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The Importance of Layout to the Success of an Online Business

The Importance of Layout to the Success of an Online Business

Experienced online marketing companies and web design companies know how much a well designed layout is important to the success of an online business. Let us assume that your website is like a virtual office or a virtual showroom and the home page is your reception desk. Isn’t it important to have a well maintained and tastefully done reception with pleasant and courteous reception staff to greet your customers?

First impression is the best impression and this is very true in the case of online business too. I have come across many onsite business owners complaining that their website is not delivering the expected results in spite of employing good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. They complain that even though the traffic generated is satisfactory, the visitors to their websites don’t hang on, they just vanish. This is like so near and yet so far because on the internet you are only a click away from your competition.

I wanted to find out why customers don’t enter these sites even after the search engines brought them to the websites. The answer was staring right at my face when I clicked on the websites. The home page layout was boring, dull, colorless and confusing. The links were cluttered and the whole structure of the home page was in one word, uninteresting. This was the reason why most of the customers didn’t want to enter the site. Subconsciously they got repulsed at the way the site looked and went searching for more attractive sites. I solved the problem by entirely restructuring the layouts of their websites by adding colors, and graphics to emphasize the areas we wanted the visitor to notice. I also placed the links in such a way that it was easy for the visitors to navigate and enter. The results were amazing. These online businesses made dramatic turnarounds and their conversion rates increased significantly.

My years of experience in the online marketing industry have made me understand one important aspect of website designing and that is; no matter how good a website is in luring visitors, without a good inviting homepage layout all the potential customers are going to simply walk away. A home page is the critical point where a potential customer can get an instant idea of what he or she can expect to get from the website. This is precisely why I always make it a point to spend some quality time just on the layout alone. Adding and mixing the right colors, graphics and easy navigational links are a top priority for me.

There are plenty of statistics that prove beyond a doubt that a proper layout contributes immensely to the success of an online business. Anyone with a thorough knowledge of how an online business works and has helped online businesses taste success by providing good web designs will endorse my views. My formula for developing layouts for websites is to keep the design simple yet attractive. My practice is not to provide everything on the home page itself but to place easily identifiable navigational links that are easy to use for the customer. The trick is in helping the customer find his way into the site and the more time he or she spends on the site, the more chances of the prospect converting to a sale. I select graphics that have a role to play and a message to convey rather than cluttering up the site with graphics that are added for effect and nothing else. Color schemes are chosen with a purpose. The purpose is to get the attention of the target customers and retain it.

Given the fact that visual appeal increases the chances of success and we humans process visuals around 60,000 times faster than other forms of communication and also the fact that most of what we learn is through our eyes, don’t you think it is necessary to have images, color and graphics on the website layout that are pleasing to the human eye?

Your website is far too important to leave to inexperienced designers, hiring a competent online marketing company can not only bring the right visitors to your website, but they can re-design the site to appeal to those visitors in ways that will vastly improve the performance of converting visitors to customers.

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

There is a lot of talk about Social Media but how does it really fit into your business? The need to create a social media marketing plan is an important step that can not be taken lightly. Often with new technologies that lack of understanding will cause mixed messages in the market. When potential and current customers get confused they keep going past you. Before you create a social media marketing plan think long and hard what you want to accomplish. Do you have sales staff doing lead generation on Twitter? Or do you have marketing departments trying lead generation on LinkedIn by searching profiles and setting up groups. Often companies have a knee jerk reaction and sales, marketing and customer service go their own directions. The result is time, money and sales potential lost without a clear top down plan.

So what is the definition of Social Media? It is information content created by people using blogs, forums, RSS and websites. It is a fundamental shift in how people receive, read and share information and content. Social media transforms conversations from “one to many” to “many to many”. Social media is a marketers dream and worst nightmare all at the same time. Potential customers can view current customers complaints and their good comments. Other people can suggest alternative products to yours and let thousands or more know about the alternative in less than 140 characters.

