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7 Ways to Live Greener

7 Ways to Live Greener

The Earth Day may have passed, but it’s never too late to start living a greener life. The economic conditions in the U.S. and around the globe have made a lot of folks rethink their lifestyles. Green technologies not only allow you to live a more healthy life, but they also help save the environment. And it doesn’t hurt that you can save a lot of money on your energy bill by using these technologies.

You don’t have to be a technical person to go green. It’s much more simple that all. And any step that you take, however small, will help save your money and save the planet too. Here are 7 simple ways to go green:

1. Go Solar: if you live in a location that gets a lot of sunshine, you are going to save a lot of money by going solar. You can charge up your house with solar power, and you won’t have to pay a monthly fee.

2. Use the Wind: wind engines can help you cut your bills remarkably. If you get a lot of wind in your area, you are in luck.

3. Use a dimmer: a dimmer is a system that lets you spend less energy without having to turn off your lights. It can save a lot of energy and lower your bills.

4. Fix your bathroom: Use low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets to save water and cut your costs. There is no need to waste water these days.

5. Lower your thermostat: a lot of homes that I have been to are either too hot or too cold. By taking a conservative approach, you can cut your costs without having to do too much. There is no way to make your house feel like Hawaii during winter time.

6. Buy a Kindle: you don’t have to buy paper books to get value out of them. Gadgets such as Amazon Kindle help you save money and a lot of trees in the process.

7. Car Pool: you don’t have to drive to your work everyday when you can carpool. In some cases, that might not work out. But it never hurts to try.

There are hundreds of other things that you can do to live a greener life. No step is too small. But the sooner you start, the more you will save, and the better the earth will be for it.

Biomass CHP – What is It?

Biomass CHP - What is It?

Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a way of generating both heat and power from Biomass. Biomass is a renewable energy created from recently living material, such as plants, waste wood or animal fats. As it is a renewable energy, Biomass won’t run out, unlike fossil fuels, and is not weather dependent like wind or solar power nor water dependent like tidal power or dams.

Using wood as fuel is one of the earliest forms of biomass. The burning wood is used to create heat. In a biomass CHP installation the steam created is used to drive a turbine, which then generates electricity.

This form of generating power is up to 70% efficient, compared to approximately 40% for coal and gas fired power stations. This increased efficiency is because the heat created during the power generation process is used, rather than wasted like it is in a fossil fuelled power station. There are also fewer emissions created than in a fossil fuelled power station.

CHP can be useful when a constant and reliable supply of electricity is needed all day every day. Hospitals, hotels and computer data centres are prime examples.

Other industries can make use of biomass, and it’s very cost effective for buildings that use a lot of power and heat, such as factories and refineries. Paper and food processing plants can also benefit from this technology in terms of saving money, and the environment by being more efficient.

Using this technology, the company or individual relies less on the national electricity supply. As more people follow suite, there is a reduced demand for electricity, which in turn will reduce the amount of fossil fuels used.

Because this is a stable and secure way to create heat and power, Biomass CHP is suitable for countries that suffer from frequent power outages or have to import all their fossil fuels. The carbon footprint of the country and the individual business can be reduced, as there may be enough organic materials grown or harvested nearby. This helps to decrease the storage and transport costs.

Biomass can be used in domestic applications too. Communities can share resources such as heat and electricity between many houses. Houses that are connected to this system won’t need boilers, as the water is transported using a grid of hot water pipes. Some of the electricity generated is used to keep the pipes heated, and the excess can be transferred to the national electricity supply.

Biomass CHP can save money, and the environment and is more efficient than a coal or gas fired power station. Why not see how you can benefit from this technology?a

Renewable Energy – What is It?

Renewable Energy - What is It?

Renewable energy is seen as the replacement for fossils fuels. Before the supply of oil and gas has been used up, the world will have to find an alternative form of energy. Renewable energy is the energy provided by the sun, wind, water and other sources that will never run out.

Biomass and Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is becoming more and more popular. Using organic matter, such as recently dead crops or plants grown specifically for fuel, biomass can help reduce the amount that is sent to landfill. Biomass CHP uses the heat created during the biomass process to drive a turbine which then generates electricity which can be used to provide heat and power. Many buildings that need a constant supply of power and heat, such as hospitals and hotels, and factories are taking advantage of biomass CHP.

