Dealing With the Terrible Twos – How to Control Your Child

Dealing With the Terrible Twos - How to Control Your Child

Do you have a child who is hard to control? Are they constantly screaming and crying all day long? Have you lost control over the child that you once thought of as an angel? Any parent can vouch for this period of time. Welcome to the terrible twos.

The terrible twos are a period of time in which toddlers start to become aggressive and more independent. They start to think that they are the bosses and that whatever mommy or daddy says doesn’t matter. It’s hard to break them out of this state of mind because they are so engulfed with it. How are you supposed to deal with a child who won’t listen to you? And how can you discipline them so they listen but without resorting to spanking?

Children getting a sudden growth spurt and burst of energy cause the terrible twos. They need to channel this energy in a positive manner. Try getting your child to go outside and play for a few hours. The fresh air will be good for them and the activities in which they are taking part in will be definitely tire them out. They will be so busy that they won’t have an opportunity to start yelling at you.

Even though your child may still have tantrums, you need to remain a firm figure in their lives. They will start to test you but you have to keep them listening. No matter how many times they disagree with you, you have to show them who has the power.