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Audio Product Creation – Discover Secrets to Explode Your Audio Product Creation

Audio Product Creation - Discover Secrets to Explode Your Audio Product Creation

A study done at UCLA in 1976 revealed information about the way people prefer to process information. It was discovered that about 7% of the way we prefer to process information is done by reading. And, we prefer to process information about 38% of the time by hearing. That leaves a whopping 55% of our processing preferences to video. So, as a creator of information products, pepole naturally prefer to hear and visually see information described and demonstrated and only prefer the written word as a way to learn the smallest percentage of the time. This is good news for those who are ready to create audio products. Move through this brief article to discover secrets to explode your audio product creation.

o Remember to use facts. Your niche relies on your content being truthful. You can never afford to make stuff up that doesn’t work. Your niche will appreciate you most by informing them accurately instead of misleading or misinforming them just to get attention. To make sure you provide the most accurate information, verify your data by consulting reputable resources before you quote new sources in your content. Avoid interpreting facts for your readers. Let them come to their own conclusions. As necessary for confirmation of astounding claims, back up those claims with sound proof which can include research, testimonials, and case studies.

o Stick with what’s familiar to you. You can take a lot of time researching and creating audio products about barely known topics. Remember, your listeners expect you to be knowledgeable in your niche. They come to you as a credible reference. So, be the expert and show it in your audio products. Talk about your real experiences in your CD programs, MP3 recordings and in your life seminars. Your listeners will appreciate it and your rapport will be steady and help your students feel secure you are the “go to” person for your niche.

o Stop procrastinating. Begin creating products by consciously choosing to write material and record it. Turn off the TV, the radio, music in the background or any other distractions. If you feel hesitant to create, ask yourself the reasons. Write them out on paper. If something in your mind is confusing or misleading you to inaction, uncover it on paper. Write out a plan to dissolve the causes of your fearful or worried feelings about writing. Once your mental hurdles are cleared, you can get to creating your audio products.

o Create audio products in simple terms an 8th grader could understand. When you create a simple-to-understand audio product, you will naturally attract people interested in the topics you share. So, keep things simple and your audience will really appreciate easy learning strategies from you.

o Give homework to your students and require them to fully complete it. You are asking them to apply your concepts and techniques to their individual situations. For them to develop expertise, competency and confidence, that takes practice. Successfully completing homework assignments, they get practical experience applying your success concepts.

Reselling Mobile Phones – Top 5 Tips on How to Get Wholesale Mobile Phones For Your Business

Reselling Mobile Phones - Top 5 Tips on How to Get Wholesale Mobile Phones For Your Business

You are a reseller. And you are looking for some really cheap mobile phones to sell over the internet, either on your online store or on eBay. But one question that haunts you is how to find a cheap mobile phone supplier. Well here is the answer.

1. Searching on any search engine won’t help much. Type in “cheap mobile phone supplier” and most of the information that you’ll end up clicking on will be useless. Therefore, you need to narrow down your search. Instead of searching in just any search engine, search at an online wholesale directory, like SaleHoo. Such a directory will direct you only to the actual suppliers in the business. In fact, taking SaleHoo for an example, they claim to have over 8000 suppliers in their database. And therefore, your chances of finding what you are looking for are much brighter.

2. The next thing I would recommend you is to look for mobile phone suppliers from China. Chinese wholesale products are really cheap, in fact cheaper than anything else. So picking up supplies from a Chinese-made mobile phone wholesaler could get you good margins on your resell.

3. A good business practice is to compare quality and prices of the prospective suppliers. Finalize 3-4 suppliers and then compare what all are they offering and at what price. Which among them you finally choose should depend on who can provide a worthy product and at what rate the supplier is offering it at.

4. When looking for quality look for those which can sell. Like a mobile phone with features like touch screen, good mp3 player, mobile TV, in build camera, etc will have higher selling point.

5. Last but not the least – find out which mobile phone supplier can give you extra services like return for the damaged goods, or drop shipping, or fulfillment, or customer service. If you wish to remain in the reselling business for long, these services guarantee satisfaction and help in keeping a customer.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – 7 Things You Must Know About This Business

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - 7 Things You Must Know About This Business

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s simply a matter of learning to take the right steps in the right order. Once you’ve learned how to do a task you’ll want to keep a record of it so you can refer to it later if you need to. Eventually, you’ll be able to put several steps together and develop a system that makes you money. Of course, there are pitfalls involved with learning affiliate marketing as well. Here are 7 things you should know before you set out on your affiliate marketing journey.