Wind turbines are becoming a more common sight, whether on the hills, or in the sea. These produce electricity which can then be supplied to the National Grid. As the UK is a fairly windy country, there should be many wind turbines in operation but they aren’t at the moment. The technology can’t be used everywhere, and many people are reluctant to have a wind turbine spoiling their views. Wind power is not as effective as you may think, and a wind turbine only produces electricity about 25% of the time.

Using the power of the sun, solar energy is popular in sunnier and warmer climates. As the technology improves, it is becoming possible to just use daylight, rather than having to have several hours of brilliant sunshine. Already in the UK, there are homes and businesses using solar power to provide the electricity that they need.

Nuclear power is often talked about as being a credible alternative energy source to fossil fuels. However, there is a lot of widespread criticism and opposition to nuclear power. In other countries such as France and America, nuclear power is much more widespread.

Utilising the power of water such as waves and tides is not new. Waterwheels and dams have been used for centuries. The UK has not really embraced using water power on a big scale to generate electricity, despite being surrounded by water.

People like driving their cars where and when they want to go, rather than having to rely on public transport which may not be as reliable or as convenient as traveling by car. This means that there is still a reliance on petrol and diesel and so oil. Electric cars are still in their infancy, and although can be used for city driving, they are not suitable for travelling long distances. This means that they are currently not suitable for most motorway journeys. As the technology progresses and electric cars are capable of traveling further without needing to be recharged, they will become a more viable alternative to petrol and diesel cars.

Renewable energy and alternative fuels are becoming more readily available, and the reliance on fossil fuels is being reduced. See what you can do to help the environment.

Is Our Country Out of Control? I Do Believe It Is

Is Our Country Out of Control? I Do Believe It Is

Every day in the news we see things like Preachers and Ministers accused of sexual abuse. Policemen charged with bribes, excessive beating and wrongful shootings.

We see Congressmen, Senators, Governors and city officials charged with everything from adultery to unexplained deaths. Corruption is actually running rampant all across our nation.

But that is not what I’m talking about here. What I’m talking about is a little closer to home. I’m talking about the extent to which we have gone in an attempt to protect our individual rights.

I’m talking about sexual harassment, child abuse and law suits. Have you paid any attention to just how easy it is to sue someone nowadays? You can sue or be sued over almost anything and some of the most ridiculous things ever.

Who ever told that woman to pull into a McDonald’s drive up window and order a hot cup of coffee? Who ever told her to put that hot cup of coffee between her legs and drive? All that was her choice but she sued McDonald’s and was awarded millions for her own stupidity.

It was stated that the coffee was too hot. If you ordered a cup of coffee and it was only lukewarm, oh, how you would complain. It was also stated that the container should have a warning statement printed on it. Would you have taken the time to read the warning? I doubt it.

If you are too stupid to know that hot coffee is HOT maybe you should not be ordering it or anything in the first place. You probably should not be driving either. Why sue someone because you are stupid?

And what about sexual harassment, isn’t there a little overkill there? Oh, you bet there is. Sexual harassment charges were originally designed for the protection of women in the work place. It got carried away and to make it more fair men’s right were included.

Sexual harassment works for both sexes now and charges are made daily. Over 85% of the harassment charges (and that is a conservative figure) are filed by women.

Don’t write and challenge that statement, you know it is true. Women file harassment charges over some of the most incidental little things. It has gotten to a point where a gentleman can approach a woman and if his eyes are not matching hers or if he lays a hand on her wrist, hand or shoulder she can file a charge.

It is sexual abuse. If he tells her she looks very nice today she can file a charge and some do. It has gotten to a point where even a glance across a room can be construed as a sexual harassment look.

If a man looks at a woman’s breasts it is sexual harassment but why is there a sign printed on the front of the shirt she is wearing. If a mans eyes are reading the wording on the shirt he could be in trouble.

I know the women of the country are going to be calling me all kinds of names, but think about it, is it not true? Can we not be brought up on charges for some of the most absurd reasons?

Some of the men also file harassment charges but the numbers are quite different. If a woman places her hand on a mans arm or even his knee he looks at it as just another gesture of friendship or conversation. He does not jump up and scream “You touched me” and file charges.

If the charge is made by a man it is usually directed toward a female superior and it is for something said or insinuated for a period of time.

Lets face it, sexual harassment has been taken way past the state of being for any protection. It has been taken to the level of a weapon. Something that can be used to hide reality or seek revenge rather than true harassment.

And what about our children! Our kids are more into drugs and alcohol now than ever before. Boys are carrying firearms to school for who knows what purpose. Girls running away from home to become prostitutes.

