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The Basics of Skateboarding

The Basics of Skateboarding

Alright there are a couple things you need to know before you get started skateboarding. You need to know the basic tricks and you need to know how you stand on the board. The first thing you need to know about skateboarding is how to ollie. The ollie is the starting point of almost every skateboarding trick there is. You do an ollie by slamming the tail of your board down onto the ground with your back foot, while at the same time jumping up in the air and sliding your front foot forward to level out your board.

The next thing you need to know is how to a backside trick. Backside is where your back is turned towards the ramp or object that you are doing a trick on. The next thing is the front side. The front side is where your facing the ramp or object that your getting ready to do a trick on. Alright, the next thing you need to know is difference between fakie and switch. Fakie is where you are skating backwards, your skating in your normal stance, but the board is moving backwards. And switch is where your riding opposite the way you would normally skate, like if you skate regular and your riding with your right foot in front.

The next thing is you need to know the difference between stances, there is regular stance, and there is goofy. Regular stance is where you skate with your left foot in front, and goofy is where you skate with your right foot in front. Next you need to know about grinding. Grinding is where your slide either one or both of your trucks on a ramp, rail, or curb, it doesn’t matter what the object is. Alright next thing is the nollie, Kind of like an ollie only backwards. With an ollie you use the nose of the board and your front foot, instead of with an ollie and you use the tail and back foot. OK, the next thing you need to know is never do the mongo push, the mongo push is where you take your front foot of the board and use it to push yourself along. This is a bad idea because when you take your front foot of the board you loose balance and it can cause your to wreck. 

Next thing is you need to know how to manual. A manual is where you lift either the front truck or the back truck off the ground a little and balance on the other.  Next you need to know what a board slide is. A board slide is basically a grind but you don’t use your trucks. You use the middle of your board to slide across objects. Alright that is the basics you need to know to get you started. So get out there and have fun!

How to Avoid Excessive Soreness From Strength Training For Mountain Biking

How to Avoid Excessive Soreness From Strength Training For Mountain Biking

A common concern from mountain bikers about strength training during the riding season is the soreness they usually get. This is a valid concern and one I wrestled with early on when trying to figure out good training strategies for our sport.

If you are too sore to ride is your workout really making you a better rider? Probably not. However, you don’t have to get sore from strength training. Soreness is not to be confused with effectiveness…how sore you are means nothing in regards to how effective the training was for you as a mountain biker.


The best way to avoid the “too sore all the time” problem is to avoid the bodybuilding influenced programs. Using body part splits (where you train different body parts on different days) and using a lot of different exercises to “attack the muscle from different angles” are tactics that bodybuilders use but really have limited use for mountain bikers.


Doing total body training splits where you train an upper body pulling, upper body pushing and lower body exercise in the same routine is a good way to go. You can not do as many set and reps per exercise this way which will keep the overall volume low and limit how sore you are the next day.


Excessive muscle soreness is caused by doing too many different exercises and too many sets and reps on one body part/ movement pattern. If you are too sore then do a little less. Again, if your weight lifting causes you to be too sore to ride well then it is not helping your riding.


A routine like this would work well –


Workout A: Push Up/ Cable Row/ Deadlift  4 X 6 reps each


Workout B: DB Shoulder Press/ Chin Up/ Single Leg Squat  4 X 6 reps each


Do this as a circuit and you’ll get a decent cardio effect as well. Just alternate these two workouts as often as you lift each week (I recommend 2-4 days per week) and you’ll find you’re not as sore and you will get much stronger on the trail.


BTW, weight lifting is a MUST for mountain biking. We can debate whether it impacts performance on the trail (which it does) but you can not escape the fact that mountain biking causes strength imbalances in the body. These imbalances will result in overuse injuries over the years so if longevity is important to you then you need to do some strength training to help restore and maintain the balance your body needs to function properly.

Finding the Right Luxury Yacht For Sale

Finding the Right Luxury Yacht For Sale

 Today finding the right yacht for sale is not like it was even ten years ago, today it is possible to find the perfect yacht right in the comfort your home. This is because luxury yachts for sale can now be seen on websites on the Internet with video clips of the outside and the inside.

