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Helpful Reminders When Learning How to Train Cats

Helpful Reminders When Learning How to Train Cats

Just like dogs, it is best to train cats when they are younger. Kittens are easier to train and their training will be much quicker than that of an older cat. Although it is easier, it is still important to learn how to train cats properly.

Learning how to train cats can be useful and rewarding at the same time. In the long run, you will definitely see the benefits of training a cat. While engaging in this process, you should try to make the best of it and enjoy the time that you have with your kitten. When spending time with your kitten during training, you will learn to observe his actions. This is primarily helpful for you to better understand your cat and sometimes incorporate some of these actions in to the training.

Having a pet can be a very enjoyable situation. Unfortunately, not all ideal situations can materialize immediately because being independent and self-reliant is the natural behavior of all cats. It is important to know however, that cats are trainable. You will have to be patient and spend a bit of time reading up to learn what works and what doesn’t.

One of the characteristics of a good trainer needs is to be observant. You need to observe keenly all cat behaviors. This will help you understand what your cat feels and what he wants. Also, this can make the training easier. When you know more about your cat, you will be able to know the best approach to go about the training. It is always important to remember that cats cannot be trained the same way that dogs can, as they will only learn if there is something in it for them. Planning the training will be easier this way.

Another important characteristic that you must have is patience. You have to be patient in training and understanding your cat. You should be prepared and realize that your cat can sometimes do otherwise. Also, you have to remember that these lapses are normal but you can always solve them in the long run. By being persistent and continuing the training, you will achieve the ideal cat behavior that you are looking for.

You have to remember that every cat is different. You may have a cat that likes to play most of the time. There are other cats who want to engage in completely different activities. You will only have to observe your cat to know his preferences. Each cat also has its own habits, some of which are breed specific. You can make use of these behaviors in training them. For example, Siamese generally love to play fetch or carry objects around in their mouths. By tapping their natural behavior you will most likely capture the cat’s attention. Also, you will learn how to do things properly. There are training plans that worked for others and you can try them out with your own cat. But, a broader understanding of your own cat, will move things along much quicker.

Cat owners can learn how to train cats quickly and effectively. What is important is that you understand your own cat and you know what is right for them. Others can guide you but a little innovation can be a big help for your cat training.

Dogs and Warm Weather – 7 Tips to Help Keep Them Safe

Dogs and Warm Weather - 7 Tips to Help Keep Them Safe

With the warmer weather usually comes the desire to do more outdoor activities with our dogs. After all, this is a great part of the joy of having a canine best friend. Warmer weather also brings its own kinds of hazards for our furry friends. Here are some tips to help keep your best friend safe. Dogs and Warm Weather-7 Tips to Help Keep Them Safe

1. Always provide fresh water and, if outdoors, good shade. Water, important all year around, is especially important in warm and hot weather. A shady place for protection from the sun’s heat is also vital for a pet’s health and safety.

2. Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a car in the shade is 90 degrees. In the sun, the temperature can reach 160 degrees in minutes. On a much milder day, even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the vehicle can quickly shoot up over 100 degrees.

3. Cookouts are fun for everyone, and the smell of food cooking is enticing to dogs. Keep pieces of foil, plastic, foam containers, bones, and hot foods out of your pet’s reach. These can cause injuries to his or her mouth and internal lacerations or blockages if swallowed. Chicken bones and others that splinter are especially dangerous. Keep a close eye on the grill-snatching a bite of food may be too tempting, and serious burns as well as overturned grills can result.

4. Lawnmowers and outdoor tools pose serious dangers for pets. Lawnmower blades can not only cause irreparable damage to body parts, but can throw rocks or debris which can cause serious injuries. Other power tools and even simple garden tools can also cause injury if licked or stepped on in the wrong way. Keep pets indoors or safe in another area when these tools are being used.

5. Life jackets are a must if your dog goes boating with you. Even the strongest swimmer can become fatigued and drown. Be sure that the life jackets are Coast Guard approved and fit your dog properly. Always put them on your dog before you even leave the shore.

6. Bug bites are a common problem in warmer weather. Watch for allergic reactions if your dog is bitten. These can cause breathing difficulty, which is a veterinary emergency.

