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The Best Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

If you are new to the world of bass fishing, this article is for you. In it I will discuss some of the more popular and effective bass fishing lures on the market. If any of them aren’t a part of your bass fishing repertoire, they should be added sooner rather than later. These are some of the best bass fishing lures available to bass anglers.

If you were to list the “top ten” bass fishing lures, the lures listed below would most certainly be on that list. Which one is the best of all of these options? It’s impossible to say, because at the end of the day the best lure for bass is probably different for every angler.

Try all of these options and find the one that feels and works the best for you. The point is that there is no “magic” formula when it comes to fishing. Spend as much time as you can on the water and before you know it you’ll have your own “favorite bass fishing lure”.

  1. The Plastic Worm – The plastic worm is certainly one of the best known lures used for bass of all time, and for good reason. There are many ways of fishing a plastic worm from the ‘Carolina Rig’ to the ‘Wacky Rig’. The plastic worm market has been revolutionized by the Berkley Company with there development of Gulp and Alive products. These fishing baits look and perform just like plastic and have been impregnated with fish attracting scents. Many anglers say that these products even out fish live bait.
  2. The Crank Bait – Crank Baits are any bait that is cast out and reeled in and imitates a bait fish. Crank Baits come in every size and color imaginable. They biggest key with crank baits (in my opinion) is that they appear as lifelike as possible. You want your crank bait to look like the forage that the bass normally eat. One of the best bass fishing lures that imitate a bait fish is the Kicktail Minnow. Some others would include the Shad Rap, the Bagley Killer B, and the Bomber Model A.
  3. The Top Water Lure – Top water lures are very effective for bass. They key to using a top water fishing lure is to make sure that they water is completely flat. The more the water that you’re fishing is like glass, the better for top water fishing. One of the most popular and effective top water bass lures of all time is the Jitterbug. Some others would include the Heddon Zara Spook and the Rebel Bumble Bug.
  4. The Spinner Bait – Spinner baits are a great fishing lure for these fish. These lures work well for all types of bass. The important thing is to match the size of the spinner bait to the bass that you’re fishing for. In other words if you’re fishing for smallmouth bass use a smaller spinner bait, largemouth bass use a larger spinner bait. The point of the matter is that spinner baits are one of the best bass fishing lures available.

As I said earlier, the lures above are some of the best fishing lures that can be used for bass. If any of them aren’t in your tackle box you probably want to add them. All of these lures will help you catch more bass on your next fishing trip.

Cannondale Cycling – Must Have Beginner Mountain Bike Skills!

Cannondale Cycling - Must Have Beginner Mountain Bike Skills!

Mountain biking is a thoroughly exciting sport that can be taken up by anyone who has the ability to ride a bike, however in comparison to normal road cycling it does present some extra thrills and dangers. As such, its important to master some basic skills before heading to the hills for the day.

  1. Get a good feel of the pedals: practice getting a good feel of where your pedals are when cycling. Release and replace your feet while on the move. If you use toe clips then this is all the more important!
  2. Practice cycling in different positions. Angle your back and your legs at various degrees to the handlebars and the bike frame. Adjust your seating position and try various postures for comfort.
  3. Change the gears regularly to find out what gears are best for the inclination. Obviously the higher the gear then the lesser the inclination you can cycle up. Practice changing up and down the gears to suit the gradient of the hill you are riding on.
  4. Spend some time coasting while standing on the pedals. Move your body forwards and also towards the rear of the bike to find your center of balance.
  5. Pedal while standing. Again, find your center of balance when you are standing on the pedals. Try this using all the gears and at various hill gradients to get a feel for it.

Once you get used to the basics, whether you have a new bike or you are just improving your skills you will then be able to hit the mountain trails and do some great Cannondale cycling with more confidence about your ability to handle the unexpected!

How to Improve Your Basketball Training

How to Improve Your  Basketball Training

I have been playing basketball all my life. I played all four years in high school and then went on to play collegiately at West Chester University. Now ever since I have picked up a basketball and really understood the game I have notice that majority of the player’s workouts are totally wrong. The following are a couple of tips that I have picked up over the years that really will improve your game.

First if you are trying to improve your basketball skills your workout must be very intense don’t half step anything. If your working on shooting make sure that your technique is perfect and don’t do anything else until you feel comfortable doing it the right way. Once you get comfortable doing things the right way you have to practice as if you are in a game situation. Working out as if your in a game situation means that you have to go at a fast, hard pace that your not use too. A lot of players work out at a moderate pace which they get use to, so once they are in games they are uncomfortable with the pace and speed.

