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6 Techniques For Performing Liposuction

6 Techniques For Performing Liposuction

Like everything in life these days, there’s a lot of choices involved, and ultimately you need to be the authority on which choice best suits you. For those thinking of getting liposuction, your doctor should have the experience, knowledge, and skill to know which method of liposuction addresses your need. Nevertheless, it’s best to understand those techniques beforehand. One thing all methods share is that the fat is removed with a cannula, a vacuum-like tube inserted through incisions directly into the body which literally sucks the fat away. In order to accomplish, a variety of techniques have evolved. Here we take a quick look at 6 of those techniques.

* Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent is likely the most common method used currently. In this procedure, a local anesthetic and a vasoconstricter is injected by the doctor directly into patients body – specifically, directly into the fat that is to be removed. This fluid (quite a large amount of it) then creates a space in between the body fat and the muscle, which is important, because this is where the cannula (tool for sucking fat out) is going to be moving through!

* Dry Liposuction

This is an outdated method rarely used these day. It does not use any fluid at all, which makes me grimace as I type this.

* Wet Liposuction

Wet Liposuction is similar to the Tumescent technique; fluid is injected into the area where the fat is to be removed. It contains a local anesthetic and epinephrine, which results in limited bleeding. Additionally, a salt solution is injected as well which helps lessen any bruising and also loosens up the fat cells.

* Super Wet Liposuction

Super Wet Liposuction, the amount of fluid injected into the body is roughly the same as the amount of fat the doctor will take out. This technique is especially common for high-volume (i.e. lots of fat) treatments. It typically requires either complete anesthesia or sedation by IV.

* Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposuction

This technique uses a custom made cannula which actually sends out ultrasound vibration through the body! These ultrasound vibrations break up the fat cells, turning them to liquid, and thus, making it easier for the doctor to simply suck the fat out, which at this point, the procedure reverts back to a normal cannula to suck the fat away. Ultrasonic Liposuction is the preferred technique on the upper back and the male breast. Earlier Ultrasonic methods were riddled with overexposure to ultrasound vibrations to the patient. Improvements in technology have made this a trivial concern.

* Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power Assisted Liposuction involves another custom-made cannula. This time, the cannula is configured with a mechanism to assist which means the doctor doesn’t manually remove so much fat, it has some help from this special type of cannula.

No matter which technique is used, be sure you feel it’s a decision reached between you and your doctor for the best liposuction results possible, unique to your body.

How to Get Government Grants For Women

How to Get Government Grants For Women

Did you know that of the $150 billion dollars that’s available each year through Government Grant programs, over $25 billion is for Women Only? These grant programs include Business Grants,  College and Education Grants as well as Grants for Women Entrepreneurs to start new businesses and organizations.

Who Qualifies For U.S. Government Grants?

The only qualification for most  Grants is that you simply be a citizen of the United States (and, in some cases, you only need have resident status). If you meet this simple standard, you are eligible to receive free grants.

Why Are There Women Only Grants?

It has been statistically proven that women are more likely to:

  • Earn College Degrees
  • Establish Non Profit Organizations
  • Start Successful Businesses

Because these things are powerful drivers of the U.S. economy, federal grants for women only have become an important part of both the government run and private grant organizations. Female business owners in fact make up nearly 42% of all grant applicants with small business grants being the most applied for programs. The second largest group is education grants.

Another reason why these woman only programs exist is that despite the above statistics, women are still greatly underserved and under represented in our society.  Grant assistance helps them to level the playing field and gain many advantages when it comes to establishing businesses or getting advanced degrees.

The Impact of Successful Women

Because these programs have helped many women achieve success, they have gone on to establish their own programs. Such high profile celebrities as Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart have established financial assistance programs to help them achieve their goals. Many successful female business owners have done the same.

How To Apply For Women’s Grants?

There are two ways essentially:

The Hard Way: Try to actually use the free Government Information and Websites. To many, it seems that these sites are purposely setup so that you are not able to effectively use them to get grants. Vague and missing information is a big problem. It’s no wonder that 80% of all grant money for women’s pursuits goes unclaimed each year.