7. Walk and play in early morning or early evening in hotter weather to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Take water and a bowl with you on long walks, so your dog (and you) can stay hydrated.

Dogs enjoy being outdoors with us, and they often don’t know when it’s time to rest. Be alert for any signs of heat stroke in your pet. These include excessive panting, weakness, collapse, and unusual actions or reactions.

If your pet does suffer heat stroke, immediately move him or her to a cool location. Using a fan to circulate the air, giving the dog fresh water to drink, and letting the dog rest under close observation may be all that is required for mild cases. For more severe heat stroke, begin to bring down the external temperature by placing the dog in tepid or slightly cool water, making sure to keep his head out of the water, and call your veterinarian. Never ever give your dog ice or ice water. This causes the internal organs to cool down too fast and cause serious or life-threatening conditions. Anything more than mild heatstroke requires immediate veterinary attention.

Our dogs love to be with us, and they can provide great pleasure and companionship. With attention to a few things that will help to keep them safe, we can all enjoy outdoor activities together any time of year.

Eclectus Parrot – The Ideal Parrot Type For Beginners

Eclectus Parrot - The Ideal Parrot Type For Beginners

The Eclectus parrot is an Asiatic parrot type that is widely bred in Europe and the United States. This bird, which is endemic in New Guinea, is ideal for people who are looking for their first parrot pet because it can adapt well in a cage and can be easy to care for in comparison to other parrot species. But before you go to your nearest pet store to buy this type of bird, you might want to know the unique characteristics of an Eclectus parrot. Here they are.

One of the things that set this parrot type apart from other birds under the same species is the huge difference in the appearance of males and females. An adult male Eclectus parrot generally has a bright green plumage with some tints of deep blue on its wings and tails and a patch of crimson on its side. The upper bill of the male Eclectus is coral with a bright yellow tip, while the lower part of its bill is black. The eyes of this small parrot, which can grow to as large as 14 inches, are brown. The female Eclectus, on the other hand, has bright red plumage. You will notice that the back, base of the tail, and the wings of the female are deep red. Moreover, you will also find a purplish blue band on the body and tips of the auxiliary wings. Lastly, the mandibles of the female are black.

The temperament of this Asiatic parrot type is quite calm and peaceful when it is inside the cage. In fact, many parrot owners say that the Eclectus is one of the quietest of all parrot breeds. Even when this parrot is dispirited and lonely, you will not hear it complain or make irritating cries. However, make sure that it does not become too lively or agitated so that you won’t hear its infamous “Crrah” sound that some people say can be ear piercing.

Another reason why an Eclectus parrot type is good for beginners is that it can easily adapt to its new owners and even crave for their attention and pleasure. Once you have hand-tamed this bird, you can already teach it with tricks and pet it on the head and wings. In fact, you can even expect to hear it mimic a few words. Feeding an Eclectus is simple. Aside from giving it fruits and nuts, you also need to provide it with fresh vegetables regularly.

Feline Diabetes Symptoms

Feline Diabetes Symptoms

Feline diabetes is also commonly known as feline sugar diabetes and affects approximately 1 out of every 400 felines. This condition is caused by inadequate production of insulin by the beta cells in the pancreas or poor response of the cells to insulin. As you may know, insulin is secreted by the pancreas directly into the circulation. It acts upon cell membranes, enabling glucose to enter the cells, where it is utilized for energy. Without insulin, the body can’t utilize glucose, thus leading to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Once excessive blood sugar is recognized the kidneys slam into high gear to eliminate the excess glucose; producing frequent urination. This leads to excessive thirst in felines with diabetes. Additionally, your feline will initially make an attempt to offset excessive blood glucose levels by eating more food. Later, as the damaging effects of feline diabetes set in a dramatic drop in appetite will occur.  

In summary, the early stages of feline diabetes are:  

* Frequent urination

* Excessive water consumption 

* Increase in appetite followed by a drop in appetite  

If left untreated or if treatment is unsuccessful a myriad of symptoms (some serious) will become apparent.