The ability to be able to see a yacht can also mean that it is located across the country, but it also means that it is possible to purchase this boat. That is because before these types of clips all that would have been seen is a print advertisement and possibly a picture or two. That was not enough information to travel across the country to purchase this type of boat. Not only was there not enough information, there were not accurate pictures and the only thing a potential boat buyer could go by was the information from the advertisement. The pictures that many times were black and white, along with the telephone call to make a decision to travel to see the boat.

Finding the right luxury yacht for sale means it will be a major purchase and cannot be done by reading a print advertisement, even with the video clips that can be found, more information would be needed prior to deciding it is the right yacht. Traveling to inspect a yacht is much easier to decide to commit to when there is a video to be seen and pictures from the comfort of home. This sheds more light on if it could be the right boat, rather than traveling blindly to see a boat or hearing about it over the phone, because without the right type of information it could be a wasted trip, wasted time and wasted money.

The right yacht is one that fits the needs of the person; since they are also a very large vessel the person looking for this yacht also needs to have a place to put the boat. These are crafts filled with amenities and this is also something that needs to be looked at by the potential buyer. Some people intend to purchase a yacht to travel the world, while others want it for traveling in style to fish and for vacationing with close friends. These reasons should help to narrow down the type of boat that is needed; this is a part of the process in getting the right luxury yacht for sale.

Dog Racing Tips – Which Pays More? Routes Or Sprints?

Dog Racing Tips - Which Pays More? Routes Or Sprints?

Some greyhound players won’t even handicap a route race. They stick with sprints, because they say route races are too hard to predict. I like routes, but I also play sprints, because there are more of them on the program.

If there was a track that only ran route races, I’d probably play it rather than any other track. I happen to think that route races are easier to handicap, not harder, because the dogs have more time to jockey for position and run truer to form.

That said, I understand why sprints are the favorite of more people at the dog track. There are many, many more sprints on a program, so a lot of bettors are more used to handicapping them. Sprints start on a straightaway, while routes, at least the 3/8ths routes, start on a turn.

It’s harder to figure out what’s going to happen at the break when the dogs break into a turn. It’s also harder to predict which dog will still have enough stamina at the end of the race to close. Bettors prefer breakers to closers, it seems.

But when it comes to payoffs, which is more profitable? Well, because there are so many more sprints on any given program, sprints pay more, because you can play more. Routes, although they may have more longshot payoffs, only yield a payout once or twice on most programs. So, if you only play routes, it will take you much longer to see a profit.

So, should you just ignore routes? I wouldn’t. I don’t have the statistics to back it up, but I get the impression that there’s more money to be made on dogs at higher odds in routes than there is in sprints. I know I’ve cashed some hefty tickets on dogs that weren’t favorites with the crowd in long races, but they came in.

If you’d like to get good at handicapping routes, go back over the old programs at your track and handicap as many long races as you can. This will give you the practice that you need to get good at it. Then, take your knowledge to the live races and see if routes make you more money than sprints do, race for race.

Every skill you add to your handicapping tool chest helps you make more money.

Shin Splint Solutions

Shin Splint Solutions

When active and non-active people alike start running, hiking, skipping or aerobic dancing, they will often run into the problem of shin splints. You know, that chronic, throbbing pain next to your shin bone. What is happening is that the soft tissue covering the shin, called the periosteum, becomes damaged from too much use, too soon.

Army recruits often get them as they:

1. Are not used to walking; and

2. Fail to wear in their boots properly.

Ice packs and rest can speed the healing process, but like anything else, some preparation goes a long way to save on pain and frustration.

First, make certain that your running shoes and boots fit properly. A simple method is to put the runner or boot on and ram the toe of your boot against a wall. Then, slide your forefinger between the back of the foot wear and your heel. You should have about a finger thickness between the shoe and the back of your heel.

You might also want to insert some kind of shock-absorbing insoles in your footwear. One summer, while instructing a military boot camp, I was constantly getting back and hip pain from foot drill on the parade square. After sliding my runner insoles into my boots, the pain went away almost instantly.

Before you hike or run, you need to warm up your feet and ankles. A couple of good warm up and cool down exercises are to strengthen the “shin muscle” and stretch your calf muscles.