#1. Be prepared to work – A Lot!

I probably just lost half of you, but that’s to be expected. You see, there are no magic buttons that will make you rich overnight online, though many snake oil salesmen would have you believe so. Working as an affiliate marketer is HARD and if you do have the guts to stick it out most of you will have invested hundreds if not thousands of hours in front of your computer. That being said…

#2. You need to find a mentor – Asap!

Making money online as an affiliate marketer is no different than learning any other task. What would you do if you wanted to learn how to grow tomatoes? You’d find someone that knew exactly how to do it and learn from them by either getting a consultation or buying their book, right? Well, affiliate marketing is no different. You’ll want to find someone that’s doing exactly what you want to do and then learn from them.

#3. It takes money to make money

I’m not saying that you have to have $1000 to start out as an affiliate, but there will be a minimum of expenses in order to get you started and then ongoing monthly fees for hosting. Also, the myth about throwing up a website and instantly getting millions of visitors is a lie. You have to generate traffic to your website and although you may eventually get some free traffic from the search engines, most ways of generating traffic will either cost you money or time. Be prepared for it.

#4. Avoid online distractions!!!

This is probably the biggest dream killer of all time. Most people that first start out in this business are overwhelmed by information overload. They get hit with so many offers, opportunities, garbage, scams, etc that they never stick with one thing long enough to make it work and then they end up quitting. How much progress do you think you’d make in the “real world” if you started a new job every week? I can answer that for you. Not much. Find one thing and stick with it until you’ve made it work!!!

#5. Stay focused

This is similar to #4, but not exactly. What I’m talking about here is focusing on your work. When you are working for yourself it’s easy to goof off, procrastinate, etc, but it’s very important that you put in at least 1-2 hours 5-6 days per week on your business. This isn’t like a job where you’ll work 40 hours and get a paycheck. It may be 1-2 months before you begin seeing profits come your way so if you “dabble” at this you’ll likely fail because you won’t do enough work in the short term to earn the rewards. Trust me, if you do this right, once it starts coming in it will become a steady stream.

#6. Avoid offline distractions!!!

This is the second biggest dream killer – your friends and family. They may have your best interests at heart, or they may not, but they will suck the life out of you and your dreams, if you allow them to. My family was convinced that I was wasting my time and that everything I was doing was a scam. They just couldn’t imagine anyone making money without getting a “job” and working for a paycheck. I’m telling you right now that this is hard to do, but you’ve got to avoid them and avoid the topic at all costs or they’ll start to get inside your head. Affiliate marketing works – period! Some people will try to convince you otherwise though. Don’t let them steal your dreams.

#7. Take action!

This is another big dream killer. You can have a proven blueprint on how to make a million dollars sitting in front of you, but if you don’t learn from it and take action then you’ll never make one thin dime. You MUST take action and fail forward. You ARE going to make mistakes as you go along, but as long as you continue to take action and build your business there’s almost no way that you can fail.

You can learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, as I said before, it’s not rocket science. However, you must treat it like a business, keep learning, stay focused and take action! Good luck!

Making Money Online For Beginners – Scams

Making Money Online For Beginners - Scams

1. Surveys: The first way that I actually got paid online was with surveys, ($6) but I can tell you that it took many hours of applying to different sites, signing up and taking painfully long and boring surveys.

There are survey data bases that will promise you $100’s or dollars for each survey. Beware! Don’t just go ahead and sign up. They will give you a list of surveys that do not deliver and that can be found for free on the internet with a little searching.

If you want to try making money online with surveys I recommend that you start with free survey sights first and see if like it, (more importantly- if you get paid).

A few people will make some money in the survey game but I can’t see it amounting to much more than pocket money.

2. Data entry jobs: Now as far as scams go this is a tricky one, there are a lot of people making a lot of money this way but don’t be fooled in to thinking that all you have to do is to sit at home and type… and that is the scam.

Basically data entry jobs or make money typing jobs are mostly just a small part of affiliate marketing and it is a lot more complicated and involved than just typing or data capture.