When you create a social media marketing plan, customer service must be part of the plan. This is the best way to perform damage control and is fairly simple to setup. Google offers two tools that are very useful, Google Reader and Google Alerts. You can set up Alerts that will search the news, web and blogs when your keyword is mentioned. A keyword could be your company name or product, you will get notified via email, feed or use Reader to organize the alerts. A customer service department now has the ability to head off any upset customers and become a customer’s white knight.

For marketing, this is an excellent way for lead generation on the web. Not all news will be bad. When there is good news, that can be used for product development or a reference. Lead generation on Twitter is an excellent way to find groups of people that would be interested in your products. This information could also be used as product development and thought of as a large focused group. Twitter is also a great way to get your message to those people that are most interested in your products.

When you create a social media marketing plan it will also include lead generation on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has the ability to setup groups that would match your industry and perform lead research on potential customers. The information found is much more focused than just doing lead qualification by normal means. It is important to create a platform of sales and marketing to work together.

Steps to create a social media marketing plan:

  • Define your goals – Lead Generation, Customer Service, Brand Awareness are some key areas, so weight them. Like any goal, create ways to measure success.
  • Develop a virtual team – The team would be made up from several departments with a senior exec responsible for the team. Note: this should not be set up as its own department to prevent another silo from being developed.
  • Determine what existing processes can be used or enhanced – Do not reinvent the wheel. Most current process can be enhanced and made more efficient.
  • Identify customer niches – Look at the types of people that use your products and look at new ways to reach them. Remember selling 40% to 5,000 is better than 1% of 100,000.
  • Create a “Cost Per Lead” model – ROI is more of a big picture of a campaign but it can give false information for day to day.

As you start to create a social media marketing plan, opportunities for lead generation on Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs will start to show themselves. Please understand that SEO was not discussed since that is a result of a well defined and management supported Social Media marketing plan.

To learn more on how to find niches, lead generation, social book-marking and cost per lead visit Learn to use tools to find niches and keywords to pre-qualify leads to save time and effort.

Top Web Hosting Features and Services

Top Web Hosting Features and Services

Setting up your own website would be impossible if you will not seek the help of a good web hosting company. This article will help you choose by giving some tips about the top 10 web hosting features and services that you should look for in a company to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. This is also a good way to help your site benefit from the hosting services that you will choose.

The first one that is on the list of top 10 web hosting features is reliability. This is very easy to understand since all website owners would not want their website to experience a long downtime period where their site will be temporarily inaccessible to anyone who wants to gain access like your customers and visitors. If your site would have many downtime periods, customers might just go to another site that offers the same products and services as yours. Secure your traffic and customers by going for a web hosting company that could offer 99% uptime guaranteed.

The second to the list of top 10 web hosting features and services is the customer service. For some, this is not very important but they are just wrong. Website owners, especially those who just possess the basic knowledge about how to run a website or those who are new to online business, are more likely to encounter some troubles and problems regarding their sites and it would be very helpful if you could get immediate help, support and assistance from your hosting company’s friendly staff. They should be able to provide quick response to their clients in a friendly manner.

The price or the cost made it to the 3rd spot of the top 10 web hosting features and services because this is one of the major things that people consider when choosing a web hosting provider. Opt for a company that could offer the best services for a price that is competitive and affordable. The disk space and the bandwidth size also made it to the top 10 web hosting features because you will want to make your website more interesting and appealing to customers and visitors so you will have to put images or videos that will catch the attention of visitors and will encourage them to explore more. You should also have enough spaces to accommodate all your files and emails.

The top 10 web hosting features would not be complete without security. Customers would usually prefer to purchase from sites that displays an image or an icon that sends out a message that transactions done through your site would be safe and secure. Another thing to consider is the control panel. The web hosting provider should be able to provide you with an easy to control panel. They should explain everything clearly to you if necessary to make sure that you will have little to no trouble running and managing your site.

The reputation of the company can also be considered as one of the top 10 web hosting features because this will give you peace of mind. You will be confident that you are getting the best services because that company has already served lots of clients that are leaving positive feedbacks or reviews about their services. You must not forget the tools and applications that these companies are willing to offer like a script or a site building tool that could really be helpful to every website owner. PHP, Joomla, Ruby on Rails are also good additions to their services. The last things that have made it to the top 10 web hosting features and services are freebies, extras, and bonuses.