These would include:  

* Bad breath

* Loss of appetite

* Vomiting

* Weakness

* Dehydration

* Labored breathing

* Fatigue  

You may have noticed that cataracts are not listed above. This is because unlike dogs cats rarely develop cataracts. Also, another indication of feline diabetes is walking down on the hocks instead of up on the toes.  

In summary, early recognition of feline diabetes (feline sugar diabetes) is very important. If you fell your feline may be exhibiting symptoms you should waste no time in having it checked out. Your veterinarian will likely require a blood and urine sample to confirm your suspicions. Once confirmed you will be faced with a number of treatment options including dietary management, prescription medications, insulin injections, or natural treatment alternatives. A combination of diet modification combined with daily insulin injections is the treatment option most likely to be suggested. For mild cases many pet owners are opting for a natural treatment option for feline diabetes. These all natural formulas can be used both as a primary or supplemental treatment and are very safe.

Important Tips For Breeding Geese – Avoid Deadly Mistakes

Important Tips For Breeding Geese - Avoid Deadly Mistakes

There are various different considerations to use for raising geese. These include the way how geese are bred and how the eggs that are created are handled. Breeding geese can be an enjoyable activity but it will be important to watch for how the geese are handled so that it will be easier for the geese to be raised properly.

A major tip to use for raising geese is to watch for how the geese are mated. It is best to allow for the geese to mate with each other on their own. This is because males and females are capable of determining their own mates and staying with them. It is important to consider this tip because when geese are forced to mate with other geese involuntarily the breeding process will not be very easy.

Getting geese to mate with different geese can be done when one goose’s mate is removed outside of the hearing and sight of that particular goose. This is done so that it will be easier for the goose to not know that the mate has been changed so that the goose will be able to mate without any confusion. Not all types of geese will be able to handle this process though and some will be able to easily tell the difference between an old partner and a new one.

Another part of breeding geese is that different types of geese will be more successful in terms of breeding. For instance, heavier types of geese tend to be more successful in breeding when a trio mating is done. This is a type of mating where one male and two females are used.

It will be very important to keep the routine that is working for any type of goose to be kept properly. This is because geese live on routine and will not breed as well when their routines are broken.

A major part of breeding geese deals with how the eggs that are formed as a result of breeding are treated. It will be important to keep the eggs apart from each other as well as possible. Having about ten eggs gathered together can help but it will be important for all of these eggs to be able to be properly insulated and warmed so that it will be easier for the eggs to hatch over time.

Simple Q&As For Recognizing Dog Chewing Problems & How to Stop the Destructive Chewing

Simple Q&As For Recognizing Dog Chewing Problems & How to Stop the Destructive Chewing

How to stop a dog from chewing is a hot topic in forums discussing dog issues these days. I visited a few of them recently and found out that the problem is worst than expected. Many owners are struggling with this problem and others have resort to expensive solutions to coupe with it. But, why should you and your dog suffer when there are options far less expense and just as effective solution that will eliminate the chewing for good?

Here is what I know and found out to be true. Dogs or puppy chewing without a cause is a major problem! If they are doing it for a reason and you don’t know why, then it’s up to you to find out because your pooch cannot tell you. This behavior can drive many loving feline owners to consider giving their pup away. But before they do that or even think about it learn the cause first.

The damage from a chewing dog can cause an unexpected expense, lost of property, medical bills for broken teeth, repair bills to the house, furniture and the lost of trust. But before you think about throwing Fido to the curb or to where he came from, think about how you can stop the chewing.

In this article you are going to learn some simple yet powerful techniques to stop your pooch from chewing. We are not trying to stop him from chewing for good because he needs to eat! You only want to get him to stop chewing up your possessions.

Whether valuable or not, it will cost money to replace those items. And if it’s not taking care of now, the problem will only get worst.

As I promise here are the Q&A’s

Question : Why is my dog or puppy chewing and damaging my belongings?

Answer : Dogs chew for many reasons. In most cases, it’s a natural behavior. They may do it for fun or out of boredom which will lead to destructive chewing. On the other hand, the majority of dogs depending on the age, like a puppy, will chew because of teething, adult and adolescent dogs tend to chew to entertain them self.

Question : Why do they target shoes, clothing, sofas and belts etc?