There is a possibility to make money this way but don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be as simple as typing from home… This does take time and effort.

3. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): This scam is just an overpriced product that does not sell and it is actually only the subscription to sell the product that sells. That is why this is more like a pyramid scheme than anything else. Now some people will make a little money for a limited period of time but most people(almost all) will end up losing.

I don’t think that I need to go into a lot of detail because most of you know about pyramid schemes, if you don’t just ask around.

There are a lot of ways to make money online for beginners but just beware of scams and think twice before getting out your wallet. Keep trying and you will succeed, just find what is right for you and go for it!

Make Money Online With AdSense – Three Steps to Reap Maximum Profits

Make Money Online With AdSense - Three Steps to Reap Maximum Profits

Have you heard that the AdSense program from Google doesn’t work? Well, whoever stated that didn’t do their homework. You can’t just dive in and come up smelling like a rose online when it comes to making money. There is a infrastructure and protocol to follow that is not easily found on the surface. You can make money online with AdSense if you do things the right way.

First, it is very important to read every bit of Google’s terms and conditions. It is your business to know what is acceptable to Google from you as their business partner. You can’t just say “Ooops!” to Google. They rule the Internet so play by their policies or they’ll shun you in the blink of an eye.

Second, you must have a website of multiple pages that follows a theme or niche topic. Your content must be good solid information that is well written and contains the accepted amount of keywords. Don’t try to pull any fast ones on Google, they have seen all the tricks and are swift at retribution.

Third, your website must be a standalone dot com with paid for hosting. Free web hosting service will leave you little room to look even somewhat appealing or professional. Websites on these free hosting places have more banner billboards than downtown New York City. Visitors won’t stay on your site long enough to click on anything. People have no patience for advertising hoopla these days.

This is just the beginning of what you need to know to make money online with AdSense. If anyone told you it was a cinch and you’d be raking in the dough instantly, they lied. Patience is needed and a lot of research and groundwork comes before you can really start attracting traffic. You could make a great deal of money with the AdSense program if you do things the right way. Get started now and in a few months your revenue stream will start flowing.

Tips and Tricks on How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Tips and Tricks on How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular past time events to do, therefore understanding how to drive traffic to your blog is important. Generally people blog because they feel like sharing, so naturally everyone is going to want their blog to be viewed and responded to. If you didn’t then chances are you don’t really blog.

The first thing to consider when trying driving traffic to your blog is what your blog is about. Perhaps it would be a good idea to link the content of the blog to other helpful sites, or even vice versa. If you aren’t adequately targeting your audience then they aren’t going to be able to access your blog as much as you would like them too.

Another idea to consider when thinking about your blog is the content you are writing about. If the topic is something that people feel strongly about and like to respond to then open it up for discussion. Everyone likes to be included so why not let them. This will guarantee that people are continually viewing your blog to check updates on what is happening and the discussion at the time. Not only that but if someone is really interested in the conversation and what the opinions are then more than likely they will be sharing that information with their friends and causing more people to view your blog and or site.

The last thing to try to drive traffic to your blog is simply by word of mouth. Just let people know where your blog is located and what it is about. Most things start by word of mouth and grow because people are talking about them. Blogs are no exception to this rule. If people are interested in what you have to say and the way you say it then they will be viewing your blog and you will have achieved what you were after.

These are just some of the ways of how to drive traffic to your blog. Give them some consideration and remember to allow for a little time for people to get familiar with your blog. If they like it they will be back.

Internet Marketing – Blogging Your Way to Success

Internet Marketing - Blogging Your Way to Success

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, comments and expertise in your field of business. Posting on a regular basis can build an avid readership of targeted prospects that can lead to big Internet sales. The search engines love fresh content and blogging provides the up to date material that can keep your blog at the top of the search engines. How can you use blogging to drive traffic and make money? Consider these tips:

* Post relevant content to your area of expertise.

* Use keywords in the title of your blog relevant to your business.

* Use the appropriate keywords in your “tags” section of your blog to help be found by the search engines.

* Always leave a clickable link at the bottom of your post so readers can visit your website.

* The links left in your post don’t have to just go to your home page of your site, send readers to an opt in page, sales letter, video hosting site or any sub page of your website such as a products page or an “about us” page.

