Internet Marketing – Blogging Your Way to Success

Internet Marketing - Blogging Your Way to Success

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, comments and expertise in your field of business. Posting on a regular basis can build an avid readership of targeted prospects that can lead to big Internet sales. The search engines love fresh content and blogging provides the up to date material that can keep your blog at the top of the search engines. How can you use blogging to drive traffic and make money? Consider these tips:

* Post relevant content to your area of expertise.

* Use keywords in the title of your blog relevant to your business.

* Use the appropriate keywords in your “tags” section of your blog to help be found by the search engines.

* Always leave a clickable link at the bottom of your post so readers can visit your website.

* The links left in your post don’t have to just go to your home page of your site, send readers to an opt in page, sales letter, video hosting site or any sub page of your website such as a products page or an “about us” page.

* Insert images in your blog and make the image a clickable link. Not only does this make the blog more visually interesting, image files can be found by the search engines and help give your blog top ranking.

* Always make your post interesting to readers so that they will hunger for additional info.

* Create an RSS feed subscription so readers can subscribe to your blog. They will be notified of current posts and can read them right from their desktops.

* Create “pages” to introduce yourself to the world as an expert and even sell products and services on a page of your blog.

* Leaving comments on other blogs encourages dialog and can be a easy way to build readership.

* Don’t forget that leaving a link to your website on your blog is a great way to get a backlink to your site. Backlinks are an important strategy to get a high ranking in the search engines.

Keep in mind that blogging is increasing everyday as the foremost way of getting information from the web. With so many available blogging services and platforms, it has never been easier to get started with your own blog.