Answer : Your dog will target shoes, clothing, sofas, and other object because it is in their reach. Shoes especially are the most targeted item. Why? It’s on the floor or too close where they can take it. The other reasons these are targeted is because they are made of leather and it probably smells like you.

Question : How to stop a dog or your dog from chewing?

Answer :Train your dog a skill known in the dog training world called redirecting. This means that you use an object that is made for dogs to chew on and let him chew on it instead. The only difficult part of this training is catching him in the act of chewing.

When you do, give him a chew toy like cowide, bully sticks or any dog chewing toy that is found in your pets store. If you are successful in redirection his chewing habit to a chew toy, be sure to praise him for making the trade.

Question : what is “Crate Training”

Answer: Crate training is mostly used for house training a dog but it works very well for stopping a dog from chewing. Crating, as it is called, tends to be a little difficult to perform because it entails putting your dog in a cage or sort. It is not recommended unless you fully understand how to implement this method.

Question : How long does it take to stop a dog for my dog from chewing?

Answer : A time limit cannot be set. Each canine is different and result will vary. Some dog will respond in as little as 15 minuets. The best thing to do is find a program, book, system, or your self, and begin the training. The sooner you start to get him to kick the habit the better it will be for you and him.

Tips to Use For Caring and Keeping Geese

Tips to Use For Caring and Keeping Geese

There are two major problems that can come about with taking care of geese. These deal with the health conditions of the geese and the fact that in some cases geese may try to escape a farm. Because of these two problems it will be very important to work towards keeping geese by using a few tips. It helps to look into watching for any health concerns surrounding the geese and to watch for how they are physically kept on the farm.

In many cases a goose may end up becoming lame. This is where the goose will feel weak in the legs. Getting a goose that has been affected to be wormed will be very important. It helps to get the goose to be wormed at a veterinarian’s office as soon as possible to help with removing any parasites that the goose may possibly have.

Another tip to use regarding the health considerations for geese is to consider the amount of grit that is available for the geese. Getting the geese to have plenty of grit is important because geese aren’t capable of milling down foods like people do and as a result will need grit to help them with consuming and digesting food. It will especially be important to do this for females that have laid eggs because when there is not enough grit for these females they can die from complications as a result of laying eggs.

Heat can be a difficult thing for geese to handle. This is one of the main health considerations for geese to see because geese can overheat easily during warmer times of the year due to their feather coats. Having a clean water source in the farm area is very important because this will be used to help with getting the geese to be naturally cooled off.

Although there are plenty of health considerations for geese to watch for it will be important as well to look into the fencing that is used for the geese. A major part of keeping geese deals with getting the geese to stay in a farm. A proper type of wire fence should be used to help keep the geese in the farm. A three-foot tall fence is important in that it will be tall enough to help with keeping the geese from trying to get out of the farm.

Are You Dealing With Cat Behavioral Problems?

Are You Dealing With Cat Behavioral Problems?

Having a pet can sometimes be difficult. You get many benefits from having your own cat and generally this will take no effort from you. But, if you have a cat, there will come a day when your cat will misbehave. These cat behavioral problems can be solved if you can try to understand why your cat behaves the way he does.

For your cat, what he is doing may seem a regular behavior. Unfortunately, they don’t have a way of instantly knowing what is good or bad from your perspective. You just have to understand their behavior if you want to have a better time with your feline.

When you do have problems with your cat, you should not get angry with him. You have to understand the pet and his actions so that you will also know how to react to them. The most common problem with a pet cat is when it urinates outside of his box. This is a normal situation with pets that are not yet trained. You may put a litter box in the room but there are times that he still goes to the bathroom outside of the box. Even trained cats can still have some accidents at some time in their life usually because of a medical problem, or some other type of change that affects your cat.

There are many ways to fix this behavior once you find out what the underlying problem is. One way to do this is to add an extra box for each cat in your house, plus have a spare. This means that when you have two cats, you will need to have at least three litter boxes. This way, your cat will always be able to find a convenient and clean litter box when he needs it.

A few other solutions include cleaning the litter box more regularly, not using scented litter, and ensuring the litter box is easily accessible.