Internet Marketing Training Course

Internet Marketing Training Course

As you know there are literally 10,000’s of different companies out there who are looking to pay people like you in exchange for driving sales or leads to their web pages. People that are promoting the products are called “affiliates” and the companies who the affiliate drives traffic to are called “merchants.” This known as affiliate marketing, which is a sub-category of Internet marketing.

Although you certainly can become a merchant right away and create your own product or service online, it is always better to start your business as an affiliate. If for example want to make 250 000 dollars a year then you don´t have to know everything about internet marketing, you just focus on one technique or niche.

The internet is growing all the time and therefore internet marketing is growing all the time. Billions of dollars are spent online every years, this means that some of this money is going to internet marketers pockets. So you can easily make half a million dollars a year, but weather or not you will actually make it, comes down to whether or not you are dedicated to learning how to become an Internet marketer. For example everyone can learn to play the piano quite well but not everyone is willing spend years learning to play it.

The secret to success is internet marketing training courses

So many people give up the hope of making money online just because they can´t do it alone. It is basically impossible to be really successful without any help at all. You can make some money of course but it will be much less than with support and it will take also longer. The internet is a jungle and if you don´t have the skills to survive then you are easy prey for the scammers.

But seriously, the best training course that gives you the support, the resources and the tools is Wealthy Affiliates. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliates and it is the best training course online. I have tried some others as well but they don´t come even close. No matter how good the support is or how much help you get, you will have to do the work to see results. If you don´t take action and work hard every day than even the best training courses and programs are not gone help you out. I read the Wealthy Affiliate forum all the time and people are so worried about every little detail that they can´t get anything done. Take action!

5 Basic Things You Need For List Building Success

5 Basic Things You Need For List Building Success

Everyone will tell you when it comes to Internet Marketing that “the money is in the list”. Then they tell you to build a list. But there are always unanswered questions about list building for those who are new.

Where do I get a sales page? Where do I get a squeeze page? Or there is a concern that somehow it is a mysterious, magical, or even mythical endeavor to create these items.

I am here to tell you otherwise.

You need 5 basic things with which to build a list of subscribers, here they are:

1) Someplace to post a squeeze or lead capture page. While this should be at your

own domain, it does not have to be. Get a free hosting account to start with if you have too, once you get more subscribers and make money you can get your own domain.

2) Get an auto-responder service. This will make the process so much easier to manage. The auto-responder software will even help you build the section for your lead capture page where people enter their information.

3) Basic lead capture page. The page users land on where they will enter their name and email. It does not have to be pretty, but does have to be functional. Some of the best pages have a simple text blurb about the product and fields to get more information. Keep it simple, basic html, and copy and paste the capture part in from your auto-responder.

4) You should have a product or service. This product or service could be a book, audio, or video and should be relevant to your topic. You do not even have to be the author of the product. Many beginners feel they have nothing of value to give, but there are tons of things that can be provided as an incentive.

5) Traffic to your page. The simple truth to list building is that you need traffic to your pages before you can get a customer to subscribe to your material. You cannot just build the page and hope to gain a loyal following overnight. You will need to get peoples eyes to see your page

Making Money With Affiliate Programs Online

Making Money With Affiliate Programs Online

The hardest task for a beginner affiliate marketer, is to find the right industry or product to promote. It is a very daunting task for beginners, but really it shouldn’t be. The truth is that you can make profits from basically any industry online, no matter how tough the competition. The key is to focus on who your audience is rather than which industry you are promoting.

You can choose a industry in two different ways: you can choose something you think is popular right now or you select something that you are interested in. For example if you are interested in music and know a lot about this industry then you can easily make money with it. There are so many niches that have something to do with music. Here are a few examples: how to play a musical instrument, single track download sites, CD burning software, music download sites, CD / DVD sales, instruments (guitars, drums, piano), car stereo electronics, iPod software etc.

These are just a few examples and from this one interest you have, you have the opportunity to promote many different products or services. You can also surf online and find cool and hot technology or product break-throughs, there is a lot of hype around these stuff, just keep your eyes open and take advantage.