The Easy Way: Use a free grant kit and the software they provide. These software packages allow you to search and compile a list of all grants that you can then apply for by using premade templates. Many of these companies also have grant experts on staff to help you at each step of the process.

These kits can reduce the time it takes to get women’s grants by as much as 75% or more. And when dealing with something such as the grant process, it is important to get every advantage you can.

Breast Size – Is Bigger Really Better?

Breast Size - Is Bigger Really Better?

Breast size is a hot topic these days. It seems like everyone is getting some sort of breast enhancement done. Friends, family, celebrities – you name it. But is bigger really better? Let’s take a closer look.

If you were born on the small side (A or B cup) you are most likely pretty passionate about this. At some point or another you probably witnessed some sort of favoritism toward the larger breasted women. But don’t fret, there are advantages to having smaller breasts.

The advantages of smaller breast size include things like perkiness, less potential for sagging, and less potential back problems. Not to mention the fact that they are cumbersome. I have a friend who is large busted and she is always complaining they’re getting in the way. And forget about running! She’s bouncing all over the place.

The up side to having larger breasts is obvious- attention, attention and more attention. Guys seem to be drooling of the bigger breasted women constantly. It doesn’t matter where you are. Find a large-chested woman and then scope out the men in the area. Your guaranteed to find at least two or three guys checking her out.

So which is better? It really is up to the individual and what they are seeking. If you want bigger breasts there are options. Some great and some not so great. Your choices include implants, padded bras and natural breast enhancement. Implants are dangerous and expensive. While padded bras are great, they only work as long as you’re wearing them.

As far as natural enhancement (making them grow), you have a few more options. There are massages you can do and foods you can eat that will increase breast size. One of the fastest methods however is breast enhancement pills. They’re safe, effective and cost a fraction of what implants do.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm – The Forgotten Detector – Part Two

Carbon Monoxide Alarm - The Forgotten Detector - Part Two

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required, by law, in Colorado, effective July 1, 2009 for all new homes, rental homes as they change Renters and Older homes that are to be sold. One on each floor. The existing Owners are required to install them.

I told you, in Part One, that I had two stories and here is the first one. This is a sad story. A Denver Family of four had won a weekend vacation trip to Aspen, Colorado last Thanksgiving. As they slept during that night Carbon Monoxide was released by a disconnected exhaust of the boiler in the vacation home while they slept. They were found dead.

During the current Colorado legislative session the above bill was passed. Investigations are ongoing as to whether a crime was committed because of the disconnected pipe.

The bill that was passed excluded Hotels and Motels from this requirement. So I would suggest that you take Carbon Monoxide Detector with you when you travel. The battery operated ones will not require you to find that hard to locate electric plug in those rooms.

I think the requirement of one on each floor is a good one. I would put the one on the lower floor as close to the source of heat in the home. That is usually the main spot where Carbon Monoxide is created. Probably between there and the kitchen.

The other News Story was in the Denver Post on March 10, 2009 and has a happy ending. I will quote it as it was in the paper. Headline read: Dog Saves 9 People From Carbon-monoxide Poisoning. The news article went on to read: A pet’s barks and cries alerted the occupants of a Western Slope home to a carbon monoxide buildup this past weekend a family says. Kenai a 14 year-old Bernese-mountain-dog mix, started “whining and barking” at 4 a.m. Sunday, waking one of three adults sleeping in the basement of the New Castle home, said Kirstin Kraig of Arvada. Kraig and her husband, their two children, five other adults and four dogs were all staying at the home. That night they had cooked in the oven. Investigators told Kraig that the oven caused the carbon-monoxide leak. The mountain getaway home didn’t have any detectors. After the dog woke up one of the occupants, several of them realized they weren’t feeling well and one person collapsed. The group collectively identified the carbon-monoxide problem, in part because of fatal cases this year in Colorado and the Denver area that received widespread media coverage, Kraig said.