There are more cat behavioral problems that you may encounter. These are results of various factors. You might think that you can solve each problem and this is actually possible. You will only have to find the way that works best. You also have to have reasonable expectations. There might be a lot of things you expect from your cat and your pet may do otherwise. To avoid this, you should not make assumptions. Your cat is doing things for a reason that makes sense to him. What you think is reasonable, is not always the same as what he thinks. By discovering the underlying reason, you can change the behavior to one that is more agreeable to you.

One of the causes of these behavioral problems may be when you have a cat and you add a second one. This can be a threat for the initial cat and it can definitely be a factor for their misbehavior. You should know this so that you will understand that they don’t really hate each other. There are just some territories that need to be set.

Also, it would be safe to assume that each cat is different from the other. One of your cats may like to play for a long time while the other avoids mingling with people. In order to avoid cat behavioral problems each cat must be dealt with individually and immediately to correct the unwelcome behavior as it arises. You just have to understand each cat, their behavior and their body language.

Places For Finding a Goose For Sale

Places For Finding a Goose For Sale

When buying geese it will be important to consider various different factors surrounding a goose that one is looking into getting. One of the most important of these is that of going to the right place for finding a goose for sale. There are various different types of farms and stores where geese can be bought and in many cases fertilized eggs can be bought as well. It helps to look into these different places when finding geese.

All sorts of different farms will have geese for sale. Different farms that work in raising geese will be willing to offer their geese for sale to other goose farms. This is especially the case for farms that are very large and are looking to get rid of some of their geese. It helps to consider the condition of the geese at any farm and their ages before getting any goose that is for sale at one of these farms. Don’t forget to watch for the terms of purchase that one of these farms will have. It is important to watch for this because not all farms will have contracts where refunds are offered if the goose dies off a few days after being bought.

Farm supply stores are popular places where geese can be bought as well. It should be noted that while these stores offer more customer support than individual farms in many cases it will still be important to check on the health of the geese that are for sale at one of these places.

It is also important to consider that many different groups will offer fertilized eggs for sale. These are eggs that have already been hatched by geese. In many cases one of these eggs will be capable of being hatched by a chicken. This is very useful for those who are interested in only one or two geese. It will be important to watch for how these eggs are handled though. Most farms will have these eggs for sale along with geese. Farm supply stores can have them for sale in some cases.

While it is true that many different farms or other groups will advertise that they have geese for sale in classified ads it will be important to watch for these groups when buying geese. It will be important to talk with the group that owns the geese that are being advertised for sale before committing to buying them and to see if these geese are healthy in person.

Tips For Farming Geese – How to Make it Easier to Raise Geese

Tips For Farming Geese - How to Make it Easier to Raise Geese

Farming geese can be an enjoyable activity but it will be important to watch for how these geese are being taken care of. There are some important tips to use for farming geese that can make it easier for geese to be raised properly in a good environment. These tips include making sure the best amount of space is used and that the eggs that the geese leave are properly taken care of. Keeping geese protected during tougher weather conditions is very important too.

One tip to use for raising geese is to have a good amount of space for the geese to live in. As the goose population of a farm increases the amount of space that is used for the geese should increase as well. An acre of space should be good enough to handle twenty geese but in many cases forty geese can fit into one acre. Regardless it will be very important to look into expanding the space that the geese can live in when the number of geese in an area increases. This is especially important because of how a goose can sit on ten or more eggs at various times of the year.

Another tip for raising geese on a farm is to watch for how the eggs are being taken care of. After a female lays an egg it can take about a month for the egg to properly hatch. In many cases fertilized eggs can be bought but it will be important to work towards farming natural eggs because the females will be more comfortable with them.

Having the eggs properly handled will be important to consider too. The eggs will need to be handled properly in a way that there are not too many eggs in one area. A typical goose will be able to sit on ten or more eggs at once. As a result it will be important to be sure that this amount of eggs is used as a maximum.

The next tip to use for farming geese is to watch for weather conditions. Having plenty of protection for the geese during some of the colder times of the year will be very important. A wooden crate that is partially open on the side or a half barrel can be a perfect space to use for geese during some of the coldest months of the year.