The First Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimisation

The First Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimisation

A website that does not have a decent placement in the search engines is not going to attract many visitors. This is because unless a website is ranked within the top 50 rankings of the search engines, no one will be able to find it. That is why it is critical to understand the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO). For the uninitiated, the SEO process refers to strategy designed to improve a websites placement in the aforementioned rankings. Thankfully, the basics of this process are not overly complicated. The main component in a solid search engine ranking is the number of links pointing to your site. These links are commonly referred to as backlinks and each one is a vote for your website. The more backlinks pointing towards your site, the more popular the search engines consider it. As such, it is critical to amass as many backlinks as possible in any way you can.

However, it is also important to point out not all backlinks are equal. For example, one way links (links that point to your site from a website that does not have its own link placed on your site) are considered more valuable than reciprocal links. Also, links on websites with high Google page rank are considered more valuable than those with lower page link. But, it is important to note all links have some value. So, acquire as many links as possible any way you can. When you post a message on a forum, leave a link to your site in your signature. When you see SEO services offer deals on link submissions on web directories, give serious consideration to the offer. Again, leave no proverbial stone unturned when it comes to search engine optimization.

The words you choose for your backlinks are also important. You wouldn’t want to use the exact name of the site as your link text. For instance, if you are linking to your site called Mary’s Crocheting Corner which deals with crocheting tips, then an appropriate link could be ‘crocheting tips.

Selecting the right keywords is also critical to ensure your search engine ranking success. Keywords are terms that people commonly enter into search engines when they are looking for a website similar to yours. For example, if your website dealt with the sale of rare baseball cards, you would want to sprinkle your website with keywords such as collectible baseball cards, rare baseball cards, baseball cards for sale, etc. Try to make sure that your keywords equate to roughly 2% of the websites text. This way, the search engine spiders will recognize them when they crawl your website. And, as such, the search engines will favorable rank your website in association with these words.

What if you are unsure as to what keywords to use? This should does not have to be a problem. There are services that charge a monthly fee that compile commonly used search terms. These services use an automated system where you would plug in general headings and they will return commonly used keywords. Of course, you then would use these suggested keywords in the body of your website. And, finally, don’t just submit your site to the popular search engines. Even those little start up search engines have value. Yes, if you want to optimize your search engine rankings, optimize them in ALL available search engines. It will turn out to be in your favor.