Their mind can not adapt to the speed which causes confusion and panic. To help you work out at an intense pace you must fuel your body before and afterward. Players overlook one of the most important factors to having a great workout and improving their game. The factor that I am talking about is nutrition. Feeding your body and mind before and after you workout will improve your game dramatically. If you allow yourself to not worry about being tired physically or mentally just imagine how focus you would be on different aspects of your game. If your mental alertness was at an all-time high it will allow you to perfect the drills that you are being taught. Your energy level will be at a point to where fatigue would not be an issue.

This is very important because fatigue is one of the main reasons players pick up bad habits. If you like the article or would like to ask me questions about basketball or nutrition go to my website

Logano Learns From One of the Best

Logano Learns From One of the Best

Wednesday afternoon, one of NASCAR’s hottest young rookies got a lesson from one of NASCAR’s best on how to get around the track they call ‘Too Tough To Tame.’ Scheduled to make his first career start at the famed Darlington Raceway in just a few weeks, Joey Logano enlisted the help of the legendary Cale Yarborough.

The two drivers – who could not be any more opposite in appearance and age – took to the track behind the wheel of a Jeff Gordon Driving School car with Yarborough behind the wheel and Logano along for the ride. Hitting the track for the first time in many years, Yarborough gave the young driver pointers on how to get around one of the toughest tracks in the world.

“I doubt if I can show him anything,” Yarborough said prior to getting on the track with Logano. “I’ve been watching him. He’s got a lot of talen. I don’t thing he needs anyone to show him anything, we’ll see what we can do.”

“I wish I was his age,” Yarborough went on to say about the 18-year-old sitting beside him. “Joey and I – coming here – we were almost the same age. I came here at seventeen.”

“He beat me,” Logano quipped.

“You’re an old man now at eighteen,” the three-time Cup Series champion added.

After a brief Q&A with the gathered media, Logano and Yarborough changed into their driving suits and headed out to pit road. The veteran climbed behind the wheel of the car as Logano strapped in on the passenger side.

Yarborough talks it over with Logano after their laps around the 1.366-mile facility

The two took to the track and cruised around the famed Darlington Raceway as Yarborough showed the young rookie the line around the track and offered a bit of advice.

As for the advice, Yarborough explained, “I was telling him to get his car set in the corner and pick his throttle up as soon as possible, don’t wait – don’t drive in so deep that you gotta wait so long to pick your throttle up, because if you pick your throttle up early, you got more control of it through the corners.”

“It’s cool, it’s different sitting on the right side of these cars for sure,” Logano said with a smile after climbing from the car. “Just to make some laps with Cale, get to talk to him a little bit and learn a few things is pretty neat.

“To have one of the best teach you and tell you a few tips about this place is neat,” Logano added. “Not many people can say they did that. Just a couple of tips he said about it, the line around the race track he took, I’ll just put them in my mental bank and come back and try them at least and see what they do.”

Yarborough helped make the sport what it is today and Logano is poised to become the future of the sport, yet Wednesday their paths crossed

“It felt good,” Yarborough said of his laps around the track. “It was just like the old Darlington race track. The old stripes are there like I used to remember and it felt like I was back at home.”

As the pair walked back to the media center, one could not help think about the stark differences between the two drivers. One a veteran driver, short in stature but huge in determination and spirit. The other tall and youthful, full of excitement and eager to learn. A man who helped build the sport and a kid who hopes to one day carry it to future generations.

“It’s special, a fellow like Joey, because he’s destined for stardom,” Yarborough added. “I hope he looks back one day and says, ‘Old Cale taught me a little something.'”

Training Together – Family Fitness the Martial Arts Way

Training Together - Family Fitness the Martial Arts Way

Many of us who were very physically active as young adults and as young married couples can have a very difficult transition into the world of early parenthood, where scant sleep and abundant stress, combined with all the new duties of being a parent, can really shut these activities down. During these early years, just making it through the day with sanity intact might be all that we can do. During this phase, we may tell ourselves that “once the kids get past these early years we will gear our activities back up.”

