton always keeps you motivated. You will never feel bored during this plan. You are definitely making a positive change in your life by investing in this program.

. The calorie burning and toning seems to be higher in this plan. The process focuses on all your body parts. This plan basically works to offer lean bodies that will make you look even more fit and healthy.

What is Milk Thistle?

What is Milk Thistle?

The question of what is milk thistle is becoming increasingly popular these days and although it is one of the most studied herbs, we are only just becoming aware of its powers.

This wonder herb was used by the Romans and the Greeks for medicinal purposes and has now been shown to be the most effective natural liver protector ever discovered. Its main active ingredient, silymarin, is responsible for its healing properties.

It comes from the sunflower family and was brought from Europe to North America by the early settlers and grows wild along the East coast and in California. The shiny black seed are collected at the end of summer for their potent healing properties.

What is milk thistle specifically good for? It’s all about the liver. It helps to fortify this important organ. The liver process nutrients and neutralizes or detoxifies chemicals toxins, drugs and alcohol. This herb strengthens the liver and also acts like a gatekeeper by limiting the amount of toxins to be processed at any one time.

It can be used where excessive alcohol damage is done as it can help promote the creation of new liver cells, such as in the case of cirrhosis. It is even given in the emergency room in the form of an injection to combat the deadly effects of poisonous mushrooms!

Milk thistle is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals which damage healthy cells and cause premature aging. It is even more potent than vitamin C and E!

When choosing this herb as a supplement, it is best taken in a quality nutritional supplement where you can benefit from all the other nutrients too. Make sure it is produced from a standardized extract of 85% silymarin to gain the maximum benefits, as many on the market contain less and will be cheating you out of its impact.

To wrap up I hope this has helped to answer the question of what is milk thistle, and that you can see the amazing benefits of including this super herb in your daily routine.

Cure For Hemorrhoids – What Are the Best Treatments Available?

Cure For Hemorrhoids - What Are the Best Treatments Available?

Hemorrhoids can be a real pain in the backside – excuse the pun. Ever wish you could get rid of them forever and know that forever means forever?

There are many different ways that you can treat the symptoms and prevent them recurring too often, and this article will try to cover the different remedies and their effects, then direct you where necessary to alternative treatments that are available so hopefully you can get your wish.

Piles, Hemorrhoids. Whatever you wish to call them, they are one of the most uncomfortable experiences that any of us will have to face. They can be caused from numerous different things, straining when in the bathroom due to constipation, pregnancy, bad diet…just to begin. There are various different degrees but by and large the treatments are exactly the same, as is the discomfort so for the benefit of providing you with the widest scope of solutions I feel it is fine to generalize.

It can be very embarrassing going to your Doctor with this complaint, despite the unbelievable amount of times your Doctor would have heard it. Thankfully some of the piles remedies are available from you chemist and over the counter so i will provide specific names that you can use that will hopefully save some embarrassment for you.

So what are the treatments and preventative measures?

Creams – There are hemorrhoid treatment creams that can be applied to the area that sooth the discomfort and give temporary relief to the symptoms but will not cure the problem unfortunately. Some of the names of these creams are; Anusol, Proctosedyl (sopository), Anodesyn, Germaloids.

Diets – Eating a fiber rich diet and help with stool movements and really prevent returning problems. Cereals with bran and fruit are a great place to begin and end your day for this. When symptoms of hemorrhoids are present, try eating as much fruit as possible. This will make a big difference when passing. Drinking chamomile tea everyday is also said to be a good piles remedy.

Banding – One of the hemorrhoid cures available through your Doctor. Not always guaranteed to stop the symptoms returning but one of the most widely used hemorrhoids treatments. Can also be very painful.

Laser – Cauterizes the damaged area. again can be painful afterward.

There are also literature available on many natural and alternative treatments that are said to be the most effective way of treating the problems. Particularly as many of the above treatments require a lot of embarrassment and visits to and from the doctor and hospital or chemist, without any guarantee of success.