A simple method is to sit down and cross one leg so that the calf rests on top of your other thigh. With the opposite hand grab the toes of the top leg. Flex and extend your foot as you resist with your hand. You should feel the calf and the muscles along your shin working. Do this about 5 to 10 times to warm up and cool down muscles.

Another method for strengthening the muscles around the shin is with a rubber band. Just anchor one end of the band around something stationary and then hook the other end over the end of your foot. Slowly pull your foot towards you.

By walking on your heels, you can help strengthen the tibilias muscle that lays next to your shin bone. It takes some balance, so you might want to hold on to something when you start out.

After warming up and strengthening your tibilias muscles, stretch out your calf muscles. By loosening your calf muscles, you can put less strain on the shin muscles. Ensure that you warm up first with a short jog or walk. Then use some slow lunging motions. You can brace yourself against a stationary object like a wall or a tree. Put one leg forward, with the knee bent above your front foot. Straighten out your rear leg and square your hips forward. Gently bend and straighten your rear leg until you can hold your leg straight without strain.

Most of all, start out slow and avoid hard surfaces, like concrete and pavement. Some of the old gyms had wooden floors for a reason. Many gym floors today are concrete. It is better to train on a wooden floor with a bit of give to it. If you are running, stay on the grass, gravel, bark mulch or sand rather than pavement. It is far easier on the joints than hard surfaces. What you might lose in speed, you will make up in less pain and more progress.

Have fun.

Benchmade Knife Company Known For Great Knives

Benchmade Knife Company Known For Great Knives

Benchmade Knife Company is a very good knife company. Located out of Oregon City, Oregon. It is Run by Roberta and Les De Asis. Benchmade makes many different styles of knives, Products that are good for the military, law-enforcement, search and rescue, as well as most of your outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and camping. Benchmade Knives also makes knives for cutlery. Many of these knives are pocket knives, folding knives and hunting knives.

Benchmade started in California in the year 1988. Then in 1990 moved to Clackamas, Oregon, where it became a leader in the manufacturer of Butterfly knives. The Butterfly knives have some what become Benchmades trademark and in fact on there knives the have a logo of a butterfly. Now in 2009 the company Benchmade employs around 150 people and has moved to Oregon City, Oregon where they still produce over 90% of the company’s knives, and has expanded to making just about every sort of knife that you can think of. Plus many other tools.

Benchmade uses very good quality steel in there knives, and there products are more often then not on the high end of the knife market. Using steel such as 154CM, D2, and CPM S30V steel. Even thought Benchmade makes a good amount of income in the privet market, much of there income comes from military and law enforcement. Benchmade makes auto, hunting, fishing and the list goes on and on but there balisongs are still at the core of there products.

Benchmade has a tradition of working with world renowned knife makers. Names such as Ernest Emerson, Mel Pardue, mike snodu, Warren Osborne, Allen Elishewitz, and Bob Lum. Names in the knife world mean quality.

Wade Horse Riding Saddles – The Resurgence

Wade Horse Riding Saddles - The Resurgence

A saddle serves as a seat for the rider of a horse, cinched on to the back using some sort of a strap, and providing support to help the rider stay on top of the pony during riding. There are 5 general types of saddles : British , Western, sidesaddle, military, and Australian stock.

A Wade horse riding saddle is a sort of Western saddle, inspired by the old Californio school of riding. The Californios were Spanish-speaking inhabitants of California prior to it was merged into the US. They belonged to the school of natural horsemanship, and had strong working relationships with their animals. Their saddles are easy on both the rider and the horse, providing a pleasant balance.

Like all Western saddles, Wade saddles have no built-in padding, and is going to be used with a blanket or other form of padding between themselves and the horse’s back. The girth is a leather cinch, and Wade saddles are supposed to be used with stirrups.

This type of saddle features a dipped seat and a strong plate rigging system. This rigging system helps evenly disperse the pull of the saddle evenly, reducing effect on the pony. Most frequently the fork of the saddle sits very low on the pony. A big horn is featured to aid in roping. Stirrups are hung at once under the rider, permitting one to use their feet for support while letting them sit nicely, in a fusion of Western and British styles.