And once our children are a few years old, and the daily routine starts to improve, we immediately start to think about having them do various activities that will improve their strength, coordination, and balance – the early fitness foundation upon which they will later build. And as our kids enter elementary school, and sometimes even before that, most of us are trying to get them involved in sports and other activities that will begin to instill in them that lifelong love of fitness that we want each child to infuse into the very core of their being. And as I look around the cities and suburbs, I see parents making tremendous efforts to make sure this happens for their kids. But what about us – the parents – how do we maintain our physical fitness while we make sure that our kids are being immersed in that world?

Certainly spouses can take turns watching the kids, taking the kids to practice, and providing training/coaching assistance, while the other spouse gets in their workout. And actually being a coach for their kid’s team, regardless of the sport, typically provides for some level of physical activity, with the bonus of getting to be integrally involved in the child’s development in that sport. But for most of us, pulling all of this off can be a challenging symphony to orchestrate, which is why, even for previously active folks, their fitness level typically declines as they end up becoming bleacher-creatures and full-time chaperones in support of their kids’ activities. As parents, we are more than willing to make these sacrifices so that our kids can benefit. But wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to stay active along with our kids? Is there a solution?

Our family has found one possible solution to this dilemma by doing martial arts together. Rather than watch from the stands, we attend classes with our kids and compete in tournaments together. We don’t have to wonder why certain moves are tough to master, or why the kids’ muscles are sore, or how their practice went that night – because we live through it all with them! We can support their training with an insider’s view. And all the while we – the parents – are getting a workout, and learning a new skill, right alongside them. For parents who have sat and watched plenty of little-league soccer games and gymnastics practices, this has been a welcomed evolution of the family’s activities.

A big part of being able to accomplish this marvel of synergistic family fitness is being able to do our martial arts training at White Tiger of Cary. Their facility, location, instructors, and flexible schedule are all key contributors to being able to make this miracle work. Unlike the typical strip-mall studio, White Tiger’s mammoth facility houses several training rooms, which allows them the freedom to schedule all of their belt and specialty classes at multiple times throughout the week. This means a much higher likelihood of fitting in a class around school, work, and other activities during the week. The instructors are very talented, particularly in their ability to teach to any age and ability level, oftentimes within the same class. The fact that the school is located in the middle of Cary means that, for many in the Town of Cary and beyond, it is easy to get to from home, work, or school.

My kids were at least somewhat interested in martial arts ever since they started watching those zany, ninja-skilled, talking turtles on television. And no doubt most kids, from an early age, have some level of enchantment with martial arts. But translating that into something tangible, something worthwhile, can be a challenge. Imitating movie stunts is one thing – getting your child to engage in a structured martial arts training program is quite another.

My oldest son, Alex, was 5 years old when we enrolled at White Tiger. Focus and discipline had never exactly been his strong suits, but his martial arts training has slowly made inroads into those important areas. Those skills are some of the many benefits that one can absorb from martial arts training. The ideas of respect, control, dedication, and hard work are all threads that are solidly woven into the fabric of martial arts – concepts that we want to put in front of our kids as much as possible. Immersion in these ideas several times a week is a positive prescription for just about any child, and we can see the effects on Alex.

One area in particular that has greatly improved for Alex is his self-esteem and confidence. As I interviewed him for this article, he admitted to me that he didn’t think he would ever be able to get his Black Belt when we first started (about three years ago). Now he says he will be “really proud when I get it,” and that it will indicate that “I’ve actually accomplished something.” When we talked about some of the tournaments he has been in, he again made comments that indicated he had gained some confidence in what he is able to do. Referring to a “jumping snap kick” competition, he said, “I never knew I could jump so high.” This is one of the concepts we so desperately want our kids to understand – that yes, you can do amazing things when you try, and yes, when you add in hard work, you will be even more amazed at what you can do!

Alex, being a “daddy’s boy” at this point, clearly enjoys doing things with Dad, including working out together in martial arts. Since he looks up to his Dad, giving him the almost superhero status so many kids at his age place upon their fathers, it is a chance for me to demonstrate all those positive characteristics I want him to absorb. He can see me working hard, staying focused, being respectful to the masters, and being a good sport in competition. It is a great chance to “walk the walk” right in front of him, instead of just “preaching” these things to him as he competes. Actions speak louder than words, and I know that he watches what I do all the time. And of course he will absorb and store the images that you are never too old to exercise, compete, and learn – concepts that will serve him well, later in life, when he is my age.