And like everybody else I’m sure you would like to know the least embarrassing and most effective ways of getting a cure for hemorrhoids. right?! I know as a sufferer I want to know everything available.

Get a Sensitive Skin Care Treatment

Get a Sensitive Skin Care Treatment

Even though there is a wide range of skin care treatments, it is not simple to choose the right treatment for our skin type. Some products claim to be for oily skin or dry skin but few actually address the problem of sensitivity.

The main problem with most skin care products is that even though they claim to be highly effective, they still contain chemical additives, irritants, preservatives, added fragrances, toxins and allergens that are obviously unhealthy for not just for sensitive skin but for any type of skin.

Those products will cause irritation, inflammation, wrinkles and other secondary skin problems that you didnt have. So you have to avoid common products and creams from popular cosmetic companies.

Instead what you should look for natural creams made of organic ingredients, those are the only products suitable for everyone. Read the labels of the product and make sure that it does not contain any type of chemicals, fragrances or alcohol.

Recommended Steps

So the best you can do is to avoid smoke, cosmetic chemicals, pollution, alcohol, etc. and use a good natural cream that will keep your skin hydrated, protect it from free radicals and increase your collagen and elastin levels.

I have found that some of the best anti aging natural ingredients are CynergyTk, Wakame Kelp and Coenzyme Q10. A company from New Zealand called creates those creams with only natural ingredients and have been proven to do wonders in your facial skin.

Is not easy to find a good brand,  in the U.S there are strict regulations about what ingredients are used in topical products, instead in Europe it is very regulated and no hard substances can be used in their products.

Whats the Best Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction? Heres the Answer

What's the Best Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction? Here's the Answer

The answer is there is no right answer. With the advent of a more open society all the things that used to be taboo don’t seem to be anymore. For instance, we are seeing on television, ads for Erectile Dysfunction. As a person who’s been involved with men’s health for years, I will attempt to explain the various treatments for Impotence otherwise known as Erectile Dysfunction. We will discuss those in this article.

There really isn’t a cure for erectile dysfunction, at best there are really only three treatments.The first treatment is “penile implants”. Even though there have been great strides made in this area we still have a long way to go. The satisfaction rate with these various products is less than 50%. I think most men think in terms of surgery being a last resort and having surgery on a part of the male anatomy as an adult is frightening. The recovery rate and the high incidence of infection puts this as a last resort.

The second treatment is “drugs”. In this category are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs have been on the market for the last 10 years. The acceptance of these drugs and the effectiveness has been quite high. However, the side effects are concerning and the long term effects are unknown. Your doctor should be able to te3ll you if this is the correct treatment for you.

The third treatment is “vacuum therapy”. Vacuum therapy, sometimes referred to as a vacuum erection device or (ved) is probably the safest and most cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction today. In fact it is the only treatment that is approved by Medicare. It is also FDA approved and nearly a 100% effectiveness rate.

Every individual is different and responds differently to the various treatments. As always you should rely on the advice of your doctor to determine which treatment is best for you.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark

White Willow is a tree that is indigenous to central and southern Europe. Willows are now found in temperate wetlands and humid environments throughout the world. They can grow up to 80 feet, have long, narrow, blue-green matte leaves, and rough, grayish bark. The male flowers are yellow, while the female flowers are green. This tree’s name originated from the appearance of the leaves, which are covered with fine white hairs.

The bark of the white willow has been used medicinally since at least 500 B.C. The ancient Romans considered the bark good for fighting fevers. Medical records from the ancient Sumerians, Assyrians, and Egyptians discuss the use of willow in treating inflammatory rheumatic pain. Hippocrates recommended chewing on willow bark to increase the flow of urine. And at least 15 Native American tribes used various parts of the willow tree for pain relief.

In the late 1750s, Edmund Stone, a minister in Oxfordshire, England, found that fevers were common in the same low, swampy, moist areas where willow trees grew. As was popular belief at that time, Stone felt that the plants that grew in areas where a particular disease or illness was prevalent had the ability to cure that same illness. Stone went to work testing this theory by giving the dried, powdered bark of the white willow to those suffering from symptoms such as fever and chills. In 1763, after more than a decade of study, Stone wrote a letter to the president of the Royal Society stating that white willow bark was an effective treatment for fevers.