To be successful with making money with affiliate programs online, you need to be open minded. Too many people get stuck with which product/service they should choose first. It is important to choose some industry and then you will learn as you go along. You may not make big profits right away, put if you pay attention and correct your mistakes, then soon you will.

Always do a lot of research and learn everything you can about a industry. The more you know about a certain topic, the more information you can deliver to the right people and if you do that, you are bound to make money.

A very quick and effective way to find fantastic niches is to use website. is the largest directory on the Internet and contains over 590,000 different topics. You have instant access to to 590,000 potential industries or sub-industries that you can promote. You start with a very broad topic like music and and then narrows down your topics into much more specific areas. Go to this website and I promise you will find niches in just 2 minutes that you had no idea even existed.

AdWords Profit Tips – 3 AdWords Secrets That Will Save AND Make You Money!

AdWords Profit Tips - 3 AdWords Secrets That Will Save AND Make You Money!

While it is extremely easy to boost your business using AdWords, it is just as easy to over inflate your marketing budget using the program. Unless you know about all the AdWords tips and secrets that the veteran marketers do, you are at risk of putting yourself in a lot of financial hot water. Avoid overspending on your marketing and put these well-kept AdWords secrets into action.

1. Use Negatives

Google’s system now allows you to specify certain words that would immediately keep your paid links from appearing. One of the consequent AdWords secrets is to use the system to avoid paying for clicks that come from users who won’t buy or register anyway. The secret to maximizing the negative keywords is to specify search terms like ‘free’ or ‘complimentary’ so that freebie hunters don’t end up costing you money.

2. Avoid Broad Matching

Enabling broad matching will have your links show up for search queries that are related to your niche but aren’t necessarily in your niche. This costs you money without really converting into sales, and that comes out as a wasted investment. The best thing to do is to disable this feature so that you don’t pay for clicks that won’t convert anyway.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

There is a natural tendency for Internet marketers to just follow the trends that all the others are into. Fight it. One of the AdWords secrets to getting more traffic is to go against the flow of the trend. That way, your links are likelier to catch the attention of users and thus convert your investment.

Best Ways to Make Money Online Are Also Easy Ways For You to Make Money, Read How

Best Ways to Make Money Online Are Also Easy Ways For You to Make Money, Read How

When it comes to choosing the best ways to make money online, this is what everyone who wants to truly succeed should know. The best ways can be the easy ways for you if you start with what you already know, use that knowledge to make a website and drive traffic to the website. Read on to find out how to do these in a way that is so easy. You will be shocked and convinced that this is what you actually need to make easy money online.

What you know can be your passion, hobby, what you always love to do in your spare time or playing around with a skill that you really love. These include listening to music, playing games, cooking, reading, writing, being with kids, teaching others, listening to news, and thousand a other things. There is a great difference between having a website and making money with it. You can only use what you already know, to make money if you can know how profitable it is. You cannot know this easily unless you spend a little time conducting market and keyword research. This is the best and most important secret of making money with what you know. Once you know the most profitable among your hobbies or skills, the next thing is to build your website.

It is very easy to build a website these days, whether free or paid, once you know what that website will do. When you start with something you already know, people will find something unique about your site that will make you money. There are thousands of resources that you can use. Free HTML editors, open source templates, blogs and social networking sites. All these can act as launching ground for your money making website.

Once you select the method with which to build your site, either free or paid, your next most important way is to monetize your website. Monetization is the way or ways by which you will make money with your website. This can be through affiliate programs, pay per click programs, pay per lead programs and many others. Once your new website is up and running, the next thing is to make people find your site.

Making people find your site is the lifeblood of making money online. To drive online traffic to your site, you need three important skills. These include search engine optimization, copywriting and traffic generation techniques. With search engine optimization, you will learn about the techniques of how to make your website appear in the search engines and the keywords people will use to find your website, especially how to place them on your site. Copywriting helps you to learn how to use words that convince people and make them believe you while traffic methods will help you to position your website before thousands.