Above all, Wade saddles are built with maximum comfort on intensive rides in mind. Every aspect of the saddle is built around buckaroos riding coarse terrain for full day rides. It is no surprise surprise then, that they are most favored amongst Western riders in the Yankee south-west. Though for a period of time they were of secondary recognition to other Western styles, they have lately enjoyed a rebirth of interest; many top-end saddle makers now feature the wade saddle in the their inventories.

Football Kit – Colours and Superstitions

Football Kit - Colours and Superstitions

Football kit is a serious matter. Obviously, kit quality is key – must be breathable, durable, comfortable etc… But, have you considered whether your football kit is the right colour? What you wear and how you wear it can make a difference to your team performance!

Back in the 1863 when the FA was established, players didn’t wear uniforms. Teams were identified simply by wearing distinctive coloured hats and scarves. Uniform kits first appeared in the 1870s and the colours adopted were often those of the university, school or sports club associated with the team. For example, Blackburn Rovers first wore the Cambridge University colours (blue and white) because several of the club’s founders were educated there. So very early on in the history of association football, team colours became more than just a practical way of distinguishing players of one team from players of another – the colour of a team’s football kit took on an emotional meaning.

Studies show that their appearance in their football kit affects player confidence and thus impacts on the performance of a team. Colour is likely to be an important factor in this. Different colours are linked with various psychological attributes. The colour red, for example, is often associated with strength and courage. Manchester United adopted red and white as their team colours in 1902 and is one of the most successful teams in English football history. Perhaps their football kit has been a real factor in their success? It might sound a bit wacky – but remember the infamous grey away strip Manchester United wore in 1995-1996? It was soon abandoned after the team failed to win a single match. Players struggled to pass to each other wearing the all grey strip and claimed that the kit wasn’t visible on the pitch.

Many professional football players confess to having a “comprehensive” pre-match ritual governed by various personal superstitions. These range from always eating the same thing for dinner the night before a match, to listening to the right music in the shower on the day of the match and being the last player on the pitch. A number of superstitions centre around football kit and clothing on the pitch. Former England captain Bobby Moore insisted on being the last to put on his football shorts before kick off. Kevin Pilkington used to always wear the same pants and football socks for a game and would put the left sock on before the right sock.

Uniforms give a sense of identity and unity. The colour of your football kit is likely to be its most instantly striking feature and will affect both team members and opponents as well as supporters and observers. This is as important for a grass roots football team as for professional teams so choosing kit for your team is an important decision.

A Fighting Secret That Could Save Your Life – The Ear Slap

A Fighting Secret That Could Save Your Life - The Ear Slap

When we use the term “fighting secrets”, we aren’t necessarily talking about ancient techniques that are shrouded in mystery and revealed only to an elite few.

Most fighting secrets are “secrets” because they are generally overlooked and not often talked about.

I am about to freely share a fighting secret with you.

And guess what – even thought I am broadcasting this technique freely on the internet, it will remain a secret, because most people will never realize it’s effectiveness.

Today’s fighting secret is …..(drumroll)……THE EAR SLAP!!!

Sound funny?

It won’t sound funny if it happens to you.

You see, a properly executed ear slap can blow your opponent’s equilibrium, leaving them dazed and in severe pain.

The secret to the ear slap is that the hand should remain loose and slightly cupped. It will not have the same effect if it is held flat and rigid.

As soon as the aggressor lays hands on you (or indicates that they intend to do so)you just rock back slightly and let the slap land directly over their ear. This will disorient them and make them extremely uncomfortable – giving you plenty of time to escape or follow up with other techniques.

Take some time to develop your slapping technique. Practice it in front of a mirror, and if possible on the shoulder of a partner. Lightly tap your cupped hand over your own ear to get a taste of the desired effect.

This is much easier to learn than a punch, and can actually be mastered in a matter of minutes.

Another good thing about the slap is that it greatly minimizes the risk of damage to your own hand. It is very common for people to break the small bones in their hand when striking with a fist (this is one reason why boxers wear gloves).

The ear slap is a simple and effective fighting secret that can be used by anyone.

Get familiar with it. You never know, it just might help you out in a difficult situation.