In the late 1820s, European chemists first isolated salicin from white willow bark. They believed this to be the active ingredient. In 1832, the French chemist Charles Gergardt created salicylic acid from salicin. However, the process was difficult and time-consuming. Gergardt decided the process was not worth the effort and put the project aside.

In 1897, the German chemist Felix Hoffmann was searching for a way to relieve his father’s arthritis pain. He studied Gerdhardt’s experiments and, from Gergardt’s salicylic acid, eventually produced a stable form of acetylsalicylic acid. This would soon come to be known as aspirin.

The Bayer Company worked with acetylsalicylic acid, and, in 1899, distributed the first Bayer Aspirin powder to physicians to give to their patients. Stamped tablets soon replaced the powders in order to prevent contamination of the product.

White willow bark is naturally buffered and acts gently, working along with its other chemical components. Unlike aspirin, white willow bark does not normally upset or irritate the stomach. This is likely because white willow contains tannins, which help to reduce inflammation in the digestive system. White willow bark also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fever, and mild analgesic properties. As a preventative for heart attacks, white willow bark is believed to work in the same way as aspirin.

In Europe, white willow bark is commonly used for conditions that those in the U.S. use aspirin or acetaminophen to treat. German Commission E, which is the group of experts that advise the German government about herbs, endorses white willow bark as an effective pain reliever for conditions such as headaches and arthritis. Commission E authorizes the use of white willow bark for any disorder that would be treated by willow’s pharmaceutical derivative, aspirin.

A German study on the effectiveness of white willow bark in treating people with osteoarthritis found that the white willow bark patients’ pain scores were reduced by 14 percent, compared to just 2 percent in the placebo group.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine compared salicin use against a placebo in a group of patients with lower back pain. At the end of the fourth week, researchers found that 39 percent of the group taking 240 mg of salicin was pain-free for at least 5 days, compared to 21 percent of the group taking 120 mg of salicin, and 6 percent of the placebo group.

Anyone who is allergic or sensitive to aspirin should not use white willow bark unless instructed to do so by his or her physician.

White willow bark, as well as aspirin, should not be given to children with viral infections, due to the risk of developing Reye’s syndrome.

How to Stop Stammering

How to Stop Stammering

If you want to put an end to your stammering on your own, not having to rely on pathologists and professional therapists to help you, there are only two things you need to remember. First of all, your perceptions, attitude and feelings regarding your stutter. Second, you must change your behavior connected to the stammer.

To change those perceptions, attitudes and feelings, you have to do something to lessen, or even remove, your fear of speaking in front of others, of the mingling in social life, and of making yourself look like a fool. In other words, you must overcome your urge to avoid situations where someone might expect you to speak, whether as a guest speaker or as part of a group.

As a matter of fact, you need to make a real effort, as often as you can, to speak out. To stop stammering, more often than not practice is a great way. As an example, use one of your daily activities like coffee break at work, as an opportunity to practice your speech patterns.

Even a small thing like asking a complete stranger for directions can be a way to ease your anxiety and fear  of speaking to others. And by having enough self-love and a grown self-confidence will definitely take you a long way towards recovery!

The abnormal behaviors that are connected to your stammering takes more effort to change, but it’s very effective in self-therapy. You have to be familiar to the primary and secondary behaviors that occurs every time you stammer.

These are behaviors that includes prolongations, repetitions and blocks (primary) and also loss of eye contact, jerking with the head, and the use of filler words, such as “ah” and “you know” (secondary). These are behaviors that you need to take control over.

Let me give an example. To stop stammering while you talk to a superior, try and gather your thoughts before you speak. Maintain eye contact and speak slowly and clearly. And pay attention to your speech patterns, especially the use of filler words. 

In fact, the road down to stop stammering can be reduced to two things: changing your mental attitude and taking control over your physical behavior. In time, you will find that your speech patterns will be normal.