The best ways to make money are normally easy because you don’t need to learn complicated new skills. With proper monetization strategies in place, you are set to make money easily. Once you start making money, you can use your earned cash to explore other ways of making money you may not know.

Finding the Cheapest Hosting Providers in a Recession

Finding the Cheapest Hosting Providers in a Recession

The current economic decline has touched everyone in every corner of the globe. As companies tighten their belts and entrepreneurs hone their bootstrapping skills, the hosting price war has escalated. Finding the cheapest hosting providers today is not very hard – but, you need to know where to look and you definitely need to do your research.

There are thousands of hosting companies available today. Most cheap hosting plans start around $5 monthly, and the price goes down as you increase the length of your commitment with the web host. Anyone can offer web hosting for peanuts a month, but only a handful offer good pricing with exceptional performance and support.

Many small business owners overlook the importance of reliability and support with their hosting companies. There is nothing wrong with affordable web hosting, but you need to make sure your provider will be there if anything goes wrong as well. The best way to ensure this is to look past the marketing hype to customer reviews and independent rankings of hosting companies. These independent sources will give you an objective look at hosting companies, which will help you to see how each host is performing and how these cheap providers stack up against each other.

Here are some helpful tips to find the absolute best deal on cheap web hosting in today’s market:

  1. Do your research and know your host.

    There are many websites available today, which rank the cheapest hosting and offer comparisons on the most widely used web hosts. Search these sites for comparisons, reviews and rankings – you might be surprised by what you find.

  2. Find a coupon code!

    A handful of these ranking sites also show available coupons and discounts, which can be applied at the time of checkout. In addition to doing your own price comparison, these coupon codes and discounts can help you save on average 10-25% on your hosting bill.

  3. Signup for as long as possible.

    Web hosting is so cheap nowadays that it shouldn’t put you out to purchase your hosting plan for 1, 2 or 3 years up front. Most popular hosting companies offer substantial discounts for pre-paying for at least a year in advance. Often, prepaying can save you 20, 30 or even 40% on your costs.

Using these three simple tips can save you a bundle in web hosting fees and ensure that you have the most reliable provider available. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now, with a comparison of the best hosts to find the most reliable, cheapest hosting available.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Using Emails to Get Subscribers to Take Action

Internet Marketing Strategies - Using Emails to Get Subscribers to Take Action

Using emails to get subscribers to take a specific action should be one of your key internet marketing strategies. You have gotten an email to the person on your list. They opened the email. And they are reading your message.

You are not home free yet! The email has a purpose–the email’s job is to get the subscriber to take an action.

There are theories and internet marketing strategies for what actions you want your subscriber to take-I suggest rather than relying on one, you have a variety pack–not all in one email of course!

My suggestion is that one of your internet marketing strategies be to train your subscriber to take an action such as:

  • go to your blog where they get more information
  • watch a video–for fun, training or inspiration
  • buy a product (yours or someone else’s)
  • read an article
  • take a survey

One of the places I see people stumble with these internet marketing strategies is in actually asking people to take the action!

First, as part of your internet marketing strategies be clear in your mind what action you want your subscriber to take. Believe me, if you don’t know the reader won’t either!

Second, ask! Don’t be shy about it. If you just put a link to your website in your signature line, you probably aren’t going to get a lot of action. Tell the reader what you want them to do. People joined your list because you gave them something they wanted…let them know you have more to offer.

Third, make it easy. Don’t make people search for a link. Make it obvious! “Click the link below to get xyz” or “to read more on this visit my blog by clicking this link.”

Fourth, give them a good reason! This is another place internet marketing strategies come into play…

  • Give them a free gift or bonus for acting quickly
  • Entice them to provide feedback with a reward
  • Tease them with a snippet so they want to get more
  • Teach a key point or two of real value-they know it’ll be worth their time to learn more
  • Make the action fun
  • Mix it up-don’t have every action be something they have to buy

Bottom line is there needs to be enough of a reason for them to take the action or they won’t. By incorporating emails that encourage taking action into your internet marketing strategies, your list will be more inclined to make a purchase when you ask them to take that action!