This would not have been tolerated 20 or 25 years ago. We would have corrected our kids before anything escalated to a dangerous point. But NO, someone said that is not a nice thing to do and we began to loose control.

I know, you are looking out for the child. Well, I believe in protecting the children too but I still believe in some form of punishment too. The children of today have become over protected and they know it.

They know that you are no longer allowed to spank them, hit them, shake them, scold them or even raise your voice at them. You as a parent are not allowed to correct your child in any way at all. The only thing you are allowed to do is talk to them, and you better speak softly of you will be charged with verbal abuse.

The children can actually hit you but you cannot hit them back. They can spit on you, you better not retaliate. They can cuss you out but don’t you use foul language back to them.

Remember the old saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”? I know, I wouldn’t use the rod either, but a little swat on the butt can do wonders for the attitude correction.

I remember having my butt paddled and it didn’t cause irreparable damage. Hell, I can remember having to go cut the switch that was used on my backside. Didn’t hurt anything but my pride.

You should have seen the paddle my principal used in school. It was big, wide and full of little holes. He didn’t mind using it either.

I’m not saying that I didn’t deserve it, I did. I’m just saying it was big, hard and it got your attention. It was something you didn’t want to have as a regular visitor.

The way the child protection laws are written today is actually a bit disturbing. If you correct your child you can go to jail. If you don’t correct your child you can go to jail. You are not allowed, but the officials are not going to do it either. Who is supposed to do it.

Some of the people who make up these rules are people who have never had children and some are people whose children have already lived through the tough times and are now grown and gone.

I say now and I always will say that you cannot raise a child by the book. No book ever written has covered all the situations that will come up in the raising of a child.

The only one who should help us raise our children is God, and he uses no manual.

Ok, I have said enough, shoot those comments and complaints to me. I can take it. But before you do, think about what has been said.

Navy ASVAB Line Scores – Line Up Here With Your Questions

Navy ASVAB Line Scores - Line Up Here With Your Questions

NAVY ASVAB line scores play an important role in the rating (or job) that a Sailor can have while in the Navy. Line scores are the scores that are given to each of the nine sub-tests in the ASVAB, or The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

There are nine parts to the test:

* General Science (GS)

* Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

* Word Knowledge (WK)

* Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

* Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

* Electronics Information (EI)

* Auto Shop (AS)

* Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

* Assembling Objects (AO)

The score for each of these subtests is called a line score.

Jobs in the Navy are called ratings, and eligibility for a rating is largely determined by the line scores of the ASVAB.

For example, in order to qualify to be a Gunner’s Mate (GM), the combined scores of Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, and General Science must equal 205. Or, as the NAVY writes it: AR+MK+EI+GS=205

Some ratings have two different ways to qualify. In order to sign a contract to be an Engineman (EN) a recruit can either have VE+AR+MK+AS=200 OR VE+AR+MK+AO=205.

It is important to note that the Navy ASVAB line scores aren’t the only pre-requisite for a rating. There are other considerations, such as vision, citizenship, and ability to obtain a security clearance.

ASVAB line scores are often confused with the AFQT, which is a score derived from certain line scores. The scores from Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Word Knowledge (WK), and Paragraph Comprehension (PC) are used to compute the AFQT like this: The WK and PC scores are added together and used to determine a VE (Verbal Expression) score. Then the VE score is doubled, and the sum added to the AR and MK. The sum of 2VE + AR + MK is the raw score. The AFQT percentile score tells how good one score is in comparison to all the other scores submitted. A 59 means that the test taker scored better than 59% of those tested.

Most of the time when someone tells their ASVAB score, they really mean their AFQT percentile. The AFQT is often confused with Navy ASVAB Line Scores .

Now, use what you’ve learned about ASVAB line scores to help you find your perfect rating in the Navy by visiting

Women & City Design

Women & City Design

In urban cities despite the apparent visibility of women, women across class do not share equal access to public space with men. Is the flaw in the city planning and design of these spaces which do not encourage women to enjoy and benefit form them? Or is our public spaces expression of the patriarchal society that we are?

Public spaces are essential to the quality and experience of urban life which is used freely on a day-to-day basis by the general public, such as streets, plazas, parks and public infrastructure open and accessible to everyone. Regrettably most public spaces in cities are “gendered spaces”, poorly designed to exclude women – due to safety and convenience reasons.