My younger son, Logan, started training when he was three years old. Since he was too young to just start right into the regular classes, he started in a White Tiger program called “Tiger Tots,” that works on very basic martial arts concepts while allowing the kids to also have some fun. Logan’s eyes still light up when talking about Tiger Tots, saying it was “really, really, fun.” After about six months, at age four, he moved up to the regular classes. The rest of the family took their time moving through the belt levels so that Logan could eventually intercept us, and then we were able to move forward from there with the family all training at the same belt level.

Logan mentions that it is “kinda cool working out with the family.” Sometimes he gets to line up against his brother in sparring class (one of Alex’s favorite classes) – which also happens to be the only time the two are allowed to actually kick each other. The protective pads mean that they can blow off some steam with each other without someone getting hurt.

Logan, however, actually prefers the board-breaking class, where he likes to smash things and “hear lots of cheering.” When he started, he was very tentative and he might have taken three tries to break a board. Now he confidently snaps them with strong hand-strikes and kicks that belie his small, forty-pound body. His performance in tournaments, which again get his label of “really, really fun,” has continually improved. And while he explaine
d that he does like winning medals, it was clear to me that some of the important concepts that we want him to absorb were getting through as well when he said, “It doesn’t matter what medal you get – just try your best.” That type of attitude and sportsmanship is certainly a key theme we want our kids to grasp as part of the sport. Again, being right there alongside him as he learns these concepts, and to be able to in fact demonstrate these characteristics right there in front of him, is part of the synergy gained when having the family train together.

While my kids are certainly gaining a whole range of new skills and life-lessons, my wife Sherry has arguably benefited the most out of the whole family. While I have always known she is an amazing person capable of great things, and I had high hopes that she would at least enjoy the training, her progress in martial arts has far exceeded any vision I had when the family first signed up. Not only has she brought her weight into an ideal range, increased her coordination, and improved her conditioning, but she has developed into an impressive martial artist along the way. Her accomplishments competing have been nothing short of stunning, at one point putting together a string of eleven straight first-place finishes. And her success has not been lost on the kids, who get to see first-hand what their mom is capable of doing. Not only will it add to their respect for their mother, but as two young boys, it gives them a first-hand lesson in respect for women in general that should stay with them for the rest of their lives.

While Sherry had done her share of strength training, running, walking, yoga, and other activities in the past, the martial arts training and competing over the past three years have really been at a level above any of her previous athletic endeavors. With her asthma and other health challenges, it would have been understandable had she decided to not engage in this type of training. When asked about it, she admits that she has been “amazed at how well I’ve done, how far I’ve come.” Early on, when seeing someone perform a tornado kick (a powerful, spinning kick), she would think “there’s no way I will be able to do that.” She smiled when adding, “It is very empowering to be able to do something like that.”

Sherry, who calls it “amazing” to be able to train together as a family, says that it makes daily scheduling for the family much easier. As she puts it, our routine is “not as helter-skelter as some families – eating at different times, etc.” The typical family has to juggle all of the different activities, deciding who is taking each child to each activity, and making sure that nobody feels short-changed. Sometimes this adds stress, and creates friction, between family members. In contrast, training together has actually been a “bonding experience,” says Sherry, and at a personal level, has been “a great stress release” for her.

As for me, I wrestled in high school and took a few years of karate in college, so martial arts were not foreign to me when we joined White Tiger. And yes, getting a Black Belt was something that I always wanted to do. Not just to have a Black Belt – but because it was a challenge to get there and something worthy of achieving. I tell my kids all the time that the things in life that you will value the most will be the things that take the most effort to achieve. Easy things, quick things, do not settle much in your heart, but the ones that take years of blood, sweat, and sacrifice will take up a special, permanent residence there. These are things that, no matter how many years go by, you still think about and treasure. Training diligently for years to achieve a Black Belt fits this template. And I believe that you are never too old to chase these kinds of dreams. Chasing these kinds of dreams is, to me, what separates “really being alive” from just “living.”

As parents, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take our own advice. While our kids and their development are a top priority, neglecting the needs of the parents completely should not be part of the overall family solution. Our health and well being are also important for the family as a whole. And our kids are watching what we do. In this era where there are plenty of examples of people not taking care of themselves, we can demonstrate how important staying fit is by doing it ourselves. We can “walk the walk” instead of just preaching to them. And we can do it in a synergistic way by having the whole family train together.