Please buy and use this safety item in your home. Your family deserves it. They cost less than a dinner out and are so much more necessary.

Be Aware and Alert Always –

Girls Plus Size Dresses – Tips For Girls and Ladies to Pick the Right Large Size Trendy Clothes

Girls Plus Size Dresses - Tips For Girls and Ladies to Pick the Right Large Size Trendy Clothes

In order to find the best girls plus size dresses, you can visit the on-line shops. Plus size symbolizes curves. A well-toned rounded figure can look extremely gorgeous with an apt outfit. Women’s beauty has always been defined by the amount of curves in their body. Usually bigger girls look sexier than petite ones.

Most women try to shed their extra pounds to look skinny. They never realize that their deep curves exude beauty. Plus size girls look domineering compared to other ladies. Good attire compliments their imposing personality. In order to look superior this party season, plus size girls should choose the right kind of clothing for them.

Tips For Girls And Ladies To Pick The Right Large Size Trendy Clothes

. Plus size girls should be extremely careful in choosing their outfit. They should pick up subtle colored dresses. Color and texture plays a major role for deciding your appearance. You should completely avoid flashy colors, which can exude a wrong impression on others. There is a thin line between vulgarity and magnificence. In order to look sexy not vulgar, bigger ladies should wear medium length outfit. Too short or too long attire can be a fashion disaster.

. The right kind of girls plus size dresses can be found online. You can even customize your attire according to your figure in these types of shops. You can get some of the trendiest outfits online.

. You should do a bit of research for purchasing the right large size trendy clothes. Being trendy is all about accessories, style and attitude. Plus size girls should avoid big dangling accessories. They should be small and attractive. Flaunting a part of your curves can make you extra gorgeous.

What to Expect After Your Liposuction Procedure

What to Expect After Your Liposuction Procedure

So you’ve done your research, you picked out a great doctor, you pushed back your fears of getting surgery done, and now you’re fresh out of the doctors office from your liposuction procedure. You did this so that you’d look like a million bucks (hopefully without spending as much), but in the meantime, you sure don’t feel like a million bucks. Heck, you don’t exactly LOOK like a million bucks either, yet!

While there are some recovery issues to note and side effects to be aware of, the good news is that a person getting liposuction goes back to their normal life (school, work, modeling, etc.) within – generally speaking – as short as two days and up to two weeks. (But they’ll still have to wear a compression garment or bandage of some sort sometimes after the two week period, up to four weeks total.)

What can you expect to feel like when you’re released from the doctors office? What should you do to expedite recovery? What sort of side effects are natural?

These are the questions we’ll address in this article.

Recovery Time – Not the Most Fun, But it Certainly Could be Worse!

There are a few rules you’ll want to abide by during the recovery period. First of all, don’t apply any sort of heating pad to the parts of the body wherein which you’ve just had liposuction. For the same area, you’ll also want to avoid soaking the wound until its sealed (this usually means 2 days into recovery.) Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. Yes, you hear that a lot, but we mean it this time!

It is common and expected for the treated area to bruise up. The bruises will lighten up and disappear entirely within a few days to a few weeks. Swelling of the same area is also expected, and can last much longer – as much as two months later, actually. Numbness – an odd side effect to experience – of the treated area is also quite common, and generally can last up to four weeks after surgery. A patient will also see scars on their body from the incisions. These scars are placed in such a way as to minimize visibility, and should fade over many weeks, but could take up to a year, as individuals react differently to the healing process.

During this time, if the patient experiences pain from these side effects, the doctor will prescribe over the counter medication to control it. A patient should not suffer needlessly from pain during the recovery period when medication can help overcome physical discomfort.

The general rule of thumb for resuming your normal activities is to listen to your doctor and pay attention to your body. This is another way of saying there is no general rule of thumb! Everybody reacts slightly different to liposuction and how fast and how well you recover depends on a variety of factors: your current health, hereditary reactions, procedure performed, amount of fat removed, if multiple procedures were performed, and even the skill of the doctor plays into making for a good recovery.

In the end, it’ll be worth it!