Traditionally, in most societies there has been a clear demarcation of public & private realm with women relegated to the latter. Most of the things in our built environment are designed with male perspective based on a male model. There are differences between men and women in terms of ergonomics but designs that are inept for women still are commonly used. It seems women are constantly being disempowered by the non- progressive planning and designing of built environment and community spaces and the question is to how changes to the physical environment might help women to reclaim the right to use public space as and when they wish. Women consistently express fears for their personal safety in public spaces and institutions. In fact engendering public spaces and reducing their vulnerability can result from simple design solutions:

1. Installing effective signage that makes it easier to know where you are
2 Planning better lighting clear sight lines for visibility especially at night
3. Efficient arrangement of road systems, highways, pedestrian walkways and parking areas.
4. Building subways safer by making them easily approachable and maintainable, with efficient light systems, avoiding hiding places and planned security systems.
5. Designing stations for attendants, wardens or policemen in the public spaces to provide prompt official assistance.

Planners need to create urban spaces that are hospitable, by designing women and child friendly street furniture, suitable height of footpaths, sloping kerbs at intervals for prams, fewer steps for children, handrails, accessible litterbins, well lit and easily accessible car parks and roads and demarcated areas for women with babies for breastfeeding or nappy changing. Another important aspect to the subject is the absence of sufficient public toilets for women in the public spaces including public institutions resulting in long queues. Designers still accord the same number of square meters to male and female toilets, while in reality women are apt to spend more time individually in the toilets unlike men who have urinal stalls. So why not double the allocation?

The urban planning concepts that affect women most are predictable: schools, housing design, parks, pavements, safety and transport. If public spaces were designed with women in mind, they would look entirely different, with much more lighting, better-situated car parks, easily accessible play areas and more areas where residential and office spaces are mixed, making it far easier to juggle work and childcare.

It is disturbing, to note, the way women restrict their lives or get used to being uncomfortable or simply accept the physical and geographical limitations placed on them in everyday life. Gender has a low priority, but what is good for women is good for everyone. It will create better cities for all. Above all, it is about designers being open to this issue and becoming part and parcel of building a caring society which is sensitive to the needs of all including the elderly, children, women and the disabled.

Pepper Mace Baton – A Double Whammy

Pepper Mace Baton - A Double Whammy

The Pepper Mace Baton is not what you would think when you hear the word baton. A regular baton brings images of the big police baton used to bring down rioters. Or you think of a cartoon policeman chasing a bad guy with a baton. The Mace Baton is much different. It is a small and compact unit that is easy to use. It is something that can easily fit in the door pocket of your car or in your shirt pocket.

The Pepper Mace Baton is a self-defense tool not to be without. You can conveniently hook it to your keys and put a means of personal safety in your hand at all times. With a flick of your thumb you can arm the baton and be ready to use the pepper spray. The spray is dispensed in a cone shaped discharge of about five feet and the unit contains 6 half second bursts. It is low profile and devastatingly effective against attack.

This baton is a kubotan also, which is a highly accessible, durable self defense key chain, according to the dictionary. It can be held in your hand while hooked to your keys to flail your keys at the assailant. It can be used to stabilize your fist to apply pressure to sensitive parts of the body or to punch at the bony parts such as the knuckles or wrists.

It was originally developed as a tool for police officers to bring down suspects without permanent injury. Then they began teaching female officers to use it because it was an easy and effective way for them to tame an unruly person. In the mid-1970’s when it became popular it was known at the “Instrument of Attitude Adjustment”. they are used in martial arts a lot but really require no training.

With the Pepper Mace Baton you get a double whammy as far as being able to use it several different ways. It comes in five colors, pewter, red, black, blue, and purple. It is a hard plastic or aluminum alloy cylinder about 5 1/2 inches long and 9/16 inches in diameter with a key ring attached. It has the capability of being refilled so that you always have a fresh canister of pepper mace in the baton. By carrying the pepper mace baton you will always have an effective, powerful pepper spray for any problems that might come your way.

In choosing a non-lethal product such as the Pepper Mace Baton you can protect your family, yourself and your property while minimizing the likelihood of bring harm to the ones you love. Remember, trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Take action, don’t wait. You need to be in charge of protecting the lives of your and your family.

While certain restrictions apply in about 8 states and some municipalities, non-lethal self defense sprays are allowed in most areas of the United States.