So here we are a few weeks away from the whole family taking its Black Belt Test. We have trained for three years for this. We know what the other family members are going through – the hard training, the sore muscles, the nervousness – because we each feel it too. Of course separately each family member also has their own thoughts on the road traveled to get here, on what each has had to overcome, and on it what it all means to him (or her). As I reflect on my own road, which has indeed included some obstacles of various sizes, I smile because I know I have almost made it. I know, because of that road, and the effort expended to get here, that this will be something that I really value and treasure. And to do it side-by-side with my whole family makes it even sweeter, and will make the memory that much more special.

The NCAA Approves Collegiate Sand Volleyball

The NCAA Approves Collegiate Sand Volleyball

Sand volleyball played in college?  It’s not just a recreational activity for college kids anymore.  The NCAA has just announced that sand volleyball will now be a collegiate sport.  The sport will start in the spring of 2010 and will only be for women.  It will not be called beach volleyball mainly because there will be many schools participating in the sport that are not located anywhere near a beach. 

This means that universities will build indoor sand volleyball courts for practice.  Place such as Utah that has a lot of volleyball talent will need indoor training facilities to be able to practice all year round.  The U.S. has dominated the sport of beach volleyball in the Olympics ever since it became an Olympic sport.  Now with the new implementation of the sport to universities we will have even more experienced players. 

A big question is who is going to be coaching this new sport?  The NCAA as well as most athletic directors seem to think that the indoor volleyball coach will just be able to take upon themselves the responsibility of coaching in the sand.  This would spell certain disaster for the sport.  An indoor coach is in no way qualified to teach anyone how to play outdoor volleyball.  Yes, they might seem like the same sport but they are actually very different.  Universities are going to have to hire qualified coaches that know the game of sand volleyball. 

2 on 2 volleyball is much more fast paced and more fun to watch than the traditional indoor 6 on 6 volleyball.  Indoor volleyball will never be popular in the United Sates but outdoor volleyball is gaining in popularity each year.  We will see that by 2011, sand volleyball will bring in more money to universities than indoor volleyball ever did.

The History of Wembley Stadium

The History of Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is a name that every football fan will be familiar with. The brand new stadium is located on the same spot as the old one, which was originally opened in 1923.

As you would expect, both versions had their own nicknames by which they are commonly referred to. The original Wembley earned the name of the Twin Towers, which was due to the two chunky looking towers that were the distinctive feature of the original structure. Those towers became a familiar and welcome sight to many football fans over many decades. Many fans were sad to see them go in 2003, but they have since been replaced by a new and very different feature for the 21st century.

The new feature is known as the Wembley Arch. It is a whopping 133 metres high, and no matter where you are in London, if you have a good vantage point and the weather is clear, you will probably be able to see it.

However, the new nickname doesn’t refer to the Arch – instead it refers to the stadium as being the Venue of Legends. It is a very appropriate name which takes into account the many famous names that played in the old stadium, as well as the new one.

Strangely enough, while both versions of the stadium are synonymous with football above all else, this wasn’t the reason the original was built in the first place. It was created to house the British Empire Exhibition and was never intended to be a viable building after this exhibition was over. But it did prevail and it became the home of football, as far as the fans were concerned.

But while Wembley Stadium has always been closely related to football, there are many other events that have formed part of its history as well. Many of the country’s biggest bands have played to a packed audience at Wembley, and it is considered to be one of the biggest venues you can play.

Indeed, Live Earth took place at the new Wembley Stadium in 2007, and way back in 1985 Live Aid was held in the old Wembley Stadium. The impressive nature of the venue makes it a perfect choice for just this kind of event.

If you are visiting Wembley for any reason, it may prove a good idea to investigate the local Wembley hotels available. Indeed, as well as exploring the stadium itself, you may wish to investigate some of London’s other famous landmarks while you are visiting.

Different Types of Running Shoes – What One Do I Need? Cushioning

Different Types of Running Shoes - What One Do I Need? Cushioning

Go in to any shoe store and you will see the amazing selection of running shoes available to the consumer. With so many types of running shoes out there, it’s hard to know which one you may need. So to make it easier, I have split them into 3 main groups; Cushioning, Motion Control, and Stability. This article will concentrate on Cushioning Shoes. I will talk about their construction and also what kind of traits you may have that would indicate you may need a cushioning shoe.

