Leadership Begins Within – Changing the Way You Think

Leadership Begins Within - Changing the Way You Think

How many times in your day do you have to do things you are not really looking forward to? Do you have to get to that meeting today? Do you have to hurry home and make dinner? Do you have to spend time coaching your team to help them achieve their potential? Do you have to take training to improve your skills?

If you look at leaders, we will find that great leaders begin by leading themselves first. In order to lead yourself, you need to start changing the way you think and the way you approach situations. By altering your perception of something, you will alter your experience.

Lets go back to those things you “have to” do. Now, let me introduce an idea to you. Imagine that you had been faced with a situation where you were not able to do these things ever again. You made it through that situation, but your perception changed dramatically. No longer do you feel forced to do things, you feel lucky to be able to do things. Welcome to the “get to” philosophy.

What is the “get to” philosophy? It’s simple really. When you face moments in your day where you “have to” do something, make the choice to be grateful for being ABLE to do it instead. Let me give you some examples:

I GET TO go to work today.

I GET TO help a client and make their day better through our interaction.

I GET TO share my leadership wisdom with my team.

I GET TO help someone become a better leader themselves.

I GET TO leave work and go home to my family.

I GET TO do my household chores.

By changing one small word in your thinking, you will alter the way you perceive each task. Better yet, you don’t need to have any life-altering moments to adapt it, and you can share it with your team and help them adopt this too.

Remember, leadership begins within. If you want to improve your leadership skills, you need to improve yourself and your way of thinking first. By doing small things differently, you will attain a new level of leadership – for yourself, your team, and your organization.