Understanding Bio-Mass Energies

Understanding Bio-Mass Energies

Have you ever wondered what happens to the wood chips and bark from lumber mills? What about the manure from livestock operations? Well, these are actually considered renewable bio-energy sources and can be put to use or serve as recycled biomass energy supplies.

When these biomass supplies are burned in an appropriate manner, they make a great deal of electricity. In fact, many people are already familiar with the site of a flame coming out of the top of an old landfill, and interestingly enough they are probably watching recycled biomass energy production at work.

Renewable bio-energy currently includes dead trees and branches, left over portions of major crops (such as corn stalks), wood chips and sawdust, used tires, manure, paper products that are not recyclable, and even grass clippings. These are all transported to a recycled biomass energy plant where the materials are dumped into something known as a “hopper”, which then sends the materials into a massive furnace. This furnace burns at a very high temperature and is used to convert water into steam inside of a “boiler”. It is the steam from this massive boiler that turns the turbines and creates energy from “garbage”.

It is important to note that it is not environmentally friendly to burn just anything, and most recycled biomass energy can come only from renewable bio-energy supplies. These are things that can be grown and created over and over without depleting natural resources to obtain them.

Consider that oil supplies and coal supplies are actually only a limited resource. Eventually the world will run out of these materials. On the other hand farmers will always be growing corn, and trees never stop reproducing. These materials are safe to burn in a recycled biomass energy plant because they contain no chemicals or damaging materials, though burning itself is not the best way to create energy of any kind. Burning renewable bio-energy sources, however, is far superior to other materials.

Another interesting discovery occurred thanks to the recycled biomass energy movement, and that was the production of ethanol from such materials as corn. This is now being put to use in many vehicles, where it is combined with gasoline and produces a highly effective fuel.

The entire point of the recycled biomass energy industry is to reduce or entirely eliminate the human need for fossil fuels which are destroying the environment and threatening the future.

5 Tips For Living Earth Day Everyday – Practical Green Tips That Save You Money

5 Tips For Living Earth Day Everyday - Practical Green Tips That Save You Money

With all the press regarding earth day it occurs to me that every day should be earth day. We all love clean water, pollutant free air, and a healthy mother earth. It really doesn’t matter your economic status, your political belief, or your occupation, we all love a clean environment and want healthy living for our children and our children’s children. The earth is a brilliantly designed and amazing planet that does an incredible job of taking care of itself but there are some simple and practical ways that we can help to limit our footprint on our great planet as well.

Here are 5 simple things that we all can control ourselves and do every day to help keep our world clean and green.

1. Reduce Energy Usage. Lower your temperature a few degrees in the winter and wear some warmer clothing and turn the thermostat up a little in the summer so the air conditioner doesn’t burn unnecessary juice from the grid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying live in a continual sweat. I’m saying a couple degrees across a few hundred million people means a massive energy savings. The simple things add up. Turn off lights when you leave a room and don’t use lights when the sun does just as good a job lighting your space. Turn off computers, TV’s, IPod’s, and all energy sucking devices when you are not really using them. Use “Energy Common Sense”. The great thing about using energy common sense is that it also saves you money.

2. Reduce Water Consumption. Even Barney the dinosaur teaches the little children not to let the water run when they are brushing their teeth. He really is a “green” dinosaur and we can learn from his teachings just please don’t sing those songs to me. It’s pretty simple stuff. Don’t let that water run when washing, brushing teeth or getting ready to take a shower. I don’t think any researcher has yet to sneak into our bathrooms to measure how long we all let the water run before jumping into shower but my guess is that it can often be over 5 minutes of water down the drain before we even enter the shower. Then when we get in, how long do we just stand there and let the precious H2O wash down the drain? Maybe CSI Miami can figure out that answer but the bottom line is that we should be aware of where we run water unnecessarily and learn to reduce that waste. That includes watering the lawn, washing cars, taking showers, brushing teeth, washing clothes or dishes and all ways we use water. Water is more critical to life than oil will ever be so let’s treat it that way. Mom was right, waste not want not.

3. Recycle. Most communities have recycling bins that we can use so this is a no brainer. Try to recycle glass, bottles and paper trash. The more we do it the better we become at it and the lower the cost for recycling companies. It might be a slight nuisance today but as recyclers get better it will become easier in the future and they will get better at separating materials for recycling.