Cushion shoes are the most flexible of running shoes, compared to motion control and stability control ones. Cushioning shoes are built on a last that is curved inward. A runner with a normal to high arch and who’s foot rolls towards the outside (under pronation) would need this type of running shoe. So by having a inward curving last the runner is allowed a natural motion (natural pronation) that they would not normally have. A cushioning shoe will allow the runner to gain more cushioning with their gait (motion of walking) by creating a natural pronation as they run.

Having a natural pronation absorbs shock that the legs would normally take. These shoes have nylon uppers and their soles are made entirely of phylon and/or blown EVA. Some may also have a plastic web underneath the arch of the shoe. There are many different levels of flexibility, and degrees of cushioning available to fit the runner’s needs. Having a knowledgeable sales person measure and properly fit you is always recommended. By choosing the right shoe you will have a smoother and more enjoyable run, and also have less chance for injuries.

Spring Pond Maintenance

Spring Pond Maintenance

Pond maintenance in spring is usually the most intensive period of care and effort that any smaller water feature will require. This is particularly true if you keep koi or other fish, or a lot of plant life in your pond.

To begin an effective pond maintenance in spring simply remove all of the debris that may have accumulated over the winter or cooler weather months. This means fallen leaves, twigs or other plant materials. Once daytime temperatures reach fifty degrees, begin to monitor the temperature of the pond water, and once it too reaches between forty and fifty-five degrees clean any filters and pumps.

Properly cleaning the pump and filter is best done according to manufacturer instructions, and attention must be paid to ensure that no cleansers or oils will enter the water once the equipment is back in place. This is especially true for ponds with fish.

In the early spring it is also a good time to consider a water change. This is to allow an immediate oxygenation of the water, but also to ensure that best results once the temperatures really begin to rise. Remember, however, that if water is supplied through a softener or a public supply with chlorine, it should be treated in an appropriate manner in order to ensure that it will not hurt established plantings or pond inhabitants such as fish, frogs or turtles.

Pond maintenance in spring also includes improvements, and this can mean that it is time to add to an existing collection of water lilies or hyacinths as well as other water friendly flowers or grasses. Remember such plants will support the health of the pond by keeping the temperatures of the water regulated, supporting the fish or other creatures living in the waters and also helping with oxygenation.

Finally, pond maintenance in the spring should take into consideration any needs for oxygenation via the installation of a fountain or aeration system of some kind. This is most important in smaller ponds that contain fish. Fish waste contributes a great deal of nitrogen to the waters, which in turn nourish the growth of algae. If a pond is aerated, it will limit the amount of growth that occurs. It is important to note that the fountain should make larger droplets when it returns the water. This is to create the turbulence at the surface so necessary for successful oxygenation.

The Viper Vengeance Pool Cue Hits Pay Dirt

The Viper Vengeance Pool Cue Hits Pay Dirt

The Viper Vengeance custom pool cue is one sharp looking cue that will be the battle axe that you depend on to perform for you every time it’s needed to. For just over $80.00 this quality cue is a bargain that you will want in your collection to aid in the ascent of your capabilities. This is just an amazing price for a cue of this superior quality and unique graphics. The dark look will catch the eye of both friend or foe because the colorful decal graphics on this dark background are stunning. The Viper Vengeance is a very durable cue that hits with unsurpassed accuracy and will assist both the beginner or expert.

The Viper Vengeance custom pool cue is features a 13 mm LePro leather tip and a joint of polished stainless steel. The shaft on this cue is 13 mm of the finest maple as is the forearm. The butt sleeve continues to be made of the same quality maple, while the butt cap is made of stainless steel. The attention paid to the construction of this cue is what makes it such a value and the dependability of it will only advance the pleasure you derive from playing the game or hammering an opponent. The rings on the Vengeance are stainless steel and the bumper consists of a built-in removable scuffer. The wrap on this custom pool cue is felt with raised silicon grip that will surely help comfort the impact you feel when you blast that cue ball and make the shot with the outstanding accuracy you knew you could. The same lengthy construction process is used on the Vengeance to remove the moisture as is used on the other Viking custom pool cues. Then the cue gets 9 coats of varnish for a fine finish that will keep the cue in great playing condition.

The Vengeance comes with the professional adjustable weight system that allows you to find the weight most comfortable to you on any given day. Sometimes you may feel like shooting with a little heavier cue or feel less weight will improve your accuracy and ability to hit powerfully. This cue will impact your game and bring you years of enjoyment and pleasure. If you would like to see this and other pool cues come to where we also have darts, dart boards and dart board cabinets.