* Insert images in your blog and make the image a clickable link. Not only does this make the blog more visually interesting, image files can be found by the search engines and help give your blog top ranking.

* Always make your post interesting to readers so that they will hunger for additional info.

* Create an RSS feed subscription so readers can subscribe to your blog. They will be notified of current posts and can read them right from their desktops.

* Create “pages” to introduce yourself to the world as an expert and even sell products and services on a page of your blog.

* Leaving comments on other blogs encourages dialog and can be a easy way to build readership.

* Don’t forget that leaving a link to your website on your blog is a great way to get a backlink to your site. Backlinks are an important strategy to get a high ranking in the search engines.

Keep in mind that blogging is increasing everyday as the foremost way of getting information from the web. With so many available blogging services and platforms, it has never been easier to get started with your own blog.

Access to SaleHoo Wholesale Dropshipping Directory – Is it Too Expensive?

Access to SaleHoo Wholesale Dropshipping Directory - Is it Too Expensive?

Experienced and growing retail sellers, particularly on eBay, are using the SaleHoo Directory of Wholesale Dropshipping Companies. At almost $70, membership for access to this directory is certainly not cheap! In fact, it is possible to buy a list of 5,000 companies for only $5. However, I am certain that the five-dollar list include retailers, wholesale companies who are not willing to dropship, and perhaps even a number of bogus companies. Unfortunately, new sellers who often fall for this scam only realize the low quality of the list once they already require drop shipping services. They either spend countless hours calling every company on the list to find some that they can use or end up paying more to immediately access a better quality list.

SaleHoo may be a bit more expensive but forum comments and reviews agree that the directory provides value for money. That is, if the retailer maximizes the benefits it offers. Listed below are some ways to do this:

1. Utilize their massive database! Mostly, SaleHoo users appreciate the extensive directory with over 8,500 drop ship companies listed for various types of merchandise. This implies that the retailer has as much variety of products that can be sold online without the usual inventory and storage costs. The site also has special search functions that can be used to narrow down the list of verified suppliers for specific products or specific locations. This makes it easier for one-product retailers to search for potential wholesale drop shipping companies to deliver goods that they have already sold online.

2. Ask their expert staff! Most of the staff are expert sellers from eBay. Their tips on how to develop or expand sales are invaluable yet readily available. The technical assistance that is provided is part and parcel of the cost of membership that a retailer pays for.

3. Participate in their business forums! SaleHoo also organizes online forums for various industries so that stakeholders or market players in specific industries are able to interact, share valuable experiences and network.

For serious business owners who want to expand their operations, SaleHoo provides every opportunity to learn and increase profit margins. Considering the various benefits that comprise the $70-membership, it does not seem to be too expensive, after all.

Email List Management – 5 Email List Marketing Tips

Email List Management - 5 Email List Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a very useful and powerful online tool that is used widely nowadays. It is a very tricky matter since it can be easily abused. It may seem easy to do, but in reality it is difficult, especially if you don’t know where you should start. Here are 5 easy tips that you can apply in your email marketing campaign.

1. Know your subscribers as individuals.


Email marketing is most effective and works best as one-to-one marketing. The idea is to start a dialogue with your customers through email messages focused on their individual needs and interests, what products they already have purchased, other related products that you’re offering that can benefit them through cross-selling, and their budget. In order for you to start this dialogue with your customers, it requires you to know a lot about them. One way for you to find out is by tracking and analyzing their behavior and by asking them. Looking at what people actually do is the more reliable method to finding out what they think and want and pretty soon, this will be the only marketing  that will wo

2. Personalize.

One effective way for your email to be noticed by the recipient is by addressing it with their first name. People are getting lots of emails per day and the chances of your email being opened and read can be pretty slim. If you address your recipients with their names, it adds that personal touch, giving it a better chance of being opened. It makes your recipients feel more important when you greet them with your personalized marketing email. Typically, you should address them with their first name only, but for some email campaigns it is more appropriate to use the last name. One of the most crucial aspects of personalized marketing is by responding to individual requests. If you get an email from your customer, it means that they have investigated and are interested in what you have to offer and if you fail to reply promptly, not only will you miss the opportunity, you will probably also lose a customer forever. It is important that you make it your top priority to reply to all of your incoming emails within the next 24 hours.