4. Re-use. My grandfather taught me this one at an early age and it had very little to do with being green and had everything to do with being poor and thrifty. He actually had jars that he would keep old nails in after he had used them. Yes, he would actually pull them out of the wall and save them for future use. I asked him one time when I saw him do this why he did not just throw the nail away and buy new ones from the hardware store. He replied, “Why would I want to spend money on something when I already have these?” Smart man. He reused everything and rarely wasted income on something when he could re-use something he already had. This is economic sustainability in action. Employing re-use as a daily practice will also save you lots of money throughout your life as well as use less materials.

5. Educate Yourself Green. There is an abundance of free information from the web regarding how to be more environmentally sustainable. It doesn’t have to cost you anything other than time to read. Learn about sustainability, investigate simple things you can do in your home to be green and reduce waste, expenses, energy, chemicals, and other unnecessary and wasteful items. There is a lot of greenwashing and bogus information being passed around today regarding environmental issues so becoming educated on the topic can help you navigate through the green trash.

Hope this helps you and have a happy earth day every day!

Is Free Will Fair?

Is Free Will Fair?

Some complain that while God has given people free will whether or not to believe in Him, it isn’t much of a choice. Since the only 2 options are Heaven or Hell the idea of true free will strikes some as being ridiculous and unfair.

A couple of comments first.

One- I’m struck at how when offered the opportunity to go to Heaven for eternity, the response isn’t “Yes! Thank you, Lord!”, but “No! This is unfair! This isn’t really a choice, but a sham!” but that is something for a different discussion.

Second- We need to remember that God does want all people to go to Heaven:

Ezekiel 18:23- “Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign LORD. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?”

John 3:16-17- “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

1 Timothy 2:3-4- God our Savior “…wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

1 Peter 3:9- “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

Let’s look at the different scenarios that could play out within a Christian worldview, holding to people having free will.

1. Heaven and Hell are real and people can choose to go to either place by either believing in God or rejecting God.

2. People can reject God yet still receive His blessings. This seems to be the desired answer from those who critique the biblical position.

Both options are true, yet both are not eternal.

In our lives on earth, someone can reject God, hate God with a passion, yet still receive some of God’s blessings- physical health, long life, material possessions and wealth, family, friends, talents, etc. But this is only temporary. If someone rejects/does not believe in God when they die, that decision is made permanent.

But let’s say that option #2 was eternal. One could reject God, not go to Hell, and still receive God’s blessings, without any personal relationship with Him.

This may sound ideal to some, or at least like a fairer choice, but a thorny question would be, “What about evil?”

On this world, people would still have free will to do right or to do wrong. Yet there would be no presence of God (or the church) to counter evil. Even if you don’t believe in a literal Satan and demons, there is the evil that people want and desire to do on their own.

Sooner or later this type of world, while enjoying God’s blessings, would nonetheless slip into chaos, lawlessness and overall, much more pain and suffering than is experienced even today.

A response to this may be to say, “Okay, that’s no good, but still there must be a way to have free will and God’s blessings without God.” Is there?

You can’t have Heaven without God. The best and main part of Heaven is God Himself.

The Bible says that God is love (1 John 4:8) and that all good comes from God.

If you go back to the world above-no God but all of God’s blessings-one would have to get rid of evil to have peace. So this would be a strange place indeed- no God, yet no freedom of choice either. It would be a God-less Heaven, which for all intents and purposes is a contradiction in terms and so can’t exist.

God wants to have a personal relationship with all people. To want all of God’s blessings, but nothing of God Himself, is perhaps, for some at least, the very heart of the matter.

I would like to address this in the following chat between a father and his son:

Father: Son, it’s been quite a long time since we spent time together. Far too long. So let’s spend the day hanging out together. Just you and I.

Son: Thanks for the offer, dad, but is that really necessary?

See, honestly, I really don’t want a personal relationship with you dad. Not to sever ties with you completely, however. While I don’t want a personal relationship with you, I would still like to continue to receive all of the good things you provide for me.

To put it candidly, I really just want all of your stuff. You know, your house, car, access to your bank account. Just the good things.

Besides, didn’t you and mom have me just so you could give me things? You didn’t really want to give me yourself or your time, did you?

I’m glad that you love me, father, but if you want to show me your love, you can do that by buying me things and letting me do whatever I want, when I want, and how I want, without having the slightest thought of being punished or having to suffer any consequences.

No parent who truly loves their child warns him of consequences or punishes him when he does wrong.

So the way I see it, you can still give me all the goodies, without us having a personal relationship and we can both be fine with that.

After all……

Isn’t that what a true father-son relationship is all about?