3. Know your subscribers as individuals.

Avoid sending your emails during holidays because people tend to be away from their computers. The most likely scenario is when they come back to their computer they will get your message along with a ton of other emails and chances are they will delete all other emails but the ones that are most important to them. It is important that you should know the right timing for you to send out your emails. This is the main reason you shouldn’t start any email campaigns during December, January, July and August. If you want your email to be read at work, you should send it in the middle of the week and if you want your email to be read at home, you should send it during weekends.

4. Make purchasing easy at the landing page.

It is important that you design a special landing page for every message you send out to your customers. Getting the recipients there takes a lot of effort from your end.  So at this point, you need to make sure that you don’t strand them by dumping them to a page that has no clear process. See to it that you make it easy at the landing page for your customers. If you already have the customers’ info like their name, address and credit card number you can perhaps pre-fill the form out for them.

 5. Be brave.

When you create and design an email campaign, there are a lot of things to keep in mind and every single one of them has its own value. If your email message goes through a lot of mail filters, it may end up in the recipient’s inbox as another boring email that is quickly disregarded and dragged to the trash folder. It pays to be brave and creative in your email campaign and it may be worth the risk of losing some people on your list if it results in a more effective email campaign, overall.

Keep these tips in mind in order for you to be able to launch a more effective email marketing campaign.

Make Money Online – Becoming an Internet Star Without a Website, Practically Overnight

Make Money Online - Becoming an Internet Star Without a Website, Practically Overnight

If you own an online business or you are interested in making money online, but you are not a technical person, I have great news for you. I am about to show you how you can build a large online following.


I had to start off with my latest social media obsession. If you can type a message in 140 characters or less, then you have the skills necessary to become a star on Twitter.

Signing up takes all of 5 minutes and you instantly can begin “Following” the major experts in your niche. Twitter has a great “Find People” search function and you can follow people like Shaquille O’Neal, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and non-celebrities like the bagel guy down the block or your own co-workers.

How Does Twitter Work?

All you have to do is write tweets (what posts are called on Twitter) that stand out from the crowd. No, I am not encouraging you to write lewd tweets or provocative tweets.

What I am suggesting is that you point your followers to great blog posts, interesting (perhaps ones you have found on or just great stuff you have come across in your everyday, offline life.

It really is that simple to quickly become an expert in your niche. Just provide great, outstanding value to your followers and help them solve their problem. Do these two things and you will build a strong list that you can leverage when you do finally get your own website and blog up and running.


I mostly use for my personal stuff, not the business side of things, but many peers of mine use it as a business vehicle. I am sure you have come across the 200 million member strong Facebook before, so I will not get into too much detail on how it works.

Just realize that you can set up Fan Pages on Facebook to create a separate page for your online business followers to follow your every move. This is a great way to keep your personal and professional lives separate.


Video has exploded over the years and it is much more powerful than sending a bunch of emails to your list subscribers. Creating video and editing it has become much easier with the introduction of the Flip Mino HD, the world’s smallest HD camcorder.

The Flip comes with built in software that you can use to edit your videos. You can record 60 minutes of video at a time. That is perfect for a site like where folks have a short attention span.

What will you record? I will leave that up to you, but some great ideas revolve around you using your product, how to achieve success on a topic within your niche or just whatever you want to record yourself doing that is tied to your niche.

Becoming an Internet Star Without a Website – In Conclusion

We have gone through 3 specific ways that you can become an internet star without your own website. I strongly suggest that you focus on one of the above resources first and master it before moving onto the next. Start with Twitter as it really is the easiest way to build a huge Following online.

So how do you make extra money with all this work and effort? First, it really is not that much work if you love your area of expertise. In fact, I will bet that you would be doing what I recommended anyway, even if you were not trying to make money online from your topic.

But to the point of how you can make money, you could promote affiliate products or your own products to your followers. I just strongly suggest that you read up on affiliate marketing and learn how to do it without turning off a bunch of people.

Bonus Idea: Give Before You Get – Remember, the idea is to provide outstanding value to your followers and position yourself as an expert in your niche until you get your website up and running. When your website is up and running is when you should be thinking of making money – first provide value (give) before getting paid for your efforts (get).